Fallon was having a hard time paying attention to the building plans as Nigel reviewed several different models. Watching his movements like a hawk, her eyes greedily scanning every part of his body…the parts she could see anyway. His skin was the color of worn pine, with slight worry marks decorating his forehead. His goatee was short and dark framing his lips and jaw, giving an indication that his natural hair color was most likely jet black.

It framed the juiciest sexiest pair of lips she thought she ever laid eyes on. An urge to lean across the desk and kiss him was almost unbearable. But who did that? Right after meeting someone? 

This is about getting a home built Fallon, not an opportunity to get dick, she said to herself trying to focus on what he was saying. But no matter how hard she tried to concentrate, the only thing she could think about was how his lips would feel against hers. They looked plump and soft, like pillows that she could see herself sinking into.

“This one is about 300 sq feet smaller, but offers two decent sized decks, one on the front and the back,” he said, pointing at a blueprint on the table. 

Nodding like she was following him, her eyes instead fell from his lips to his arm, tracing the lines that converged across his forearm ending at his wrist. His hands were large and immaculate, with clean clipped nails. He seemed like the type to be very into personal hygiene, which she could appreciate, everything about him was neat and tidy…but there was something about him that made her sense that he could get dirty. If he really wanted too. 

She could hear him talking, but nothing he was saying registered with her brain, her mind was too occupied with increasingly inappropriate thoughts. Namely what his lips would feel like traveling across her body. 

Half listening to his words she followed his movements as he continued to shuffle the blueprints around his desk, explaining the differences between a few different schematics. 

Suddenly a flash of an image appeared in her head, he had propped her up on his desk, crinkling all of those pristine blue papers, his hand groping her thigh and lower back as he kissed her deeply. His lips tracing every inch of hers. 

Nigel’s voice tenor voice brought her back to reality, “–think you would prefer more space inside or outside?” he asked, looking at her curiously. 

Blushing and shaking her head for a moment to clear her though, she responded as if she had truly been paying attention, “Uhm. I think more deck space would be nice. I love sitting outside to read,” she mused, her mind still lingering on the image that appeared a few moments earlier. 

She couldn’t linger too long however, and her eyes fell to the blueprint on the desk in front of her. Pay attention Fallon. This one she did like better than the last. She thought. What was that first one? She really couldn’t remember, but a deck in the back was a must. It would be amazing to watch the waves crashing on the nearby beach in the mornings, and a porch in the front was nostalgic of her family home as a kid. It all sounded absolutely wonderful, especially coming from this very attractive man sitting across from her. 

“I really do like this model. How long would it take to complete?” she wondered aloud, going back to the task at hand. 

“It’s not a large space, so I anticipate it taking a month and a half or so. We can get this done pretty quickly,” he replied. 

He leaned his head to the side a smirk crossed his lips as he seemed to study her face waiting for her reply. Blushing again she looked through all the paperwork on the desk, trying to compose herself then looked back up at Nigel. 

Ugh, he is so fine, she thought, hoping she didn’t slip and say it out loud. “Well, I think that this one is it! I really love it and it fits within my price range,” 

Nigel smiled warmly, “Great! Now that that is out of the way,” he collected the remaining blueprints, tapping them gently on the desk and looked at her intensely, causing a shiver to crawl down her spine,  “Tell me about yourself. I like getting to know a little more about my clients before doing a build for them,” he leaned back in his chair, crossing his legs in a relaxed manner. Oh how she wanted to climb in his lap in that moment. 

Instead of coherent thought, panic wracked her brain. What was she going to say about herself? All she had been thinking about was how she wanted to do some very inappropriate things to this man sitting across from her. 

Don’t tell him the lame stuff Fallon… she thought frantically trying to think of something she could say about herself. “Uhhm. Well, I am a Clinical Research Associate at Commonwealth Integrative Pharmaceuticals. I really like the color green, and I adore lots of different patterns and textures…..I really love books so having a space for a couple bookshelves would be really awesome….uhm…I cook sometimes but not all the time…haha so I would be ok with a smaller kitchen area if that meant I can have a lot of bookshelves around.” 

Nodding, he wrote down notes for himself and looked up at her to continue. That look. Was. Everything. And it sent shivers straight to her core. She was sure…no, positive he didn’t mean it in any type of way but. Goddamn.

“It is too warm in here?” he questioned suddenly, with a concerned look on his face, “Sarah always keeps it freezing in the waiting area. I have a tendency to keep it a little warm in here because of it.”

Fallon realized she must have been blushing pretty hard, “Oh! No, it’s alright! ” she said quickly. “It’s rather nice in here actually.”

“No problem. I figured I ask,” he replied smiling, he looked like he wanted to say something but thought better of it and continued their conversation. 

They talked some more about Fallon’s likes and dislikes, and how she typically used her personal space, along with a myriad of other details. It took around an hour for them to finalize a blueprint. By the time they were done, the receptionist had already begun closing up the shop. 

“Alright, so I just need you to sign this line here, and here,” he was standing beside her and pointing to a signature required section of the form. Nigel was so close that she could smell his cologne. It was low and musky, reminding her of a burning campfire, oak, and molasses. Her hand hovered above the paper as she signed her name, paying more attention to the tattoos on his forearm than the paper. This time he caught her stare. 

“You into tattoos?”  he asked looking down at her. 

She looked up to met his gaze and immediately dropped her eyes back to the papers in front of her. He was too close. Her heart raced and her hands started feeling slightly sweaty. Boy was it really getting warm in there. 

“Oh! U-Uhm. Yes! They are really beautiful,” she blushed, admiring the geometric lines taking up most of his forearm.

“Thank you, it took a long time to get done,” he mused, suddenly walking back around to his desk chair. 

With her eyes following his every move, Fallon felt flush again. “That’s amazing,” she said in wonderment, “How big is it?” she asked, thinking that it sounded very innuendo-ish, but pushing the thought from her mind. Pull yourself together girl! Come on. 

A wry grin appeared on his lips, “Double sleeve, back, chest, and one on my calf,” he explained, collecting the set of unused plans to return back to their place on the bookcase near his desk.

Fallon’s eyes traveled down his body as he spoke, wondering what the rest of his tattoo’s looked like. He continued to move around, gripping the spines of books placed alphabetically in the bookcase shelf as he returned plans to their rightful places. 

Another image flashed through her mind. She was sitting in the chair to their right, he was over top of her, his hand gripping her throat tightly. His knee was pressed against her center hard, she shivered as he gently stroked the base of her chin with his thumb before kissing her deeply. 

“Oh wow,” she breathed, jerking her eyes back up as he turned to face her, snapping back to reality. Just cause she was obviously mad lusting after this guy, didn’t mean he was interested in her in the least. 

Have more self-esteem, Fallon, you are gorgeous! she thought trying to give herself a pep talk. But still, that pep talk was not enough for her to not feel very plain in the presence of this very handsome man. 

“Yeah,” he continued, ”I got a majority of them done in college. Hard to not go crazy when you’re in art school,” he laughed warmly, as he gathered the paperwork strewn across his desk, organizing them into neat piles. 

“I bet,” Fallon replied, attempting to gather her increasingly explicit thoughts of how his hands would feel gripping her waist and hips.

He looked at her curiously again before speakings slowly, “So, I have your information. I will be in contact with you as everything progresses. I look forward to working on this project with you,” he extended his hand out for a hand shake.  

“Okay great!” her palm met his across the desk and she felt a shockwave through her body. A electric charge that threatened to electrocute her if she held onto him too long.

“Thank you so much,” she blushed, releasing his hand, making her way to the office door, trying to hide the deep flush of her face. A growing issue was getting worse between her legs and she needed to get out of there before she said or did something she would regret. 

“I think this build is going to come out really great,” he followed her using his hand across her lower back to escort her out of his office

Nodding politely, she opened the door and made a move to step out. “It was very lovely to meet you,” she cooed standing so close to him that she could smell his cologne again. The scent was strong and made her mind swirl with more explicit thoughts. Fallon stiffened as she felt the pressure of his hand on her forearm.

“It was very nice to meet you as well,” he replied softly. She blushed for the final time, lowering her head and pushing a stray piece of hair out of her face as she excited his office. From her peripheral vision she could see him watching her as she walked out of the reception area, but she didn’t dare turn back to meet his gaze. 

It was bittersweet to be out of his presence. On one hand, the dampness between her legs was forcing her mind down the gutter quicker than she was able to ward them off but she wasn’t about to jump some stranger, no matter how much she wanted too. On the other she longed to stay with him, wanting to find any excuse to be around him. 

It is going to go nowhere Fallon, she thought, trying to keep herself from getting excited. He is probably married….. or has a girlfriend or…something…guys like that aren’t single….he was just being nice, her confidence was dwindling quickly. The reception area was cold, the AC seemed to be on high. A stark difference between the warm air in his office. That little bit of chill caused parts of her to stand at attention, ready and longing to be touched.

Sarah, smiled and waved at her, wishing her a good day as she exited the building. Her heels clicked down the sidewalk quickly, her mind and heart was racing. Who knew that she would walk into this place looking for a home, and wanting so much more than that.  

Twirling his heavy ivory and silver pen between his fingers, Nigel was sitting at his desk after Fallon left. Replaying the events of the appointment in his mind, he committed her face to memory. Every little mole, slight wrinkle line, and smirk she made was adorable, he had to figure out how to see her again. Normally the consultation meeting was the only time he worked with the client face to face. This time it needed to be different. 

Lost in his thoughts he was interrupted by a knock on his office door. His partner (and namesake of the firm) Elijah Larsen walked in with a huge grin on his face.

“New Client?” he asked with intense curiosity, sitting in the chair across from Nigel’s desk. The one Fallon had just been sitting in a moment before. He frowned slightly as Elijah’s figure replaced the illusion of her in his mind. 

“Yeah, she’s having the 800 model built” he replied absentmindedly. Elijah was the last person he wanted to talk to right now. 

Elijah looked at the plans on his desk. “Nice. Good project. That will look great in your portfolio.” 

Nigel nodded, saying nothing. There was silence for a moment, then he saw Elijah grinned devilishly. Here we go, he thought. 

“What?” Nigel asked defensively, afraid to hear Elijah’s response.

“Did you see her ass though!?!” he exclaimed, making ass grabbing motions in the air and licking his lips.

“I am a professional. Elijah. I’m not trying to hook up with every allegedly single female client who walks in here….. Unlike you,” Even though he said it in a joking tone, Nigel was very serious. Elijah was always after the women who came through this building. Single, Married, it didn’t matter. 

“You don’t have to be like that bro! It’s only been like 3 women… For real,” Elijah grinned harder and leaned forward, placing his hand on his knee, “Yo…but……she WAS fine as hell though, right? Just so …mmm….chocolatey, she looked like she smelled like cocoa butter….. mmm…m…m,” Elijah looked off into thin air, shaking his head and continuing…..”AND I saw you in here all cozied up by the desk,” he snickered.

Nigel remembered how close he got to her at one point. She smelled of Lavender and Coconut, not cocoa butter, the scent still lingered in the room, only interrupted by Elijah’s brash Old Spice cologne. The baby hair at the base of her neck curled in protest of her straight, jet black ponytail. The hairstyle accentuating her smooth round jawline. Her skin looked unbelievably smooth…almost like velvet. He wondered what she felt like under his fingertips, how would her softness give way to his touch. He wondered what she tasted like and if her moans were as melodic as her voice. And from the angle he had been standing in, he could just nearly see down her blouse, her chest inviting him to explore its plushness every time she took in a breath.

Saying nothing he began making small adjustments to the blueprints instead, letting his thoughts wander. 

“Aw come on, your no fun,” Elijah whined, frustrated that he wasn’t going along with the line of questioning. 

Rubbing his temples he sighed and mumbled, “Yes, I saw her ass,” Well, he noticed more than that, but he would never tell Elijah that. 

Laughing loudly, Elijah almost yelled, “I know you did!!!! Man…” he said sighing “I love black women. Let me tell you. Their ass’s alone are just….” he exaggerated a shiver. 

“You know that makes you sound like asshole don’t you?” Nigel asked, looking up at Elijah and shaking his head with a slight smirk. The always borderline offensive Elijah was at it again. 

“Man whatever, I ain’t lying! You have never experienced the magic of a girl like that. I can see it in your eyes, my friend,” Elijah winked, laughing loudly as he hopped up and made his way to the door, “You gonna call her?” 

“Well, yeah. I have to give her updates on the build.” Nigel replied as if it were the dumbest question in the world. 

“You know what I mean. Mr. Kalani,” Elijah rolled his eyes, “I just think it’s time you move on from ‘Nessa huh chief?”

Nigel shot him a dirty look and Elijah smirked, leaving the room. 

Elijah was right though, he had to see her again. There were plenty of opportunities to do it, he would just have to figure out the perfect time.

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