Fallon heard back from the bank in the morning. Thankfully they were available after 5PM that same day. After a long day of work and an even longer afternoon of signing paperwork, she was approved for a 5k simoleon loan that could go towards a down payment on a tiny home. 

Next up was securing the address. There were plenty of barren affordable lots in Brindleton Bay ranging from 500-1k simoleons, but she already knew which one she wanted, 27 Cattail Place. Right on the beach. Her dream of sitting on her back porch watching the waves come in was becoming a reality. Thankfully it was still available and the only other bidder had given their final offer. Fallon paid full price with an extra one thousand thrown in for good measure. The bank guaranteed that in a few weeks the lot would be hers. Now to find someone to actually build the house. 

The bank suggested Larsen Architectural, a firm located on the north side of Newcrest. It’s portfolio offered a variety of home styles, of all sizes. The firm itself had a full 5 out of 5 stars, with testimonial after testimonial on their affordability and customer service. What really caught her eye however, were the tiny homes in the portfolio of one of their Lead Architects Nigel Kalani. They were stunning and modern. Beautiful spaces that she couldn’t imagine being that small and so detailed. Even the reviews were positive, with one sticking out in particular.

“What a fantastic experience. My partner and I had been looking into tiny homes for awhile. After searching for architects for a few weeks, we came upon Larsen Architectural and Nigel Kalani. During the entire process Mr. Kalani was professional and brought a creative eye to everything he did. We came into this looking for a house, and he created our home. We could not be more thrilled.”

Wow, she thought. That’s what she wanted the most. A place to call home. After the last two years of her life living in desperate situations was something she didn’t want anymore. Now she was getting her life straight. Maybe this was a sign. 

After a little more poking around their website, she submitted an inquiry form online. I really hope this works out, she thought. Taking in a big gulp of air she leaned back in the desk chair. Having some back up’s wouldn’t hurt…putting all of her eggs in one basket hadn’t seemed to be working out well. There were a couple of places, a smaller less known firm out of Brindleton and one outside of Oasis Springs who seemed reputable. If Larsen Architectural didn’t work out either one of them would due. She would be happy with anything. But she had truly fell in love with the idea of a home, and Nigel Kalani, seemed the most fit to provide what she had been dreaming of.

The week flew by as Fallon and Lorena avoided each other. It didn’t take long for her to pack up her items, and not feeling the need to say goodbye, Fallon moved out at the end of the week. Only leaving a note, pinned on the bulletin board in the hall. 

On Sunday she moved into an extended stay hotel in Newcrest, Promenade Inn & Suites. Sadly hotel stays in both Brindleton Bay and San Myshuno were out of her budget. The commute back to the bay was about  forty-five minutes one way, but what else could she do? This was the best she could do right now. Hopefully this was just a small bump in the road.

After checking in, she put her things away and laid out on the bed. Her eyes stared blankly at the popcorn coated ceiling, as she recounted the last week in her head. Thank god for this job…and good credit, she rolled over and checked her phone. No messages. I wish I knew some folks out here. Hm. Her eyes grazed around the room. The tv was on in the background, playing some infomercial about air fryers. The room was minimally decorated, with beautiful views of Newcrest’s waterfront. This will be it for awhile, I guess. She mused, desperate to make the place feel a little less sterile. Her mind settled on going for a drive, maybe she would go window shopping. Or better yet, check out that bookstore in the Bay. Having a few books around would stave off boredom, and maybe she would even find some flowers on the way back, to liven up the place a bit.

Quickly, she made it out the door wanting to take full advantage of the day. The drive was long but it was a gorgeous day, and she enjoyed the scenery as she drove through winding two lane highways back to the Bay. 

As she neared her destination, Fallon glanced at her GPS again. 5 minutes away. A left off the main road and to the right. Fallon surveyed the area as the drove. The bookstore was in a more densely populated part of town, near the dog park and Town Hall, and a small strip mall. What a pretty little town. 

Suddenly she was there, and she pulled into the parking lot of the bookstore. Idling in the lot as she tried to peek into the building. The lights were off and it was obvious that it was closed. Damn.

Fallon pulled up to the entrance, turned on her hazards and hopped out of the car, running up to a large iron and glass door.

The Fox and the Bookcase Booksellers. 

OPEN Monday – Saturday: 9am – 2pm

What bookstore isn’t open on a Sunday??? Hm. I’ll come back later this week I guess, 

Fallon felt a little disappointed, What an odd time to be closed

Solemnly, she surveyed her surroundings as she walked back to her car. It was a peaceful neighborhood, quiet. She could definitely get used to this. Soon she was back on the main road and headed back to her hotel. After a few minutes of driving she decided she didn’t want to head home just yet and entered the lot she had purchased. A map illuminated the screen, giving her the most direct route, Huh, it’s only 10 minutes away, how convenient. 

As she pulled up to the small plot of land she felt herself grow excited. The papers said that it was roughly 20×20, a little on the smaller side, but not terrible considering it was right on the beach. Fallon imagined herself sitting on her porch drinking tea, smoking a joint, listening to the waves crashing and seagulls squawking. She got out of her car,  and made her way toward the for sale sign, growing even more excited when she saw a “sale pending” placard on the front plate. It was happening, for real and for a moment she felt like she was dreaming.

Fallon stood there for a good while before getting back in her car. Daydreaming. When she finally did return to her car, she turned up her music. This was the longest that she had felt content, unstressed and genuinely happy. Even though it seemed like her life consisted of moving forward two steps, only to move back one.Things were looking up, she was on the verge of thriving. There was no way she was going back to old Fallon. The destructive ways were over and she was a new person, and this new life would prove it.

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