1982 Rowewood Block

a build for Del Sol Valley

(50×40 – 3 levels – $$176,959 – 3 bedroom – 5 bathroom – restaurant/park/apartment combo)

I’ve been saying and saying I was going to release one of my builds and I haven’t (I’m a big talker). I always have trouble putting them together cause I always add way too much CC….but not this time baby! Below you will find cc links to the items that I did use. Mostly exterior decoration. All the interior decoration should be CC Free. I used the get to work, get together, city living, dine out, parenthood/laundry day add -ons–so whatever you don’t have you may need to swap out. Make sure you enable bb.moveobjects before placing the lot.

Want the Deco CC? Find it here:


My idea for this build came from really needing a place for my OC’s to live as the next part of my story and there are no apartments in Del Sol (merp). I wanted to try and make a “city block” using the connected 50×40 and 40×30 lots in the cul de sac area. I packed a lot into this build so it can function different ways depending on what you need. It is set as a restaurant with custom diner menu. It has two sparsely furnished apartments (really just so you know what each room should be).

Because I didn’t want sims to get stuck in nowhere land the 3rd floor is inaccessible, but the hallway is big enough to add another stairway if you want to use that space. 

The build also has items in place for it to function as a more general common space with a flea-market/park area (there is even a small deco boutique that can be converted if you want retail).

I hope you like it! I really enjoyed building this! If you use it please tag me! Id love to see it 😀


It’s been play tested so everything should work correctly. But if you have issues let me know! You can also find it on the gallery, my origin ID is lycsims. Make sure you enable cc in the search.

-Tou: Don’t reupload 🙂

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