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Violet lay in the near pitch black of the obnoxiously decorated hotel room. Everything was covered in gold or marble, with grandiose embellishments on everything. The bed, the sconces, even the painting frames were gilded and polished with bits of gold and silver leaf. The smooth surfaces caught strips of silver colored lights, filtering in through large window panes. Renaissance style paintings cluttered the moulded off white walls. Her arm was pinned to the plush mattress by the warm body next to her. Lola was sleeping soundly, her soft breathing filling the air. She had snuggled against Violet within minutes of falling asleep. Calling her a clingy sleeper was an understatement. Violet didn’t mind however, even though she was usually abhorrent to cuddling post-coitus, or just cuddling period. It was a vulnerable position that she wasn’t keen on taking with just anybody. But Lola was so much more than that.

If Violet believed in love, she wouldn’t hesitate to say that she loved this golden haired woman beside her. But love was weak, it was too giving, it did not call for self preservation. It hurt. And being hurt was for losers. For those who couldn’t play the game. Therefore love, in any iteration, was the furthest thing from her mind, except when she was with Lola.

But they had their arrangements, they both wanted the most they could get out of life, by any means necessary. Violet had her methods. Lauren had hers. Unfortunately, those method’s clashed so working individually was for the best. Their commonality involved toying and playing with their victims before laying down the law of their carefully constructed lands. To Violet, either you compiled with her laws and were useful… or you did not. Simple. Failure to do so ended in dismissal. Or in Kings case – death. There were also others over the years those who didn’t follow her rules, who failed to comply. There were others who did follow her rules, who loved and revered them, and damn near worshiped her -like Frederick who was smitten from start to finish. His passing was a bittersweet memory that Violet allowed herself to linger on only occasionally. Dimitri was her only failed attempt, a growing thorn in her side. One that might bloom into something more if he ever remembered who she actually was to him and what she had done. And then there was Lauren, the one soul who took Violet’s rules and successfully twisted them in her favor.

Violet’s eyes lazily fell on the woman next to her, slowly attempting to wiggle out of the vice like grip holding her in position. With a little effort she finally freed herself and abandoned the warm confines of their shared bed. Cool wooden flooring met her bare feet as she stood to make her way to the restroom on the other side of the suite. The decorations were totally Lauren’s shtick, tacky baroque with hints of Victorian aesthetics.

It reminded her of high school. A huge campus with large lofty rooms. A striking ode to Gothic architecture. As she made her way to the suite restroom she her mind wandered back to the beginning of junior year.

The hallways of Oxford Academy were a similar off-white with worn wooden molding. The restrooms were down the hall on the left, right across from one of the side exits. Everyone was in the auditorium so it would be nothing to sneak out, she always had her purse that held her valuables with her. A smoke break could make the rest of this bullshit event enjoyable. As she approached the split in the hall she turned right, through a heavy wooden door. Fresh air hit her face and her black tightly laced derby’s found cool stone. Across the way were the football fields. She had a secret spot there that she liked to hide out in when smoking. Perfect quiet met her as she made her way over to her oasis.

That was the same day she met Lola. It was only one of the few times in her life that she felt a little less lonely, despite having a twin. Who was honestly too clingy, too worried, always constantly trying to “fix” and do the right thing, goody two shoes excuse for a sister. It all exhausted her because she simply didn’t care the same way Heather did. So when Lauren came along, it was like a light switched on. A kindred spirit had found her and their first encounter felt natural as breathing. Shaded by large oak tree’s, and shrubberies on a long forgotten bench sitting in the shadows.

A perfect place to smoke without being caught by someone. Plus, it was Opening Day. An event that was mandatory for all students—but Violet couldn’t care less. Each year they did the same thing, sing a stupid song to the Simerican Flag and recite the school motto, listen to some dumb speech from the Headmaster, and schmooze with alumni and faculty before courses started the next day. It was all a huge bore. Everyone pathetically trying to one up each other in one way or another.

It was warm that day, driving all the girls to wear skirts that were just long enough to get pass uniform regulations. Everyone except Violet’s, whose skirt was an obvious 2 inches shorter than allowed. They had tried to reprimand her before but nothing worked, and her father had just donated (another) 500k to the school’s endowment. They weren’t going to interrupt that flow of money.

When she arrived at her oasis it looked the same as always. Slightly creepy, the smell of warm earth emanating from the ground. Sitting underneath the cool canopy she lit her spliff and took a deep breathed drag. Blowing it out into the air in small rings. Some random boy had taught her how to do smoke tricks and it became one of her favorite past times. The sultry circles floated high into the air before dissipating into nothing but the scent of cloves and weed. Typically she was far enough away from main campus that she hadn’t been found for the last two years. But this year was different. This year her smoke rings flew high, dissipated into a transparent blue and called out to a passerby who was also skipping opening day.

When Violet first saw her, all she saw was a pair of thick thighs that looked like they could kill a man. Wrapped tightly in thigh-high stockings, it’s edge digging slightly into creamy skin. The skirt had obviously been cut way past regulation. It’s frayed edges tucked under and creased hard. A scandalous 2 ½ inches shorter than dress code allowed.

“I thought I smelled something out here,” the pair of thighs spoke and Violet looked up. She was medium build, her uniform blouse caressing every inch and curve of her voluptuous figure. Long golden hair cascaded down her shoulders in waves, sparkling in the daylight, framing a pair of impossibly blue eyes.

Violet shrugged and grimaced slightly as the girl sat next to her, uninvited. Vi hated people in her personal space, especially people she didn’t know. But the girl sat anyway, the scent of artificial strawberries mixing with the clove and ganja scent in the air.

“That ceremony is such bullshit no? I had to get out of there. I saw you leave and not come back, so I figured I’d see what mischief you were getting into. I approve of your choice of activities,” the girl mused, winking and reaching over to pluck the spliff from Violet’s perfectly manicured fingers.

Vi said nothing, simply watching the girl lick her pink lips before taking a long drag of the spliff nestled between her fingers. Her lips pursed, makin them look even more plump than they already did. She watched the girl blow three small smoke rings. Her chest deflating with the effort. Vi smiled and obliged when the girl handed the spliff back to her. The tip of the hand-rolled joint had remnants of that artificial strawberry lip gloss taste. Slightly sweet but with with that petroleum base that made the thin paper stick slightly to her lips. “It’s total bullshit,” she responded, “That’s why I’m here. Away from all the bullshit people and bullshit festivities.”

The girl laughed, it was a beautiful sound, like birds chirping in the early morning. She looked over at Violet with mischief in her eye, “I’m Lauren by the way, my friends call me Lola—thanks for the spliff. My nerves needed a pick me up.” She stared out into the open fields for a moment before turning in Violet’s direction. “—Hey. What do you say we get the fuck outta here? My driver can take us to this fantastic restaurant in downtown Windenburg—I hate this fucking cafe food they have here.” She pulled out her phone in its slick black case, embellished with a louis vuitton emblem and began texting some unknown number.

Violet’s stomach grumbled slightly, smoking always made her hungry and she could use a snack—or really any excuse to sneak off campus. “Sure. I could eat something,” she smiled extending her hand to reciprocate the handshake. Lauren took it, her soft hands with fingertips covered in sparkly gold nail polish enveloped Violet’s.

Lauren stared at her for a moment, her blue eyes felt like they were penetrating every little bit of Violet’s being. But she couldn’t back down, no one would ever overtake her confidence, so she stared right back into that impossible blue.

A wide grin covered Lauren’s face and she let Violet’s hand drop, settling in to the seat. “You know,” she flicked hair off her her shoulder, right into Violet’s direction, the scent of strawberry was even stronger now.  “–I don’t know if I am really hungry for food? You, however, look absolutely delicious,” Lauren mused with a sigh and a twinkle in her eye. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth, caressing those strawberry tinted pink lips.

Heat rose to Violet’ cheeks quickly, as Lauren leaned so close to her that she could feel the heat radiating off of her body. With a slight awkward giggle, Violet responded right on beat, “I am pretty hungry actually…but afterwards maybe I’d be down for desert?”

Lauren’s mouth settled into a sultry smile, “Dinner and desert it is. But first, a little teaser to wet the palate huh?” And with that, she moved a little closer. Her thighs met Violet’s, warm and smooth. Lauren’s hand caressed Violet’s jaw and the hair on her arms stood to attention like they were receiving an electric shock. The strawberry became overwhelming until she felt a pair of lips against hers. Nothing overpowering, but soft and suggestive, asking.

The weed was making her feel a little lightheaded and giddy, and the sensation of Lauren’s warm mouth pulled her in deep. Her lips parted and she obliged this girl whose kiss was turning more forceful and hungry the longer they stayed connected.

Everything about it felt exhilarating, and in that moment she wanted nothing more than to stay hidden in her little oasis, avoiding the world and making out with this golden haired girl who was breaking all her rules and then some.

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special thanks to onyxplumbob for lauren ❤