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Everything was falling into place. Three years of planning was finally coming to a head. And Laurence was only the first step. Once they took down Lo, ideally it would only be a matter of time until his brother’s followed. If there was anything that Ace had learned over the time he worked for Lo, it was the fact that under pressure- Laurence would, in fact, crack. He knew Lo’s strengths and weaknesses and everything in between. Lo was great at the initial start up but lacked the ability to follow through. It was only because of Giselle that Laurence was as successful as he was. His abilities to lie to his brother’s about his business dealings was slightly astounding. Idiotic though. It made him look better than he actually was, and that was his fatal mistake. That and hiring Violet.

Ace had known that she was bad news from the moment he laid eyes on her. She had this “better than you” vibe about her. Quiet and calculating, but an explosive force when need be. She possessed this sultry southern charm that drew men in and sucked them dry. And she was professional about it; exploiting her acquaintanceship with Giselle to get what she wanted.

After Frederick croaked, it was only a matter of time before she hooked her claws in King–poor unlucky bastard. For as old as he was, Frederick was in perfect health. So his sudden death was a shock to everyone. It was only Ace who noticed Violet’s well hidden detachment. She played the part well, but there was still this air about her that she was benefiting somehow some way. When she moved from her penthouse in the Springs to the multi-million dollar property in Magnolia Promenade,  he had started forming his own opinions. However, none of that mattered. Laurence and the Giselle’s was his primary target. Not Violet. Although, if he played it right, he could get them all in one fell swoop.

His suspicions about her rose even more ever since she disappeared with Lo’s money. Dillon didn’t seem like the type to lie to his number #1 buyer, everyone had that side to them that is out for the benefit of self and nothing else. Even the way King defended her at their last meeting with Lo felt suspicious. And he was growing certain that King knew more than he let on about Violet’s whereabouts.

Similar to Violet, it hadn’t taken that long for him get into Laurence’ inner circle. He had worked for Giselle for only a year before Lo asked him to accompany King on some tasks. King was more than willing to let Ace take some of the credit. He preferred taking a “hands off” approach, getting his goonies to do most of the heavy work.

Not long after they started working together he found out that King was somewhat of an, adviser, passed down from father to son. —Really just to make sure Laurence didn’t fuck up. It was known among the Giselle family that Laurence was the weakest link. That’s why Ace had decided to work for him and not his brothers. Laurence was cocky, loudmouthed in the wrong spaces and prideful. Compared to his brothers, who were a lot more seasoned in the ways of the business. King though, seemed as if he had his own agenda, and Ace was pretty sure that he was stealing from Laurence as well.

Now? None of that mattered. As of Friday this would all end.

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