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[8AM. Weather: ???]

[heavy rain, eggs cracking, sizzling noises]

Heather yelling loudly over the sound of egg’s frying in a small skillet:  Aman can you set the table please?

Aman sets table with a red and white checkered placemat, he turns and grins widely in Heather’s direction: I did! Daddy, you saw I did it without her even askin!

Dimitri sits down at the head of the table and nods at his son proudly. Even after 8 years, he still couldn’t believe that this life, or the the child in front of him was his. It was all still so surreal. It didn’t help that after Giselle and Laurence got arrested life went by like a blur. And now here they were. A small family living in a small town. Far away from Del Sol and San Myshuno and their old forgotten lives.

Dimitri smiles warmly at his son: Yeah you did. Good job lil man.

Heather makes her way to the table with a large platter of pancakes, bacon and eggs. Placing it in the center of the table.

Dimitri licks lip’s: Damn babe this looks amazing.

Aman squeals and kicks his feet under the table: This looks soooo good momma!

Heather laughs: Thank you babies.

Aman, impatient immediately starts stuffing his face.

Dimitri’s arm reached out and patts Aman on the shoulder: Hey slow down lil man. It’s Harvestfest you gotta say what your thankful for first.

Aman thoughtfully: Uhmmmmmmmm….. You go first!

Dimitri glances over at Heather with a mischievous grin: I’m thankful for this meal your momma just threw down on. I’m also thankful for the meal I’m ‘bout to eat a little later [winks].

Heather blushes heavily, kicking him lightly under the table: Dimitri. We are at the table.

Dimitri feigning innocence: What? I’m just thankful for all the meal’s I’m about to eat today.

Blushing hard Heather giggles: Boy– If you don’t hush.

Heather turns and looks at Aman: What are you thankful for baby?

Aman lifts finger to chin and thinks hard: UHHHHH. I am thankful for you mom, and for daddy and for magnus and forrrrr my voidcritter cards and for my friend Alex–

Dimitri interrupts Aman: Who is Alex?

Aman cheerfully: Oh! I met Alex at school. He is pretty cool. He likes video games too.

Heather: Oh you’re making friends! That’s good.

Aman: Yeah! Also I was thinking that. Since I been doing so good at school that I could get a iphone for christmas!

Dimitri skeptical: An Iphone? What you need a iphone for? The phone I gave you don’t work?

Aman looks down at plate: It works. But…

Heather concerned: But what Aman.

Hesitantly Aman speaks: —-Well it works. But— its really uncool and old and it doesn’t have that many games on it like the other kid’s phones. And! I know we can afford a new one cause Daddy has —-one hundred and twenty-nine thousand simoleans in his bank account? And the iphone only cost four hundred and nineteen simoleans plus tax!

Dimitri: …..

Heather bursts out laughing: How you know how much money daddy has?

Aman cheerfully: Cause! Ya’ll were doing the bills one time! And–

Dimitri shakes his head and whispers to Heather: Damn he included tax and everything [laughs] Babe, remind me to not leave my statements out.

Dimitri’s gaze turns to Aman: How do you even know of such a big number? I thought you only knew how to count to one thousand.

Aman proudly: Mrs. Callahan says I am good with numbers!

Dimitri: Of course you are. [Laughs] Why do you need an iphone Aman?

Aman: Cause! I can play more video games on it. And it’s cool!

Dimitri slyly:  Ah huh…Since you so good at numbers. Ace your next math test I will buy you one alright?

Aman excited: REALLY!?

Dimitri: Only if you Ace it lil man. No A and you gotta wait till christmas.

Aman slightly disappointed:  But christmas is like………4 months away though!

Heather: Well you better study good then huh?

Aman cheer’s up slightly: I’m the best at studying mom. I always get my homework done so fast. [eats last bit of food quickly] See! I do everything fast. —Can I go play my game now?

Dimitri: Yeah. But wash these dishes first. I gotta show your momma somethin’ upstairs.

Heather shakes her head chuckling and stands: Thank you baby for washing them. Just throw them in the dishwasher.

Dimitri: Quick and easy lil man! Then go play your game? Why don’t you play that Genie’s Curse game we just bought you? Didn’t you just start it?

Aman: Yes! It’s going to take me foreverrrrr to beat though.

Dimitri grins: Oh really? Well take a good long time on it lil man.

Aman oblivious and excited: Okay!

Dimitri glances flirtatiously at Heather: You need to getcho ass upstairs like 5 minutes ago ma.

Heather giggles and makes her way to stairs: Language in front of Aman. D.

Dimitri grumbles playfully: Yeah yeah. Upstairs.

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