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Heather sank back in her chair, her bare shoulders pressing into the cool, smooth wood. Placing the pencil down on the worn table, she sighed softly. Her hand ached from writing for so long, it was an annoying cramp that took over her whole hand, extending down to her fingers. There was so much on her mind. It was all too much to process.

Trying to sleep had been nothing but a laughable attempt. Her nap in the car ride there energized her, rendering it near impossible to sleep. Dimitri was sound asleep, curled underneath the slightly scratchy sheets that were provided. It had been a long day for the both of them. The longer she laid there, the more restless she became, and the more her back started to ache. So, there she sat at the dingy dining room table. Wide awake. Staring straight ahead, out of the large white windows that took up a majority of the room.

Absentmindedly she rubbed her belly. “We can do this, can’t we?” her words spilled from her lips as she exhaled.

This apartment was huge, there was so much more space than she was used to in her small studio apartment. Her eyes traveled around the room, taking in the hideous green paint covering roughly applied plaster. All the furniture was mildly used, and the air smelled slightly like mildew. Threatening ti make her stomach turn. She missed Waterside. And her tiny apartment. And the familiarity that came with a space well lived in. Everything in this apartment was old and forgotten, waiting until they could be of use again. But they were foreign to her, lacking the memories that would have made her feel like this space was actually hers.

More than anything, she wished she could go back and just grab a few things. Like her 10 favorite outfits. Her favorite pairs of heels. Her 400$ collection of Fenty make-up. Even that stupid, stupid stuffed animal that Violet had won for her back when they were 14. For a moment it was almost as if she could smell the crisp autumn air mixed with frying funnel cake.

The carnival was just about to close, a majority of the crowd starting to trickle back into the parking lot. Faded giggles, revving engines, and the sounds of desperate booth owners attempting to get any remaining patrons to try their hand at the rigged games one last time, filled the air. Heather had spied a bright pink unicorn as they walked toward the exit. It stood 2 feet tall with glittery hooves and a multi-colored yarn mane. The tackiest prize at the booth. Violet had seen her sister’s eyes light up, and insisted on winning it. This resulted in approximately 40$ and twenty minutes of trying over and over to get that damn ring on that damn bottle. The entire time expletives came from both Violet and the booth owner.

But she had won the prize, and Heather had treasured it. Still treasured it. And felt both silly and sad that she was even thinking about that dumb thing.

The rising sun started peeking its way through the windows, shining right into her eyes. She squinted, her mind traveling back to the present. No use thinking about the past. Things were different now. They had been different for a long time. But she would make the best of it. Like she always had. At least now she had Dimitri and the baby. She hoped they could be a proper family. She hoped she could forgive Dimitri, truly forgive him. And most of all she hoped they would be able to live a full life in Del Sol.

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