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Ya’ll know my bLACKjACK story has been on hiatus for a good minute. I was trying to do this whole thing with Aman as a kid and what happened to everyone between the last episode of History of Lucky and when Aman ages up to his teen/youngadulthood (the story of his teen/young adulthood was going to be called Maverick). 

As much as I wanted to—-I just couldn’t vibe with it at all (even though I have mad story points for everyone—I just couldn’t bring myself to go through posing and story posts. I gave it the girl scout try with a few posts but I just couldn’t find the motivation to follow through)

This post is going to be a brief summary of what would have happened if I had gotten my shit together 🙂

  • Dimitri goes to therapy to deal his anxiety and long term memory loss. He still doesn’t remember much about his past life and is coming to terms with it. What hurts the most is not knowing who his family is and feeling abandoned by them because “they never looked for him”. Also in therapy Dimitri deals with his over-protectiveness of Aman (an issue that he and Heather have had many heated arguments over), a result of his drama filled past and an event that happened when Aman was still a baby.
    • When Aman was still a toddler, they were at the park in Del Sol. Violet at this time was out rightly stalking them, and scooped little Aman up when he ran up to her. This event is what eventually forced them to move to Foxgrove.
  • Heather aka DjTheaBeats unintentionally becomes a household name, working at Foxgrove’s top radio station. This caused a lot of issues with them in their witsec program, especially after she did that special with her idol Bailey Kay, and her photo got blasted everywhere. Everything turned out alright though….so far anyway 😉
  • Aman does well in school – very bright and is consistently placed on the honor roll. 
  • Heather and Dimitri never get married (even though he did propose again, and gave her a ring)– they are perpetually engaged…and to be honest the thing they have works and they have a happy healthy family. 
  • Aman and his best friend Alex Goth are a couple of troublemakers despite their good grades. They have been caught several times playing pranks in school (like setting up hundreds of cups filled with water in the science room, and filling the ice makers with styrofoam popcorn)…so he is always gettin in trouble for somethin.
  • Aman and Patricia get into fights frequently and at one point get placed in detention together where they sort of work through their differences. Sort of. 
  • Aman is the happiest babe and trusts and loves his parents unconditionally…for awhile anyway (hehe)
  • After the death of her “boyfriend” King. Violet moved to San Myshuno to hide live with her lover Lauren Feng.
  • After encountering Dimitri and Aman in Del Sol when Aman was still a toddler, Violet has taken up the hobby of “keeping an eye” on her sister and her little family. She fell in love with her nephew Aman on sight and wants nothing but to be a part of his life. In anyway she can.
  • After seeing a picture of Heather and Bailey Kay on the internet, she now knows exactly where the Reece household lives and may or may not have been watching over Aman as he leaves everyday for school. (She hasn’t approached him just yet).
  • Violet convinced Lauren to buy Ocotillo for her under an alias, and the “resort” is back up and running– it is a new and improved version that is makin oodles of money. Violet is good at runnin things.
  • Lauren and Violet aren’t “official” but have an agreement in place (They are swingers?) and still enjoy hustling rich, “powerful” men out of their money (and lives—lets be honest lol they have no qualms about killin folks)
  • Speaking of hustling rich, “powerful” men: the police found King’s body months after his death—still sittin on that couch in the mansion at the Palisades. Violet and Lauren cleaned out that safe with the 15 million and invested it—they now are worth over 60 million a piece. 
  • Violet used some of the money she lifted from King to open up a trust fund for Aman that is accessible once he turns 18. To do this she blackmailed her and Heather’s father to open the account and launder the money into it. Since ya know…she is still a criminal at large and is still technically hiding out. At this point in time that trust account has 10 million in it and is still making money everyday due to interest. Aman doesn’t know of Violet or the money’s existence (nor does Dimitri or Heather know about the money). Aman will find out eventually find out via his “favorite” auntie.
  • Kenneth and Patricia Miles live in a townhouse in Foxgrove. To be specific they live a few blocks away from Heather, Dimitri and Aman. 
  • Kenneth is Heather’s older brother—the one who moved away when Heather was a young teen to join the military. He is a widower, who got stationed in Foxgrove after the death of Patricia’s mother.
  • Patricia has a LOT of anger issues due to the death of her mother and her father’s hands-off approach to parenting.
  • One day at school Patricia and Aman get into a fist fight, prompting the principal to call Heather and Kenneth in for a chat. 
  • Heather and Kenneth reunite after more than 20 years apart—which means that there are lots of “family” dinners held, much to the dismay of Aman and Patricia who never really grow to like each other much. But they cousins so they have to hang out haha.

Minor Characters (aka folks I didn’t have the patience to take pics of lol)

Giselle, Laurence “LoLo” and Ace Boone:

  • LoLo goes to jail for a long ass time. His brother’s do nothing to save him. NOTHIN lol. Frances feels a little bad about it but Laurence dug his grave tbh.
  • Giselle gets her father Stefano to post her bail and gets off scott-free. Eventually she finds Ace (who went underground due to a hit being put out on him). Giselle and Ace become a cute ass couple and she uses her resources as protection for him—even after she finds out he was a cop and the one who send the order’s for her arrest in the first place.

Francis & Mauricio: 

  • The Giselle brothers are still runnin thangs in San Myshuno and Windenburg. They dropped Oasis Springs due to the drama there, unintentionally selling Laurence’s Ocotillo property to Violet. The woman who robbed them in the first place. 
  • They never find out exactly who it was who stole the money from them, and Francis unknowingly gets involved with Violet after they met at an art auction in San Myshuno. 
  • Violet is totally laundering money from them but Francis is too love struck to notice and half the time just gives her the money thinking she is using it for her personal appearance and fancy tings. 
  • Mauricio doesn’t approve but also doesn’t say much about it cause his brother’s lovers are none of his business. He is very suspicious of Violet though and may or may not have hired a PI to get some dirty on her.

And I think that is it! If you have any questions about characters I didn’t mention let me know. (I think I got everyone important but tbh I can’t remember) 

Ideally story posts will pick up after another long time skip where Aman is turning 17 years old. 

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