Episode 5

About 45 mins later, Han found himself standing in front of the apartment of Eric Prado and Gustavo Rivera. Just being in the same space with the guy who was fucking his girl was unnerving, but he pressed through it. With a loud knock, he announced his arrival to the apartment. A few minutes later… Read More Episode 5

Episode 4

{Meanwhile…. at Newcrest University} The last few days had gone by impossibly slow. Han had hit rock bottom and he hit it hard. After that afternoon attempting to patch things with Wyn and finding out her and Gustavo had…fucked, well he was a wreck. Then with Billie and the freak out that was accidentally finishing… Read More Episode 4

Episode 3

The look on his face was delicious. Pure terror. Selenis strode confidently over to the table where Mathias and the girl were sitting. She had seen everything, and unfortunately, the girl had already drunk nearly half of the drink by the time she had gotten to the table. Selenis was determined to get to the… Read More Episode 3

Episode 2

Gustavo had left pretty early in the day, and so Wyn spend most of the remaining afternoon attempting to unearth some of the artifacts they had found. She had set up their work table in the front of the house, just in case he came back earlier than expected. Plus she would rather be working… Read More Episode 2

Episode 1

The air was vibrating. She could see it, moving in small illuminated dots before her eyes. For what seemed like eternity she sat in the small cramped boat, she didn’t know why she was there or what she was waiting for but she knew it was something important. Still she could not keep doubt from… Read More Episode 1

Episode 20

Gustavo, surprised at the sudden rainstorm, quickly put out the candles at the base of Delmar’s grave. He hastily attempted to made his way back to his aunt’s home. The rain had grown more severe, pelting him with cold heavy raindrops. Thunder boomed around him as lighting decorated the increasingly dark sky. He was about… Read More Episode 20

Episode 19

The drive to his generational home took longer than he thought it would. After running out of gas halfway through and needed to find a place to nap, he didn’t get to Villa Arroyo pequeño until way past 4PM. The sun was starting to lower in the sky, turning everything a bright orange color. As… Read More Episode 19

Episode 18

A few hours later… After finally peeling themselves away from each other and showering. They went to their respective beds for the night. Both left their doors open. Bronwyn was about to fall asleep when her phone rang. It was Fallon. She jumped quickly out of bed and closed the door, answering before the phone… Read More Episode 18