Episode 15

Han had vaguely remembered Bronwyn saying that getting to Selvadorada was difficult. At the time he thought she was exaggerating, but after missing his connecting flight and arriving well into the morning hours, he was exhausted. Thankfully, he arrived just as the first bus of the day pulled up to the station. Although, he had… Read More Episode 15

Episode 13

The next few days flew by. Excavating in the hot sun was draining but rewarding. They found even more relics this time around and with their proximity to the baths, they enjoyed reprieve when needed. Even with the beginning of the fall season just hitting Selvadorada, it was still unbearably warm. With the recent rain… Read More Episode 13

Episode 12

{The next day…} Making it to the second survey site took a whole day longer than they anticipated. The recent thunderstorms had washed away most of the natural paths they had used during their first excursion. Everything was damp, soggy, or completely waterlogged by the time they got to the first site. The sun was… Read More Episode 12

Episode 11

A few days later….     Wyn was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Gustavo was still fast sleep and she was inclined to let him sleep a bit longer before they headed out. It wasn’t often that she woke before him, but on this particular day her eyes caught the first moments of sunrise. Tomorrow… Read More Episode 11

Episode 10

Northern Selvadorada – Chadda Farm It was early in morning. Marta hadn’t slept at all the night before. She had moved a dining chair over to one of the wooden slatted windows in her home, anxiously waiting for Selenis. After her granddaughter had disappeared in a whirlwind of air, Marta spent the rest of the… Read More Episode 10

Episode 9

\nsfw A few minutes earlier… An awkward silence had fallen between them. Wyn was wracking her mind thinking, so Gustavo decided to continue the game in an effort to move along the conversation. She would answer when she was ready. Bronwyn shook her head and tried not to smile; he was right. She had only… Read More Episode 9

Episode 8

Northern Selvadorada – Marta’s Farm Marta was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner. Selenis and Fernando had retreated to their rooms for the night, as it was now nearing 10PM. Marta had always had been a worshiper of the Mother. But lately her faith had been waning. Selenis was sleeping more often, her headaches… Read More Episode 8

Episode 7

After hiking for miles with 60+ lbs on his back. His current situation wearing his supply back and carrying her was easy. She was so light, he could probably carry her with one arm if he wanted too. The path inside the cave were brightly lit. He had spent almost a half hour plotting out… Read More Episode 7

Episode 6

It was early afternoon when Gustavo made it back to the bungalow. The drive had been long, and after running a couple errands it became even longer. Over the course of the drive he had figured out exactly what he wanted to do and how it would be done.  Arriving in Selvadorada around 1PM, he… Read More Episode 6