Episode 9



A few minutes earlier…

An awkward silence had fallen between them. Wyn was wracking her mind thinking, so Gustavo decided to continue the game in an effort to move along the conversation. She would answer when she was ready.


Bronwyn shook her head and tried not to smile; he was right. She had only gave him a maybe to his going steady question, and at that moment she was tired of answering difficult questions. “Okay, then.” She stood and slowly walked over to his side of the campfire. Gustavo rose, standing patiently.

She drug her feet in the soft earth beneath her, she had never felt so unhinged before. It felt like she was back up on that ledge, with Gustavo underneath her promising that she would be fine. Only this time there was no safety harness, and he was asking her to take a leap of faith and that he would catch her.

The man standing before her now and the man she stood before several months ago felt like two completely different people. Though he was still the same arrogant asshole as before, now she saw that there was so much more to him. At this point it wasn’t just sexual attraction keeping her interested.

All of this made her incredibly nervous, which was odd because they had kissed before. But back then, it was purely sex in her mind and she hadn’t really thought about the possibility of him asking to be her man. Now? The thought of him being only hers danced through her mind – the epitome of the ‘hot guy on campus’, who could have any girl he wanted, and probably had done just that…but he was asking her for monogamy. In her mind she could see all the ways it just couldn’t work and she wanted to hesitate, but her heart and body were jumping regardless of what her judgement was telling her. That little part of her that was jonesing for a little thrill and risk-taking was overpowering the more analytical side of her. Her heart continued to pound of of her chest; all of this over a stupid dare.

Gustavo gazed down at her. He could tell she was nervous, and admittedly he was too. It had been a long three years, many women and tons of mistakes made to get to this point, and now that they were here he wanted her more than anything else.


He laughed, pulling her close to him. Blushing hard, she looked down for a moment trying to muster up the courage. It was now or never. She needed to jump. So leaning her head up, she rose onto the soles of her feet and pressed her lips against his.

Immediately her knees felt wobbly and a wave of heat ran over her body. When their lips touched she realized she did miss him a lot more than she thought she did, that she wanted him more than her mind was allowing her to admit. Everything about what was happening at that moment felt right. Like they were destined to be there in that place and time.

As they kissed, she felt like she was floating in a vast ocean and somehow he was keeping her from floating away. Gustavo deepened the kiss with an inhale and his arms wrapped around her tighter with a low groan. The sensation of floating intensified. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around his neck and moaned slightly as his tongue entered her mouth. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes holding her face in his hands. For a split second she felt uncomfortable, like he was staring into her soul to get the answer to his question. Feeling timid, she closed her eyes and leaned up to kiss him again, immediately feeling lost in his embrace.

Bronwyn looked, felt, and smelt better than she had before he had left on that trip. She was perfect. The way her lips felt against his, the way her skin flushed and felt hot where his fingertips brushed against her. The way her face became rosy and the freckles across her face, neck and chest started to darken as her body blushed. Even the way he could see her mind working as she mulled over his question. He wanted her so badly, and at this point felt that her saying no to his request would rightfully crush him. But he had a feeling she would say yes. A feeling that seemed to be growing with greater possibility as they entangled themselves in each other.

Kissing her like it was the last thing on earth he’d do, he wanted to make sure his intentions would be known. Her maybe was expected; she wasn’t the type to agree to something right off the bat. That was fine, he understood why she was hesitating, but he could feel himself growing impatient with the thought that she might still be unsure.  


The look on her face made a warm sensation shoot through his body: it was soft and wanting. Behind the look of hesitation on her face, her eyes told him that she missed him too.

Wrapping her arms tightly around him she kissed him harder. Slowly his hands dropped from her waist to her ass, gripping it hard and pulled her hips towards his. She groaned lightly and bit his lip prompting him to spank her ass hard making her groan a little louder.

“Did you miss me?” he whispered against her neck, laying a line of kisses from her chin to her collarbone. “–mmm. Yes,” she breathed.

Tingles shot through him and his hands roamed around her body slowly. Memorizing every inch of her as if he might forget the moment his fingers left her skin. Her soft moaning was driving him up the wall. Need then overwrote his patience, “Take these off.” He tugged at the loops of her shorts. Bronwyn broke the kiss and looked at him intensely. She then crossed her arms over her body to remove her top. His eyes dropped to her nude chest. Fuck. She wasn’t wearing a bra. He could tell that she was already aroused by the way her nipples stood at attention. Quickly he reached for her, his mouth found her collarbone while his hands grabbed fistfuls of her breasts and ass. She moaned loudly, prompting him to unbutton her jeans quickly.

He took his time kissing down her chest, swirling his tongue around each nipple as he began to push her shorts down. Her skin was hot and slightly sweaty, the mild taste of salt making him want more of her. He continued kissing down her belly and around her hips as he pushed her shorts completely off. She had worn a near sheer pair of nude colored panties, he looked up at her grinning and noted that her eyes were closed head leaning to the side. Even from this angle she was fucking gorgeous, the curves of her half naked body illuminated by the light behind her. 

“Off,” he commanded, and her eyes shot open. She looked down and blushed at the sight of him crouched before her and took two small steps out of her clothing. As soon as they had been discarded to the side, he started kissing and biting at her thighs.


Wyn groaned and flinched as his teeth pinched the soft flesh around her hips. The light of the lanterns gave everything a bright and soft golden glow. The fire had long since died, but its heat still billowed into the air. That combined with the feverish way Gustavo was kissing and groping her body made her feel abnormally warm. The only thing on her mind at that moment was how much she wanted him. In every sense of the word. Her attempts at trying to play it cool were foiled as soon as he dared her to kiss him. He knew exactly what to say to get her going, and thought that his gentle persistence was endearing. She liked that he didn’t beat around the bush about what he wanted. More than that, she was nearly blown away by the thoughtfulness of this whole night and felt a little bad for giving him a hard time. So she was going to show him how she felt in the only way she knew how.


Gustavo’s mouth had made its way to her shoulders, he wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up like she weighed nothing, carrying her to the mattress a few feet behind them. As he held her, she felt his manhood growing hard against her thighs; her body shivered at the contact and a intense throbbing started to build between her legs. 

Setting her on her feet gently at the foot of the bed, he kissed her harder before breaking away and gazing at her intensely. “Bronwyn. Mierda que eres hermosa,” he mumbled allowing his fingers to make their that sweet spot between her legs.  He could feel her whole body shiver with anticipation as his fingertips brushed against the now soaked fabric of her panties. Even though it had only been a few days since they had last been together,  it seemed like it an eternity had passed.

When his fingers grazed against her, she mewled loudly. His eyes rose and he saw her bite her lip hard. He felt himself grow harder almost instantly. Fuck. She was so sexy, and growing wetter with every second. With his left hand he cupped the small of her back, pulling her hips towards him as he leaned forward to gain better access to her chest. Her body naturally compiled and she pushed her chest out towards him. Quickly his mouth found her right nipple and he bit down hard, pushing her panties to the side and shoving a single digit into her. She moaned. The breathlessness of her cry bouncing off of the rock walls around them. It sounded like she was everywhere, and he wanted to hear more of it. So he bit down harder, rolling the soft flesh between his teeth as he pushed another finger into her, searching for that patch of flesh that would cause her to erupt.

Wyn wriggled and groaned, her head was in the clouds. The pain she was feeling was overwhelmed by the pleasure that was beginning to build between her legs and attempting to consume her whole body. The only thing she could think about were how amazing his fingers felt and how close she was getting to losing it just that quickly. Her hand had long since reached out to grab his bicep to help steady herself. Her grip tightened when she felt herself getting close. Gustavo chuckled, “Your gonna cum already baby??” he purred, his movements becoming faster, continually rubbing against that spot. Wyn’s breaths came out haggardly as she moaned out a long yes.

“Mmmm– baby that’s it. Cum for me mami,” he leaned up and whispered in her ear, biting at her earlobe gently. It was like his words has some magical command over her and she felt her body tighten. Then a wash of  inexplicable pleasure washed over her. Her body bucked hard and a loud moan clawed its way out of her throat. 

“–mo mami,” She could hear Gustavo mumbling something under his breath, but it didn’t register in her brain. Everything was a blur.

She felt extremely light headed and felt her knees buckle. His movements stopped suddenly and he gripped her waist hard, kissing around her lips and cheeks softly, “Breathe mami-”.


She didn’t realize she had been holding her breath, and gulped in air. “That’s it. Breathe,” he cooed again, slowly rubbing her sensitive button with his thumb. She nodded, still breathless and feeling jolts of pleasure as his thumb continued to massage her. “You alright?” he asked, his eyes were like whirlpools, sucking her in for more. She nodded slowly still coming back to herself when he grinned wickedly. A bit forcefully he pushed her onto the bed, grabbing her upper thighs and spreading them open wide. Quickly moving quickly to nestle himself between her thighs.

“Gustavo. What are you-” she could barely get the words out before she felt his tongue slide against her. “-Oooooh…..fuck,” she moaned.

“You made a mess. I’m cleaning you up,” he smirked between her legs and pressed his tongue against her again, licking upwards slowly. 

“–oh my god…” she breathed, the feeling his mouth working on her was sending her into a deeper state of bliss. Her head pressed hard into the pillow underneath her. She could feel his fingertips pressing hard into the doughy flesh of her thighs as he indulged. Her whole body felt like it was vibrating and was threatening to overtake her. The feeling of his tongue sliding against her soaking mound was almost too much to bear. Just when she thought it would overwhelm her, he lifted her hips as his tongue moved down to that forbidden area of her body.

Wyn yelped out, feeling the tip of his tongue prodding against her. “F-fuck,” she whined. He drug his tongue from her puckered hole back up to her clit settling and sucking hard. He was sending her into hysterics and it didn’t take long for her to feel like she was reaching the edge again. “T-tavo” she stuttered, “I-I’m gonna–”

He stopped for a moment and she heard him groan, “What mami? Your going to cum again?” Frantically she answered, “Yes.”


“Acaba toda sobre mí mami,” he groaned as his tongue started making small circles against that area that was so taboo. “–mmmmmm…” she groaned louder. The strange sensation was causing that build up to intensify quickly. A second later his tongue was on that ultra sensitive spot again, sucking hard while a finger pushed ever so slowly into that tight little hole. Wyn immediately felt aroused and bashful all at the same time. Moans cascaded out of her body as he worked. Her hand found the crown of his head as he devoured her; his mouth sucking hard while his finger pumped in and out of her ever so slowly. The mix of sensations was too much for her and she felt her body tighten again, causing Gustavo to speed up.

“Oh. God. ——mmmm……ohh– Gustavo…” she felt another wave of pleasure wash over her.


Gustavo was ecstatic, she came twice in the span of less than 10 mins. Fuck. He loved how her body seized and her breath caught when she was in the throws of orgasm. There was no way in hell she could fake that and felt proud at the authentic reaction he was able to coax out of her. And so often.

After she came, he let her relax only long enough for him to position himself on top of her. Her eyes were glazed over as she laid underneath him. She was still panting heavily, causing her freckled chest to bounce softly. He leaned forward and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth, he wanted share with her how sweet tasting she was. She groaned loudly and tangled her hands in his hair as she bit his lip. He loved when she did that.

Slowly he teased her slick opening with the tip of his dick, making her moan out in protest when he neglected to give her what she wanted. He wanted to savor the moment though, and continued to tease her while she wriggled underneath him. When he finally pushed inside of her, he kissed her hard. She moaned so loudly that he felt her mouth vibrating against his. Fuck, he had to take a second to regain his composure. She was so wet and pillowy and tight, her body seemed to fit itself around him like a glove. He ground his hips forward harder, forcing the rest of his length into her. Growling at the feeling of her taking in all of him.

Slowly he begin shifting his weight back and forth. With each thrust she moaned for him. The feeling of her was sublime, she was so soaked and ready that he could move with ease and quickness, letting her panting narrate how fast and hard he went. He had missed this. The feeling of her was heavenly and just being inside her for that short amount of time was almost too much. He had to concentrate on other things to keep his composure as she melted underneath him.


After while they were in a frenzy, he’d lost concentration and was going full force. They had switched positions after she finished again on her back, coating his lower body with her wetness. He was barely able to hold on then, but he was able to hold it long enough to get her on her knees bent over in front of him.

Seeing her arched over, ass in the air could have been the last thing he saw before he died and he could have died happy. In his head he still couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, or how many time she’d finished that night because of his touch. Now, he was pounding into her with everything he had. His fingers sank into the soft skin around her hips as her ass rippled with each bit of contact his hips made. Her head was buried into the mattress, her moans muffed due to her nearly screaming into the sheet’s underneath them. 

“No mami. I want to hear you,” he reached forward and grabbed a fist full of hair, pulling her upper body towards him. Wyn yelped out, her cries becoming louder as he shoved himself into her repeatedly. “–P-papi,” she moaned emphatically. Gustavo growled and pulled her closer to him. His hand rested comfortably around her neck as he continued to grind into her. “–mmm Mami- Mierda. You feel so fucking good baby,” he moaned against her ear. She whimpered underneath him and her body tightened again.

Then he couldn’t hold it anymore, the need to release was overpowering his will to hold it back. With a low growl he gave a few more forceful pumps before quickly withdrawing only to finish all across her lower back. “Dios mierda carajo” he moaned loudly as he watched his essence covered her smooth freckled skin. He held onto her hips for a moment, to steady himself.

The intensity to which he finished made him feel a bit light headed. After regaining his composure he looked around for something to clean up with, settling on his tank top that was laying a few feet away.

Wyn was glad there was somewhere to wash off nearby and itched to jump in the beautiful blue spring that sat just a few yards away. But she was physically exhausted. Somehow he had managed to get her off multiple times, she felt like she couldn’t move her legs at all, and she was feeling slightly sore.

Gustavo was laying beside her, rubbing her thigh with his thumb and lightly staring into space. They were silent, both sunken into their own thoughts when he suddenly sat up and leaned over the side of the bed rummaging through his supply pack.

“What are you doing?” Wyn asked. Gustavo found what he was looking for and looked at her grinning from ear to ear. Whatever it was, it was and hid well in his expanse of his hands. Clutching is hands closed tightly and turning his palms upwards, he spoke, “Choose the one that holds your prize,” he grinned.

Wyn giggled, “Your so fuckin cheesy,”

Picking his left hand, she frowned when it was found to be empty. Gustavo laughed loudly, then opened his right hand. Wyn gasped when she saw what he was holding, “Wow! This looks just like your necklace!” she exclaimed, gingerly picking the beaded bracelet out of his hands.

“Where did you get this?” she asked excitedly placing the bracelet on her wrist. He laid back beside her, on his side, his hand returned to her thigh and his thumb began that same stroking motion, “I made it for you.”


Over the course of an hour or so, Gustavo told Bronwyn about his family’s history. About the prophecy, the lore of blessed children and what they were called to do. About his mother who was a priestess, whose beads were used on her bracelet. About Mother Jungle, who was the goddess of creation, and fertility. 

He did leave out the part about his grandmother telling him to protect her. He wasn’t quite sure what that meant just yet and would have done it regardless, but the urgency in her voice as she whispered in his ear made him worry. At this point though, there was no reason for him to leave her alone again. They laid there for awhile, Gustavo telling his family stories, and Bronwyn listening with bright-eyed fascination.

Their bodies were intertwined for awhile before Bronwyn finally groaned and peeled herself away from him to head toward the spring. He wrapped his arm around her trapping her next to him.


She smiled softly stood heading to the lake. Gustavo was elated as he watched her slowly enter the water. She looked like a goddess, surrounded by the magical colors still flitting around the darkened cavern. Even though she was just now verbally said yes. Their recent coupling made him feel like she had already said it. Multiple times. He smiled to himself, laying back on the mattress, thinking about their night and how epic-ally phenomenal it had been. His plan had worked flawlessly and he was right. They were on the same page.

When she came back, she was still nude, her hair still dripping wet from her dip in the spring. She smiled softly, her demeanor had definitely changed over the course of the night. Even the sex this time felt different. It was less lust filled and more intimate in a way that it hadn’t been before. It was new and exciting and a small part of him really couldn’t believe she actually said yes. This always hard headed, self assured, fiery girl that he found himself thousands of miles away from home with.

Moreso now than ever he felt like he could get lost in her: body, spirit and mind. A deep need had grown so intensely inside him that now that he finally had her, he knew he would do nothing to ever fuck that up. He had never been the type to believe in soulmates, but right at that moment he felt like he had found her and he felt like the luckiest man alive.


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