Episode 8


Northern Selvadorada – Marta’s Farm

Marta was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner. Selenis and Fernando had retreated to their rooms for the night, as it was now nearing 10PM. Marta had always had been a worshiper of the Mother. But lately her faith had been waning. Selenis was sleeping more often, her headaches were getting worse, and now to top everything off she just received another letter in the mail from a development company. They were offering her a significant amount of money to take over her land to build some new resort.

The location of her farm was prime real estate. 60 acres. All of it almost completely level, and was surrounded by rocky jagged terrain. It had been in their family for as long as she remembered, and she wasn’t the young girl she used to be.


For its arid climate, nearby crystal clear springs and proximity to the main village, it was the ideal location many buyers. Marta had been trying to fight them off for years, but with purchase offers and legal documents being sent to her with increased intensity, she was growing weary. After looking over the third letter that day, she held her face in her hands. They all said the same thing. Some formation of,

“Dear Ms. Chadda, We would like to express our ernest interest in procuring the 60 acres of land which is in your ownership. This is our 4th letter regarding this matter, and we would love to speak with you to discuss the details in the upcoming weeks.”

Her eyes glazed over the letter, not wanting to acknowledge its contents. The old wooden table underneath her held the weight of her tired body as she leaned forward in sorrow.


As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she felt a gentle breeze surround her. Quickly she looked up to see if she had left a window open. For most of the day it has been windless, stale and dry, hanging heavily. Making this breeze an odd occurrence. She tried to remember the weather forecast for the remainder of the week and she did not recall hearing that they were expecting a storm. But the weather had been strange recently. The thunderstorm that took over the region a couple of days ago was welcome, but it made her nervous. It felt like a bad omen. She knew that it was not just mere coincidence that it rained when it did, after all this time. And that Selenis’ was out in the fields when it happened. The prophecy had spoken of a time when a blessed child would come back, to restore the natural order of things. However, even the most faithful were starting to lose hope.

For the last week or so she had felt a stirring in her spirit that she couldn’t quite place. Even though she herself was never blessed, her twin sister was, and they shared such a deep bond that Marta often felt the spirit move as her sister did.

Marta looked up, willing her tired body to stand. She began checking the house, as she always did at night. Noting that the the door was locked and all of the windows were securely closed. She was about to make her way back to her bedroom when she heard a low groan coming from the back of the house. At first she brushed it off. It was probably Selenis or Fernando making their way to the bathroom in the dark. But as moments passed something felt off. Her spirit stirred again and an uneasiness settled in her gut. Something was slowly making its way in her direction. She should have heard the soft patter of footsteps on the creaky floorboards of her home, but there was no sound to be heard. Her heart fluttered as she rose slowly from the table, in attempts to peer down the dark hallway. As she stood, she felt a strange energy slowly moving towards her. Terrified she motioned the shape of an arrowhead in front of her body, mumbling a small prayer as she inched closer to source of the noise.

Suddenly it seemed as though a gust of wind emanated from the center of the hallway. Marta was nearly petrified. In all her years never had she felt such strong spiritual energy. And in her home no less. Had her prayer of frustration angered the Mother? Had the spirit of Death come to take her away? Now of all times? When she so desperately needed to be here to mind the farm and her granddaughter. Marta cursed herself, she hadn’t meant it. Who was she to question La Madre’s divine plan?

Her mind wondered about the possibilities of what was to come. Her heart felt like it was about to burst it was beating so rapidly. For a few seconds she waited, crouching behind the corner, still motioning the arrowhead across her body, mumbling prayers of protection for herself and her family.

Then Selenis emerged, completely naked.


Was she sleep walking? She went to reach out to her granddaughter. Maybe a simple touch would wake her from her sleep, but as soon as her hand touched Selenis’ skin she felt a intense gust of wind throw her back. Her body took flight. Lifting her fragile form a couple of feet off the floor before she fell flat on her bottom a few feet away. Her heart was now racing faster and she was terrified all over again,

{Selenis?} she called, her voice wavering with fear.

Her granddaughter continued to look straight forward. An intense spiritual energy was swirling around her and she was slowly making her way to the front door which had opened during the large gust of wind. Marta could feel the energy swirling around her as well, threatening and comforting at the same time.


Her heart nearly stopped when Selenis’ head turned in her direction. A pattern of burning white lines covered her body, glowing intensely against her dark skin. Her hair which was naturally jet black and plaited in many small braids was now snow white. A stark contrast to her still midnight colored skin tone.

Marta felt another gust of wind and used her hand to shield her face from the harsh blast of air. When it was safe, and there were no longer billows of air rushing at her, Marta lowered her arm slowly revealing the carnage of furniture and household items that had been scattered around the room.

Selenis was gone.


When Selenis awoke she was in pitch black. The only things she could hear around her was the soft dripping of water onto stone. Her head was killing her. Pounding so intensely she almost felt nauseous. She sat up slowly. Extremely disoriented. Feeling an itch on her thigh she reached down to scratch it and noticed that she was butt ass naked,

{Where the hell am I???? ….. Ugh Fuck. I must have been sleep walking.}

Her eyes adjusted to the darkness around her and she realized she was in the grotto near her family farm. Although she still confused as to why she was nude. Using the rock wall beside her to stand carefully she allowed her weight to be absorbed by the stone around her.

A brief survey of her surroundings told her she was was laying on the cavern floor. Next to her the large spring sparkled from the moonlight making its way into the expansive space. She walked forward slowly to at least see the beautiful cavern before she headed out. But as she started to make her way further into the cave she noticed footprints. Someone or multiple someone’s had been here recently.

Then she heard a noise, it sounded like a wounded cat. Moaning and mewling with regularity. Something was happening and Selenis’ senses went on red alert. She made her way to one of the larger rocks and hid behind it. The noise sounded like it was coming a hundred yards or so away. Her eyes scanned the area again looking for the source of the noise while taking in the beauty of the purple, blue and green light shining into the grotto.


Then she saw them. It was that girl from the town square the other day, and she was with some guy. They were attached at the mouth, their clothes were hastily shewn across the floor and both of them were near naked. Selenis cringed, they look like they were about to make love and she did not want to be there to see or hear any of it.

She was about to turn and make her way out of the cave, when she felt that familiar aching behind her eyes.

{Really??? Now?} an intense pain consumed her. She tried with all her might to clench her mouth shut to avoid screaming out in agony and was barely successful, instead grunting as she fell to the ground. Flashes of light broke up the darkness that filled her sight behind her eyelids. And then gold; and the pain receded into a low hum. It vibrated in her skull, and almost felt like a comforting buzz instead of its normal stabbing sensation.


As she stood there she felt the start to earth shake. Slowly at first. A small vibration that was gradually building into a grand climax. When she opened her eyes everything was shining and glittering. The purples, blues and greens were now shades of varying tones of gold. She felt an overwhelming urge look at them again, even though they were now naked, splayed across the large mattress that had somehow made its way deep within the cavern. The sounds of heavy breathing and moaning were now louder and more intensified. A huge part of her was extremely uncomfortable. Sex was not something that she was particularly fond of. But in her spirit, she felt…proud? And a bit joyful at the happening. These two conflicting emotions confused her, where was this sense of delight coming from?

The earth started to shake more intensely and the smell of petrichor filled her nose. A musky rainy scent that mingled with the moist air of the cavern. The urge to look in their direction was unbearable.  Hesitantly, she turned her eyes to them. They were – naked and the girls cries were growing louder by the second. The vibrations of the earth and the smell  of musky rain nearly overwhelmed her. She wanted to look away but she couldn’t, her eyes were glued on them.

This moment was important, and she didn’t know why, but she could feel it in her spirit that something was happening that she needed to see, and see this way.

A few seconds later she was able to averted her eyes, to allow them some privacy. What did all this mean?? That guy. He was…important. Just as important as the girl. Had she finally found the elusive blessed child? That thought triggered a moment in her memory and her mind wandered back to her dream, where she caught that large fish…was this what the dream was trying to tell her???

Thinking deeply she stood, still hearing the sounds of lovemaking below her as she made her way out of the cavern.


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