Episode 7


After hiking for miles with 60+ lbs on his back. His current situation wearing his supply back and carrying her was easy. She was so light, he could probably carry her with one arm if he wanted too. The path inside the cave were brightly lit. He had spent almost a half hour plotting out a walking course with the least resistance and was glad to see all of his hard work was still there hours later. Bronwyn was silent, he knew she was wracking her mind trying to figure out where they were going and what they were doing.


A few more steps and they reached their destination. Carefully he set Bronwyn down, keeping a grip on her waist so she could steady herself. Quickly she removed her blindfold and she was met with a 8ft drop.

“Is this it?” she asked seeming a bit disappointed. Gustavo felt slightly smug and answered, “No we need to get down this ledge and then we will be there.”

Bronwyn looked back at him,  “We are supposed to get down there how?” she asked confused, looking for a ladder.

Gustavo grinned widely, “Look,” he pointed over to a set of rock climbing gear that had been set up prior. Thick ropes hung alongside the rock face. The ropes had been secured and tied off near at a post embedded in a nearby wall.

“Have you ever done this before?” he asked. Wyn shook her head no. 

“Alright, well. I know it looks high, but its not I promise. Here, put this on, I will go first and be your counterweight ok?” He handed her a harness and helped her strap in, then connected her to the lead line before securing his set up and quickly descending. 

“Your just going to use this rope to walk yourself down the side of the wall. It’s easy,” he yelled.

“Where did all this come from?” she shouted, making sure her harness was fastened securely. 

“Doesn’t matter. Let’s get going,” he grinned from below and readied himself for her to start descending the wall. Bronwyn was nervous. When did he have time to set all this up? And what was waiting for her once she reached the bottom?

A million thoughts crossed her mind as she slowly descended. It was easier than she thought it would be, although it required more upper body strength than she was prepared for. When she looked down, she saw him nod and wink at her, prodding her to keep going.

Once she reached the bottom, her feet touched soft mossy earth. “Wasn’t so bad huh?” Gustavo asked, helping her step out of her harness. It took a second for her eyes to adjust to the darkness but when they did she gasped.


Before them was the heart of the cavern. A stream of moonlight cascaded into the dark space, its light reflecting blue, purple and green as it shown on the sparkling body of water below it. Embedded in the cavern walls were shiny jewels with colors so bright and vibrant they looked like they were glowing. Wyn surveyed the area, it was absolutely breathtaking. And a quick glance at the underground spring told her that the water was impossibly fresh and she wondered what types of fish could be inhabiting it.

“So, What do you think?” he asked elation was all over his face. Wyn was awestruck, and her mind fell blank. “Wow,” she breathed still taking in the environment around her. 

Gustavo laughed, “Well, come on we still aren’t there yet,” he double checked the ropes and stored the harness and other tools behind a large rock.


She blushed and took his hand, remembering when they first arrived to Selvadorada. How differently she felt then. His hand enveloped hers as their fingers intertwined.  

Once they reached the bottom, Wyn could better see how clear and blue the spring was and how large those protruding glowing jewels were.

“This place is–amazing,” she breathed. “How’d you find it?”

Gustavo turned back to look at her, “I asked around,” he shrugged.

“Well no shit,”

“I’ll explain everything when we get to where we are going, we only have a little farther to go,” he replied. They walked for a good few yards before they reached their destination. In one corner of the cavern there was a small campsite set up.


The campsite was fully set up, with a open arbor tent, large blow up air mattress, a small cooler, and the beginnings of a campfire already set up. Scattered throughout the site were a few lanterns to illuminate the space, a small radio playing static filled Latin ballads.

“And you just happened to be able to get all this down here?” she asked, it seemed like a hassle to get all that equipment down that 8ft drop. 

Gustavo shrugged, “yup” he replied giving her a wink.

Wyn looked around her environment once more taking in the beauty of the space and the thoughtfulness of his set up.

“Thank you,” she said softly. 


They settled in and started a fire, sitting around roaring flames. The cavern was cool and seemed impossibly huge. Wyn couldn’t help but let her eyes travel around the space, itching to get up and explore. Gustavo noticed her wandering eyes and smiled internally, it seemed like she was loving it, and he hoped that the night would result in them being more than just peer’s.

Bronwyn wasn’t the type of girl to be fuckbuddies with. She was too intelligent, and self confident, and she knew what the hell she wanted. She deserved more than just a situationship.

Over the course of his set up, his idea of seeing where her head was went out the window. Now, he wanted her to say yes to his question. He needed her to know he had the capability to be what she needed in a man and a partner. What he did know was that she was diggin’ him, at least a little bit, but he needed more.

Wyn noticed Gustavo staring at her across the flames. She had been so focused on everything around her that she had only noticed when her eyes swept past him to take in the scenery.

“What?” she blushed hard, attempting to avoid his direct gaze. Tingles threatened to make their way across her body when she saw the dark cool grey of his eyes. That tone was now so familiar to her, it was a look filled with lust and want. But this time it was a bit different and she wasn’t sure what that difference meant.


Wyn leaned back, thinking about the statement he just made. Did she want him as just more than a friend? The thought hadn’t occurred to her because of his…reputation, but now that he mentioned it, she could see herself falling for this side him.

On the flip side, her fears of getting into another relationship were looming in the front of her mind. Her involvement with Jeremy really did a number on her, and the recent events with Farhan made her doubt that she would ever seriously attempt to date someone again. She hated possessive men, who only wanted her for their benefit, without considering her own goals.

But Gustavo, it seemed like he was truly interested in the same things she was, and he was driven and ambitious in the same way she was. 

There was a small part of her that wanted more than just their current situation but this all so very new and odd, and she felt like he was so out of her league and out of her element.

Not wanting to answer his last statement she changed the subject.


Wyn was quiet. The bluntness of his answer threw her off. 

“Shit.” she breathed. “You’re tellin me,” he sourly half laughed and started poking at the dying fire between them. She knew full well he could still lie, even in a game like this. But the way he answered the questions felt genuine. And who would like about that? He was right, he had been truthful ever since they met even if that meant he acted like an arrogant asshole for a large portion of it. 

After a moment of silent between them, Gustavo looked at her with a serious expression, nodding in her direction.


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