Episode 6


It was early afternoon when Gustavo made it back to the bungalow. The drive had been long, and after running a couple errands it became even longer. Over the course of the drive he had figured out exactly what he wanted to do and how it would be done. 

Arriving in Selvadorada around 1PM, he spent the next 2 hours getting things set up. 

By 3PM he was pulling up to the bungalow, feeling slightly nervous about his plans for the night. Hopefully she would be open to going out or all this would be for nothing. She had been the only girl to turn him down in three years, and she already had done so once. 

This nervousness felt strange, the feeling as if he may be rejected loomed in the back of his mind. But he had to try, there was no benefit to hesitating or overthinking it. Aurelio has always told him that if he wanted something, he had to go after it, no matter what it was. It was only solid piece of advice he ever got from his father. 

As he made his way inside, he wondered where Bronwyn was, he had texted her earlier when he was close to arriving but hadn’t gotten any type of response.

 It was eerily quiet when he entered, only the noises of the day finding themselves being heard through open windows. With his bag, and other items in tow, he made his way to the kitchen to stock the fridge with a portion of that days purchases before making his way to the bedrooms at the end of the hall.

Both doors were cracked slightly open, and as he approached them he could hear the dull hum of the AC coming from Bronwyn’s room, “She must be home,” he thought hopefully. 


With a creak he pushed the door open, and saw Bronwyn laying flat on her stomach, passed out. The sun rays illuminated patches of her legs and arms, accentuating the curve of her waist as she slept. He watched her for a second more, before retreating to his room to put his duffel bag away.

Unsure how long she had been sleeping, he re-entered her room quietly. The AC was whirring creating a soothing white noise. The room was a good bit cooler than the rest of the house and he felt goosebumps appear across his arms. 

“How can she be in a room this cold?” he thought, looking at her outfit of choice, which was khaki shorts and a thin tank top. The mattress held the curves of her body in a pillowed fashion. He sat on the edge of the bed trying to decide if he wanted to wake her. She looked so peaceful sleeping there. Carefully he pushed himself further into the bed, laying right beside her. His eyes followed the curve of her body. Her face was a little flushed and she was breathing heavily as if in a deep sleep. Even sleeping she was so beautiful.


Wyn scooted up and played her head on his chest before he could move, cuddling her body close to him. At first Gustavo felt a tad awkward, was this her or the sleepiness talking? In any case– he was really tired from the drive, and her sleep-filled face looked so adorable. How could he say no?

“Alright,” he answered softly. Despite the lingering chill in the room, her body was warm and where their bare skin touched he could feel the heat radiating off of her body. He looked down at her, she was sleeping soundly again, her mouth slightly open making her lips look full and pouty. This more cozy position was something he wasn’t used too. The only times he had spent being this intimate with anyone was with his ex. And that was three years ago.

With anyone else. This kind of thing was uncomfortable. But with Wyn, he could lay there for the rest of the night with her and be completely content. He wondered what she had been up to all weekend that she was sleeping so late into the afternoon. As far as he knew, this was uncharacteristic of her. The way she was acting reminded him of when Claudia would take her sleeping pills too late, ending up sleepy and groggy well into the day. Wyn didn’t need meds to sleep right? 

He laid there for awhile thinking about his family, about the sleeping girl in his arms and what a strange experience this semester had been.

Not that he was complaining, the last few weeks, he knew, had been the best few weeks of his life.

Later that night…

Bronwyn awoke groggily. It was nearly pitch black outside. The room still chilled but whatever she was laying on was warm and solid, and breathing, causing her head to lift a little with each breath. Slowly she came to realize that someone was in the bed with her and that they were cuddled together. Wyn immediately felt the urge to move but couldn’t. A strong arm was wrapped around her holding her in place. Carefully she lifted her head up and saw Gustavo fast asleep. He was surprisingly comfortable to lay on. She wondered how long she had been sleeping and when he had gotten back. After eating that meal with Mathias and meeting Selenis she had felt so incredibly sleepy and sluggish. Thankfully that woman was around to take her back home. She could barely remember making it in the bungalow.

Slowly she attempted to move around, trying to peel his arm off and away from her. But it seemed as though the slightest movement from her woke up the sleeping man. She heard him inhale sharply as his eyes fluttered open and he sat up stroking her cheek with his thumb,


She looked at him curiously. He looked a bit different, but still the same man that she had been sharing a space and time with over the last near two weeks that they had been in Selva. For a second she couldn’t help but admire how good looking he was. He seemed to have gotten more attractive somehow. 

They both sat quietly for a moment, still waking up when Wyn finally remembered that she needed to look for her phone. Climbing out of bed she went over to her backpack, creating a bit of space would make things a little less awkward. Had I really asked him to cuddle with me? Jesus Wyn, she thought to herself. Outloud she asked him a question, 

“How was your trip?” she bent over her bag searching for his phone.

Gustavo sat on the edge of the bed watching her. Was it possible that she could have gotten more beautiful in the last couple days? “It was great,”


“Oh– Okay. Well I hope it involves food cause I am starving,” Wyn smiled softly. Sitting next to him was a little surreal. She still barely remembered him coming in the room, much less asking him to cuddle with her.

Gustavo stood, stretching. “Alright. Get dressed.”

“Where are we going????” She was trying to make it less obvious that she was staring,  but he noticed and winked before making his way out the bedroom door.

About a half an hour later, Bronwyn and Gustavo were headed out. She wasn’t sure where they were going, only that it was about a 20 minute drive from the bungalow, and they would still have to walk another 2 miles to get to wherever they were going. They had made it to their location by car, and were now making their way to whatever location Gustavo had picked out. The walk was quiet, they were both in their own heads still going over the events that occurred over the last few days. The only noise between them were the sounds of crickets and frogs. Music to Wyn’s ears. Wyn wondered if it was appropriate to ask for more details about him visiting his family. Maybe it was too personal for them to talk about at this point. But yet and still she wondered.

As they walked the scenery began to change from lush green jungle to a more arid and dry climate. The ground was turning dusty and sandy, and the trees were becoming more scarce, being replaced with large rocks.


A few minutes later he stopped and threw his bag on the ground rummaging through it. 

“Here you need to wear this,” he said pulling a blindfold from the bag. “Uhmmm??? Why?” Wyn asked abruptly a little taken aback.

“You gotta trust me alright?” he motioned for her to turn around. Wyn hesitated, “I swear to god Gustavo if your getting me involved in some dumb shit-” she started to argue.

Gustavo laughed, “You’ll love it I promise. Trust me alright? I got you,” then he tied the blindfold around her eyes and she was enveloped in darkness. With her sight gone, Wyn felt a little unsure of herself. Here they were in the middle of god knows where, it was nearing what she assumed was 8PM as the sun had set behind them as they walked.

“I’m going to carry you alright?” she heard him say. His voice was still coming from behind her, and a moment later she felt herself being lifted into the air. He felt the muscles in his arms tighten as he lifted, her and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he began walking forward. She was stuck between being fearful and intrigued, and somehow being in his arms felt comfortable, like she belonged there.

The sounds of crickets and frogs were soon replaced by the sounds of echoing footsteps, and a water dripping onto stone. Where they hell were they?


Wyn sighed internally, he wasn’t going to tell her till they got there. So she tried to focus in on her other senses. Smell and Hearing. Wherever they were, their voices and his footsteps were bouncing around in the air. If she concentrated hard enough she could hear water dripping onto what sounded like stone and the further he walked, the louder the dripping noise became. The air smelled slightly stale, and was a bit stuffy. Were they in a cave or something?

Wyn’s mind raced as she wondered what they could be doing in a cave, if in fact they were in one. She didn’t even know there were caves in Selvadorada. Slowly she felt herself getting excited. No one had ever done anything like this for her before. Damnit. Why was Gustavo being so nice to her. Why did he even wanna come out to this place that was so far away?

So Wyn stayed quiet, trying to use the sounds and smells of the environment around her, to give her some indication of his surprise. Whatever it was, her heart fluttered at the thought that he planned something out. Total 180 from their “date” at Sully’s back in the spring. She wondered what had happened at his family’s place that made him decide to do this. 


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