Episode 5


About 45 mins later, Han found himself standing in front of the apartment of Eric Prado and Gustavo Rivera. Just being in the same space with the guy who was fucking his girl was unnerving, but he pressed through it. With a loud knock, he announced his arrival to the apartment. A few minutes later Eric answered the door. 


He waved his arm in the air to usher him into the dimly lit apartment. Jasmine was sitting on the couch with her arms crossed looking like he, specifically, pissed in her cheerios.

On the TV across from them some random movie was playing. 

“Ah sorry for interrupting ya’ll,” Han said sheepishly. Jasmine simply glared at him, saying nothing. He ignored her and turned to Eric who was now sitting next to her on the couch. Han took the seat opposite to them, but before sitting down shook Eric’s hand one good solid time, 

“Yo. Thanks for agreeing to meet with me. I ‘preciate it.”  Eric sat back comfortably, and Jasmine nestled herself next to him still shooting Farhan daggers

“No problem, what can I do for you?” his voice was medium range, and had an air of arrogance around it. Typical for those lucky enough to have been born in and raised in Newcrest with all the other rich spoiled kids.


Han rubbed his temples out of stress, he really didn’t want to do this with her right now and he wasn’t surprised that she had already talked to Wyn, 

“Jasmine. I- I don’t know. Okay? It was a heat of the moment thing. I didn’t mean it.”

She sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes, “Bullshit. You knew what you were to her and you said that shit anyway? Your a dick. What do you need to talk to Eric about? Whatever you have to say in front of him you can say in front of me,” rage written all over her face.

“This is a private conversation Jas,” she cut him off, 

“You don’t get to call me Jas anymore. My name is Jasmine. And if this has something to do with Bronwyn. Don’t do it. She doesn’t want to talk to you and to be honest you don’t deserve to even speak with her,”  Han frowned and 

Jasmine’s scowl scrunched her face before he had a chance to respond, “Leave her alone Han.” 

He rolled his eyes, “Eric, this conversation really needs to be between you and I, could you-?” he nodded to the irate woman.


Jasmine grumbled looking extremely annoyed, 

“Fine,” she replied, throwing daggers at Han before making her way into what he assumed was the bedroom. 

Immediately he could feel himself relax a bit. Jasmine was always intense, but he had never seen that intensity directed at him. He paused collecting his thoughts while Eric sat across him looking curious. 

“Thank you….” Han stopped and rubbed his temples before continuing, “So, I’ll get right into it. You remember that party we had back at the warehouse?”

Eric nodded nonchalantly, “Of course. Made a decent amount of cash that night. Looking to do it again??” 

Han grinned, maybe this would be easier than he thought. 


Han nodded excitedly, “Same as always. And thanks man. I really need this cash.” 

One of Eric’s perfectly manicured eyebrows raised slightly, as if he were privy to some very important information, “Sounds great to me,” he paused, reading the excitement and near relief on Han’s face, “You seem like you’re in desperate need…what you trying to do with your cut?”

“I need a plane ticket. Its last minute so they are expensive as fuck,” Han wrung his hands together, nearly distraught. Eric noticed the movements and frowned, 

“That’s true….” he leaned forward with a wicked grin, “You aren’t on the run are you? No one’s gonna pop up at my spot right?” 

Han shook his head in a hard, no, “Nah. It’s nothin like that. I fucked up somethin with my girl. I gotta fix it.” 

A grin of confirmation crossed Eric’s face, he looked amused as hell, 

“Your girl? The one you called a slut? She’s in Selva right?” 

Embarrassment flushed Han’s face and he sighed deeply, “Yeah. I fucked up. She’s not answering her her phone. I need to try and patch shit with her.” 

Eric smirked wickedly, he looked like a predator going in for the kill, ”Yeah man. You fucked up big time. Calling her a slut? That’s a no-no. But uh, How’s this? My best friend is there with her. Want me to call him? See if I can get him to get her on the phone? That’s cheaper than buying a ticket.” 

For a second Han felt mortified, and he attempted to answer as calmly as he could, “Look, it was a heat of the moment thing. She told me they fucked. And I- I just lost it. And I know ya’ll are boys or whatever. But I really just need to talk to Wyn. I’m not tryin to talk to that asshole.”

Almost immediately Eric’s face soured, “Yeah, he’s my boy and from what my girl has told me, you’re the asshole here. Well-,” he shook his head slowly, “I thought I’d try and help. You can relax. You should also take a hint.”


Han sat back in his seat with a groan, “I made a mistake. I own that. But she’s also my best friend we’ve known each other since we were kids man. I can’t just let her go like that. Esp with Tavo man, you know how he is with women.”

He watched an array of emotions cross the man’s slender face and interrupted him before he could answer, “Look. I just really need the cash. Ill cut you 60% of whatever I get. I just need to get there. I promise the music will be dope. The shit will be quality. You wont regret it.” 

Eric looked annoyed but swallowed the emotion, his face still stoic and calm, “You got the wrong idea about Tavo dude. When you find that out, you’ll come to regret this. But you can do whatever with your cut. I’m not going to stop you. I’m down, I know you’ll have the place going wild.”  

Finally, Han felt like everything was coming together, “Right. I might. But I gotta try. You don’t understand how special she is. But then again you dunno her like I do. Thanks for this though. I appreciate it. I’ll call you when I know when my supply is comin, then we can get the logistics settled.”

“Good luck with that and cool. Let me know. One more thing. Watch your attitude with my girl,” both of the men stood and shook hands, 

“Aight. Look I’ll even go apologize ok? I known Jas about just as long,” Han  felt accomplished. Now that everything was in the works, the next part would be easy. Folks from far and wide would come to these parties, and they would be making bank in no time. Which was good, he needed to get to Selvadorada as soon as possible.

Eric sat on the large leather black couch in his living room. This Han kid seemed like a fucking idiot, but who was he to pass up on that kinda cash with no real work involved. Still, the situation seemed fucked up, after what Jasmine had told him, calling a recent virgin a slut was a dick move. Part of him could understand why he wanted to fix things, but he was going about it the wrong way. Eric heard raised Jasmine’s voice raising significantly and looked up, seeing them standing in the entranceway to the apartment.

Glass panes seperated them but he could still hear her voice carry. Jasmine was a little spark of energy, that’s what he really dug about her. Rising from his place on the couch, he made his way over to where Jasmine and Han were conversating. 

“-Your a fuckin dick you know that?” her words were venomous. Eric saw Han hang his head shamefully, attempting to apologize for what seemed like the umpteenth time, 


Farhan looked distraught and had nothing really to say, and Jasmine merely stood there, arms crossed. Finally he spoke, “I’m not- I’m not doing this with you Jasmine. Just if you talk to Wynnie at any point, let her know I’m tryin to reach her,” he was almost begging, pitiful. 

Eric watched his girlfriend turn her nose up at the red haired idiot, “Uh. I think the fuck not? I’m not your goddamn messenger. And I swear to god if your little “chat” with MY boyfriend has ANYTHING to do with Bronwyn. So fuckin help me god, Farhan. I will ruin you. And if you think he isn’t going to tell me exactly what ya’ll talked about, think again.” She spun around on her heels and made her way back into the apartment.

Han stood there for a moment looking dejected. Eventually though, he pressed the call elevator button. 

Eric stood there grinning as she approached, the look on her face was that of pure annoyance but he enjoyed it immensely, she didn’t look like the type to be a bad bitch, but she most certainly was and he loved it, 

“Babe. Have I told you how hot you are?” he wrapped his arms around her slim waist and pulled her close to him. 

No, tell me again,” she grinned, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Your so fuckin hot. Especially when your chewin’ out some asshole,” he purred in her ear. 

Jasmine giggled, “Oh really? How about you tell me how hot in am in the bedroom???” her fingertips grazed his chin as she kissed him softly. 

“I gotta make a phone call first. But after that? Be ready,” he kissed her hard, and slapped her ass after she uncurled her arms from his neck. 

“Oh. I’ll be ready. You better be ready sir,” she teased, throwing him a flirtatious look over her shoulder as she made her way to his bedroom, “Don’t take too long Eric, I might start without you,” 

Eric stated at her retreating form, feeling his own frustration build, he wanted to run in there and fuck her silly. But first, the phone call.


{Somewhere near Selvadorada}

Gustavo was about 2 hours into his drive and feeling tired, he knew he would have to make a stop soon to re-energize before completing the trip. Aside from that, time had gone by quickly. Over the course of the drive, he thought about the stories that his grandmother told him…if they even were stories. The more he thought on them the more they made a more of sense, and pieces of a puzzle he has been mentally working on for years were starting to be solved.

 Still, he would have to do more research and with that meant spending more time than he would like at the bookstore. In addition to that, Bronwyn stayed on his mind. He had been wracking his brain trying to come out with date ideas, and was close to deciding on something that he thought she would enjoy.

His train of thought was interrupted when his phone rang. It surprised him, since he hadn’t gotten many phone calls and very few texts ever since they had arrived in Selva. Bringing the phone to his line of sight, the called ID read Eric P and he grinned widely as he answered the call, 


Gustavo vaguely remembered Bronwyn’s cousin, Asian, long dark hair, kinda brash and that she had been diggin Eric for quite some time. 

“That’s amazing dude. I’m happy for you. Me? I’ve been great. Jasmine…she’s spectacular. Intense…but spectacular. She’s been a lil irritated lately though. Thanks to a certain redhead…” 

“Thanks. I believe that shit, she looks like a little firecracker. Irritated though? By a redhead??? Your not talkin about that pretty boy fabio are you?” 

Eric laughed, the sound was halfway between pity and amusement, “Pretty boy Fabio is exactly who I’m talking about. She’s was just the other room giving him an earful right now. I’d ask if you want me to say hello but he’s gone. No matter though, you’ll be seeing his pretty red hair soon.”

“The fuck you mean? He’s coming to Selva?” Gustavo frowned, immediately irritated.

“I’m assuming if we make enough at this party, he’ll be popping in to see his girl.”

A hearty laugh erupted from Gustavo’s chest, 

“His girl???? A Party?? How much are tickets to Selva now? How the fuck is he gonna come up with the money?”

“He has some shit to push, and you know me always down to make some extra cash.” 

Gustavo’s frown deepened, 


“Yeah Bronwyn. Has she now? Is that because of your way with women? His words, not mine. Are you enjoying how special she is?” 

A snort peeled its way out of Gustavo’s throat, “Hahahah, my way with women??? He’s such a fuckin prick. Dios. I wonder when he is going to pull his foot out of his ass? Whatever. I will deal with him when he gets here. Bronwyn though…yeah she’s an enigma.”

“Is that so? Tavo, you’re really feeling her like that? You trying to figure her out? You caught feelings dude??” 

He could hear Eric’s teasing voice over the line and responded with a low chuckle, “It’s not everyday that I can say a chick impresses me. But she does. She’s real feisty though so yeah, tryin’ to figure her out,” he paused for a moment, her freckled face appearing in his mine, “She’s just so fuckin- ugh. Dude. Perfection.”

Eric gasped dramatically, “Well, color me shocked. I never thought I’d witness this shit. When’s the wedding? I’m best man right? Stupid question, of course I am.” 

“Hahahaha, You think I’m gonna give you the chance to get up and make a speech? With your smart ass mouth? You’ll be the lucky if I make you the flower girl. But on the real, was plannin’ on takin’ her out tonight. Especially now that, if fuckin Fabio is on his way up here. Wish me luck.”

“Ha. Touche. Good luck dude..and please, for my sake and yours…treat her right. Jas doesn’t play when it comes to her cousin.”

“I don’t doubt it. Nd don’t worry. You know me, I don’t make dumbass mistakes like pretty boy. Thanks E.”


Gustavo heard the phone click as the call ended. “Han is comin to Selva huh? That desperate puta.”


Now taking Wyn out was more important than it had been earlier. Originally it had just been an idea, to make up for the first date that he had accidentally stood her up on. Now? 

Well, now he had more of a reason to see where her head was, if this was maybe someone one he wanted to seriously to pursue, and right that moment it was seeming like a definite possibility. 

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