Episode 12


{The next day…}

Making it to the second survey site took a whole day longer than they anticipated. The recent thunderstorms had washed away most of the natural paths they had used during their first excursion. Everything was damp, soggy, or completely waterlogged by the time they got to the first site. The sun was setting just as they arrived, and so they decided to camp there for the night. Thankfully the tie-off’s that Bronwyn had set up on their initial outing were still attached to the tension bridge, although they now seemed a little worse for wear.

The sights and sounds of the dense foliage and rushing waterfall near the entrance to the ruins were absolutely breathtaking. There was a noticeably different vibe this time around… a little looser, more romantic. Excitement filled the air in a new way, and she could only think to blame it on how epic the last few days had been. She knew – expected, even – that eventually the newness of it all would wear off. She had already decided back when she said yes to his question that she was going to lean in. Why not enjoy it while it was still new and fresh? They had several more weeks left until they headed back to campus and she wanted to make the most of having him all to herself.


The next day they awoke just as dawn crept over the horizon. Although it hadn’t rained in the last day or so and things were drying up, the ground was still soggy coating their boots and ankles with mud. As they progressed there were still no discernible trails. While Gustavo hacked his way through the tangled foliage to move them forward, Wyn decided to place orange markers in the branches of a tree every mile or so to keep them on track. It would be easier to follow back on their return trip, rather than relying solely on the natural footpaths; better safe than sorry, she reasoned.

After a full day of hiking, they finally made it to their destination late in the afternoon. The setting sun cast its golden hue around them as fireflies littered the grounds, illuminating the space creating a somewhat magical dimension.

“I don’t think I will ever get tired of being out here,” Wyn sighed, taking a moment to stop and catch her breath. They hadn’t taken too many breaks on their hike, and she was feeling physically exhausted.

Gustavo nodded in agreement, audibly pulling for air. “It’s beautiful out here…but I get to look at somethin’ beautiful even when I am not here,” he grinned at her.

Wyn giggled and blushed. “Mhm, I’m sure you do.”

“It’s true though. I’ll tell you that everyday.” Gustavo grabbed a tent pole from out of his bag and began helping her set up.

Wyn giggled again. Ever since they got back from the grotto that had been a constant thing. He was always telling her how beautiful she was, or touching her or…something. It was like the compliments were endless, always catching her off-guard. Jeremy never used to do that, and Farhan had only really mumbled them in fits of passion or occasionally when they were in private. She wasn’t normally one to be big on PDA, but with Gustavo it felt easy and comfortable. Even so, it was hard not to compare him to everything she had known before, especially since she had assumed he would act a certain way.

Even them working as a team had improved, especially when setting up camp. Last time they were out in the field, she did everything herself and left him to scouting out the area for dig sites, but now that he had a bit more experience under his belt (while still under her careful instruction), things got done faster and more efficiently.

Over the next few days, work was extremely productive. In total they found four excavations sites, all of which were less than a mile from camp. In addition to that, it seemed as though this second survey area was connected to several other smaller plots of land, each marked by large, slightly crumbling stone archways. The tall ruins surrounded them, making her envision the plot of land as a sort of rotary connected to different parts of an ancient city. Some of the archways were closed shut, their tightly-closed overbearing doors forbidding anyone to enter. The massive pairs sank into each other preventing entrance to their grounds.


In her mind’s eye, she could almost envision what it must have been like so many centuries ago: crowds of people shopping, traveling, communing together in this open space. As she scanned the area she noticed that many of the doorways were covered with large green vines and other foliage obscuring the surface of the stone. There were others that were open…more or less. The shingles had fallen away at some point and the only thing covering the entrances were those same large vines that they had cut through on their trek.

Although quite a bit of their time was spent working their excavation sites, they spent a considerable amount of free time exploring the other areas in the immediate vicinity. For the most part the scenery was all the same, miles and miles of dense jungle cluttered by old stone ruins that had long since crumbled. Gustavo took the opportunity to create his own survey maps, independent of the ones Mathias gave them. Now that they were actually out in the field, he could see the discrepancies between what they were given and what they were actually seeing. Among those discrepancies, past one of those naturally blocked entryways, was a small clearing with large ruin walls surrounding a small pond.


“Yes! Fresh water!” Wyn thought excitedly to herself. Excited about their new find. To their left two large totems spewed water from their mouths into the small pond below. Bronwyn wondered where the water source originated, but the wall which seemed to be hundreds of feet high blocked her view. She took that opportunity to fill their water canteens and try to catch a enough dinner for a meal or two. 

Gustavo continued surveying the area looking for anything of interest when he came upon what looked like a stone box. 

“Bronwyn! Come over here!” he bellowed. Bronwyn who had just caught yet another small fish quickly packed and headed towards him. He was standing next to a large stone box and her curiosity piqued. The box itself was about waist height, its once bright coloring now faded and dull. What was strange about it was the fact that it seemed to a bright glow seemed to be seeping out of the seams.

“What do you think this is?” Bronwyn asked, noting the markings on the smooth surface. The carvings were obviously Omniscan. She wasn’t sure what it said, but the letter formations were similar to what she had found in her research.


“I dunno. I’m gonna try to open it. Stand back,” Gustavo stretched for a moment, catching Bronwyn’s stare out of the corner of his eye, and flexed his muscles with a wink. She blushed and quickly looked away. He chuckled to himself before leaning forward and placing his palms on what seemed to be the lid. With some effort, he pushed forward and felt the grating of stone on stone as he used his weight to force the box open. The top moved slowly, and it took a bit more effort than he anticipated as the lid moved at an agonizingly slow pace. With considerable effort, the lid gave way and revealed the contents inside. 

“Fuck yes!” Gustavo crowed triumphantly.

Bronwyn appeared at his side, “What’s in it???” she asked intensely curious.

He stepped to the side as they both peered inside. The box contained a small pile of glittering jewels, and what looked to be an authentic Omniscan knife. Wyn picked up the knife, turning it in her hand and pressing her thumb against the blade. It was still somewhat sharp.

“This is so fuckin’ dope,” Gustavo mumbled, pocketing the stone chests contents quickly.

Then a thought suddenly crossed Bronwyn’s mind. “You don’t think this is like….a booby trap, do you?” She felt her heart sink. “Or like… they might be cursed or something!”

Gustavo looked at her with an amused grin. “Guess we’ll find out, won’t we?”

Wyn punched him in the shoulder playfully. “You shouldn’t joke about stuff like that. Enough weird shit has happened,” she complained as she examined the knife further.

“I doubt there such things as curses like that, Bronwyn, and even if they are we will be fine. I’m blessed remember?” he winked and reassured her. Wyn rolled her eyes, always so confident. Still the feeling didn’t leave her, even as they walked away with the spoils of their find.

After marking the area on their maps, they continued on. Gustavo suggested they split up to cover more ground before the sun set, and they agreed to meet back up in an hour.

It was Bronwyn who stumbled upon the baths. As she walked, she noticed the melody of rushing water, growing louder and louder with each step she took. It sounded like the waterfalls they camped near at the first site. Quickly she half-jogged through the mossy ground to come upon a glorious sight.

“Holy shit.” Before her sprawled a large pool, its turquoise water clear and glittering, headed by two large columns. The pool itself was an odd shape that she wished she could see from above to better understand. She walked quickly around the water’s edge and was greeted by an even more glorious sight. She was standing on top of a cliff and could just barely make out the bridge they had crossed earlier in their trek. Beyond that, the city of Selvadorada.

“Holy. Shit.” Bronwyn muttered again. Below her two stone gargoyles spewed rushing water from their mouths into the rushing waterfall below. Wind found her again, causing her braids to tickle her shoulders. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, filling her lungs with fresh air. When she opened them again, the same gorgeous vista filled her vision.

For a few moments she stood there almost in disbelief. She wasn’t sure just how many people, ancient or otherwise, had seen the sight before her, but she felt incredibly lucky. Her mind wandered back to the people there and what purpose this pool had served. Possibly a communal bath? Though it seemed a bit fancy to be for commoners, it’s now faded columns seemed to have been brightly hued with bit of gold inlay, leading her to think the area may have been reserved for royalty. The baths themselves seemed to have been untouched, preserved carefully by time. She would have to to more research when they got back to the bungalow so she made a few quick drawings in her notepad. She then quickly made her way back to camp to grab Gustavo.

When she returned, Gustavo was cleaning up an artifact that he had undoubtedly tracked down on his leg of the scouting excursion. Bronwyn ran up to him, excitedly tapping him on the back. “Gustavo, I found something amazing on my scouting trip-”

“So did I, mami, look at this! The paint’s not even that messed up, check it out!” He proudly lifted the broken artifact to show her his progress. “I’m gonna need some time to get it all done, though, so-”

“Gustavo, listen to me, I found something huge and I need to show you! Better yet, we should definitely move camp, it’s… it’s incredible.”

He grumbled. “We just got all of our shit set up, and you want to move camp?”

“Come on, please trust me? Okay?”

Gustavo sighed. “You’re lucky you’re hot,” he half complained. She snorted and quickly made her way to their tent to begin breaking down camp. It took a little while but once they were done Bronwyn hurried them back to the baths. 

When they arrived, Gustavo stood silent, awestruck. “Ay, Dios,” he breathed in the sight before him.

Wyn grinned like a Cheshire cat standing beside him. “Worth it?” she asked with a smug tone.


Gustavo nodded slowly as if in disbelief, “Oh yeah, definitely worth it.” He took her hand and kissed it softly, before walking forward on his own to inspect the grounds. He was mesmerized by the sound of rushing waterfalls and the incredibly turquoise waters before him. “You think this water is sa-” he didn’t even get the full sentence out of his mouth before he felt a spray of cool liquid hit him square in the face. 

Bronwyn was laughing loudly. “Dios-” he wiped the water off his his face with his hand and looked up to find her swimming around in the baths, her hair draped across like wet ropes across her bare shoulders. “I guess it is fine, then,” he shook his head and smiled to himself, not knowing why he was surprised at her reaction.

“It feels so good in here,” she moaned, leaning back and letting her body float on the top of the water. His eyebrows shot up as he realized that she was naked, finally noticing her clothes in a small pile at the edge of the pool.

“You’re not scared that there’s something in that water?” Gustavo called out, his eyes following her every movement. The water was so clear he could see her form underneath the surface of the water. Wyn seemed to do something to surprise him everyday, and he enjoyed getting to witness her little quirks.

“Seems fine to me!” she laughed again as she butterfly stroked away from him. “You should get in! Wash off! This might be the only time we get a chance to properly bathe,” she dunked her head under the water and reemerged with a deep breath. Gustavo chuckled to himself, quickly removed his own clothes and joined her.

Once he was in the water, Wyn splashed at him playfully. “You can’t catch me!” she hurriedly tried to swim away, kicking her feet hard underneath the water to propel herself away from him as fast as possible.

Again a large splash hit him square in the face, “Bronwyn–” he growled, wiping the water from his brow again and diving into the glittering water, laughing loudly, “Get your ass over here!”

Wyn was giggling uncontrollably, still attempting to swim away, but Gustavo was a stronger swimmer than she realized and he caught up quickly. A second later he pinned her against the pool wall. “What were you saying now? I can’t catch you?” he teased.

Wyn blushed hard, “Yeah, yeah, whatever… I didn’t know you knew how to swim like that.”

“I’ve been swimming since I was five. Did I ever tell you I was on the swim team in high school?”

Wyn looked surprised, “No, you didn’t. Oh well, that would explain you being able to catch me so fast… I guess,” she responded, chuckling to herself.

Gustavo licked his lips, “Yeah. It might… but, aside from that… You alway playin’ games, mami. One of these days…” his words trailed off and his expression changed from a grin to a more stern expression.

Her face softened to a more serious expression. “One of these days, what?” she murmured.

“One of these days, you’re gonna get it!” he started tickling her sides, causing her to flail around in the water.

“Gu-Gustavo! Stop!” she continued to wiggle around while trying to swim away from his grasp. “I can’t! Im ticklish! Quit it!” It seemed like a good idea as she broke away, only for his arms to snake lightning-quick around her waist.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he growled, pulling her closer to him.

Immediately she felt a wave of heat rush over her, despite the coolness of the water. “Oh, I’m not?” she answered coyly, feeling the stone wall behind her, a stark contrast to the warm flesh that was pinning her against it. Gustavo looked down at her with heavily lidded eyes. She loved when he looked at her like that; she could see the color of his irises shifting from cool grey to that familiar sultry stormy grey.


“No. You’re not.” His voice deepened as he pressed her harder against the ledge. She saw his eyes flash before she felt him shift his weight in the water to lift her up just enough for his fingers to make their way to the increasingly slickening space between her legs.

Gustavo grinned inwardly. He loved that she was always so receptive to his touch. “What have you been thinking about, mami?” he asked with a sing song tone to his voice.

Bronwyn flashed a small, maddeningly-coy smile. “Nothing…” she drawled, pulling the syllables out to their fullest extension.

Still playing games. “Thats a lie and you know it. Tell me,” he pressed harder, coaxing out more of that slickness. She felt so incredibly wet. Her chest was heaving slightly, littered with droplets of slowly drying water. Her hair hung heavy around her shoulders like long black ropes, begging to be grabbed by the handful and yanked. He resisted the urge for the moment and instead brushed her braids back, exposing her freckled neck before leaning forward to lick the wetness away.


Wyn moaned softly. She was drenched. Everywhere. Tingles rushed through her body as she felt the increasing pressure of him pressing against her. His lips felt like magic as they slid across the skin underneath her jaw, his teeth nipping here and there. Slowly his hands wandered around her hips, keeping tight grip on the doughy flesh there keeping her afloat. “I haven’t been thinking about anything…” she answered softly, leaning in to the feeling of his solid form against her.

“Liar,” he growled, tugging on her braids to give himself more access to her neck. Wyn groaned again, her body giving in to his touch. Despite being in the cool waters, her body felt like it was on fire. Then he stopped, and their eyes met for a split second; she saw a look in his eyes that she hadn’t seen before. The familiar stormy grey indicating his hungry neediness seemed to be replaced with something softer and more longing and she wasn’t sure what that meant. But before she could consider its meaning further, he lifted her out of the pool and settled her gently on the ledge. His kiss became hungrier as he climbed out of the pool, pushing her on her back and enveloping her body. Wyns arms wrapped around his neck, and his arms wrapped around her waist and lifted her up just enough to scoot her further onto the mossy grass next to the pool.

“You gonna keep lying, hmm? You wouldn’t be this wet if you weren’t thinking about anything,” he purred in her ear still fondled that sweet spot between her legs. Wyn tried to wrap her mind around the moment, but couldn’t focus even if she wanted too. Her breaths came out in short spurts as she started to get lost in the sensations.

“…hmm, mami. That feels good, no? I’m going to stop if you don’t tell me. I caught you staring earlier, so it’s gotta be something,” he teased close to her ear. The feeling of his breath on her flushed skin sent shivers down her spine and she groaned, with only a low chuckle from him in response.

The small break she got in that moment gave her time to find her words; she had definitely been thinking earlier in the day. As they hiked, glints of passion would overtake her thoughts which she originally tried to push away in attempts to concentrate on the task in front of them. But the scenes she imagined in her head had became stronger and more insistent, so instead of fighting it, as she walked she entertained the thought of him underneath her. In her mind he was grasping her hips with him buried deep inside her.

“Mmm. I was thinking about riding you,” she forced out, a soft whisper as loud as she could muster.

Gustavo froze and gazed down at her. “Oh, is that right?” he looked surprised that she had an answer and his grin widened. “All right,” he agreed, then flipped over onto his back.

Wyn’s heart skipped a beat and she quickly followed, settling on to his lap easily. Because he so often took charge, it was strange seeing him underneath her. For a second she gazed at him, her palms pressed against his chest. His hair was messy, his face smoothly calm and relaxed. He had a lazy grin on his face and she could feel his member pressed against her ass. His hands gripped her hips forcefully. She leaned forward and kissed him hard, their tongues intertwining as she felt his dick twitch against her. Quickly she broke the kiss and took him in her palm; he was warm and rock hard. He immediately groaned at the feeling of her touch. She smirked, rising up just enough to push herself onto him. They both groaned in unison.

Wyn took a second to get her bearings. He filled her completely and with even slight movement, waves of pleasure rippled through her. She bit her lip hard, coming back to the present long enough to slowly start rocking her hips back and forth, pressing him deeper and deeper. Every movement sent shockwaves through her body, setting her core on fire.

Gustavo watched in amazement, his fingers sank into her gyrating hips as quick breaths left his body. “Dios,” he breathed. She seemed to have lost herself, her eyes were closed, her mouth hung open slightly, a heavenly sound pouring from her lips. A moment later she changed up her rhythm and started bouncing up and down at a quick pace, grinding down hard. Seeing her moaning, face red and flushed in ecstasy was such a turn on. Looking at how her wetness coated him made him want more of her. He knew she was enjoying it, not only by her emphatic moaning but by how creamy she became as she continued to ride him.

The angle at which he watched beneath low eyelids was fascinating. He almost couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. The backdrop of the tree filled skyline was an near rose gold, almost matching the hue of her cheeks. She had this radiance that could have only been caused by the Selvadoradian sun. As she grinded on top of him, he got lost in how unbelievably plush she was. Her body wrapped itself around him in a snug fashion, and the combination of feeling the softness of her body and the force at which she was pressing him further into her had him losing his concentration quickly. Gustavo groaned, his fingers sinking deeper into her hips as he started meeting her on the downward stroke.

Wyn fell forward, allowing him to wrap his arms around her waist. In this moment he had to take control he needed more, and faster and harder, so holding her steady he started pumping into her furiously, causing her breathing to become ragged. “Ah-h-h-h—-f-ck,” she groaned in a heavy pant, the words left her body in spurts as their bodies connected.

His movements were mesmerizing, and she let herself relax into it. A intense pleasure was starting to build and she heard his breath become more labored. He released her slightly, giving her enough leverage to push her palms against his chest and grind back onto him hard. A audible moan escape his lips and she repeated the movement, which resulted in another desperate “fuck” from him. This excited her, so she continued working that angle.

“Bronwyn,” he groaned.

“Yes, papi?” she answered breathlessly, her grinding more frantic as she started to reach climax.

“–mierda. Si. Just like that,” he moaned, his hands flew into his hair and his eyes fell completely closed.

“Mmmm?” she purred. This was it, she thought, she had him right where she wanted him. He was losing it, and the raw power she felt in that moment thrilled her. She kept going, a little harder, a little faster, causing his grips on her thighs to tighten.

“Shi-t” he groaned, moving his palms from her thighs to her waist stopping her movements. “Shi- No-No. You’re gonna make me-” he grimaced trying to get his bearings. Wyn grinned devilishly – this was new. With what little leverage she had, she ground down onto him in small circles.

“—Wyn. Dios. St-op,” his words came out in a stutter and his eyes suddenly snapped open. With a loud growl he sat up, pushing Wyn onto her back. The sudden movement stunned her for a moment before she realized he had pinned her down, arms above her head. “What do you think your doing?” he growled, looking frustrated and incredibly turned on.

“You asked me what I had been thinking about,” she teased.

“You almost had me for a second,” he breathed heavily, his eyes traveling up and down her body. He was slowly coming back to himself, he didn’t expect her to get him that close so quick. His eyes traveled around her chest lazily, then he leaned down and took one nipple in his mouth. Slowly his tongue circled round and round eliciting soft moans from her body. Then spreading her legs wide, he pushed inside of her in one solid stroke.

Wyn’s head was spinning, her body giving into him completely. With every little movement he made she felt mesmerized, as if he was putting her into some euphoria-induced trance. Everything about him made her want more, so with every thrust her hips met his. Her nails dug into the flesh along his back and shoulders. He sped up, the same intensity driving each movement, that fire in her core building until she could feel herself getting close to the edge. Gustavo groaned heavily, feeling her tighten around him. It was heavenly, and with the sound of her moans mingling with the sounds of the jungle around them he found it hard to concentrate on holding it all back. Everything she was doing: moaning his names between gasps, running her fingers through his hair, dragging her nails against his back, gripping his hips when their bodies met, only urged him on. The more she moaned and wriggled underneath him, making those sexy-ass faces as he railed into her, the more he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. The harder he pounded into her, the louder she became, until all he could see or hear or care about was her.

Making love to her was almost like breathing, and he was sure that if he stopped he would suffocate. So he held on as long as he could, until she moaned his name one last time before he felt her body tighten on the cusp of release.


Their fire glowed brightly in the dusky surroundings as Bronwyn cooked up some fish she had caught in a stream nearby. “This place is really amazing,” she mused aloud staring intensely at the meal before them.

Gustavo nodded, still poking around in the fire. “Yeah. It really is,” he answered softly.

“Do you really think the Omniscan royalty used these baths?”

“I would assume so, they look too fancy for the common folk.” He looked up at the darkening sky, the last of the sunset light shimmering against the tree line. “I’m just surprised that it has remained untouched all this time. If people knew this was out here, they would have built mad resorts. Especially with these views.”

Wyn nodded. “You’re right.”

“You wanna know what else I think about this place?”

That got her curious. “What?”

“I’m so fucking happy you’re here to see this shit with me.” His eyes sparkled in the firelight, the ghost of a smile flickering across his face.

She blushed. “Me too.”

Gustavo looked at her for a moment, still in disbelief that she had said yes to him not even a week ago. He remembered back to their first meeting, and the first impressions they both made, and how far they had come from that intense night at his apartment, now to this perfectly comfortable situation they were finding themselves both in.

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