Episode 10


Northern Selvadorada – Chadda Farm

It was early in morning. Marta hadn’t slept at all the night before. She had moved a dining chair over to one of the wooden slatted windows in her home, anxiously waiting for Selenis. After her granddaughter had disappeared in a whirlwind of air, Marta spent the rest of the night praying for her safe return. When dawn finally arrived, she made a phone call and was now waiting impatiently for her guest.

She made her way over to the kitchen to make a pot of tea. It was nearly done when she heard a soft knock on the door. Quickly she turned and made her way over to answer.

A man about as old as her greeted her warmly, wrapping her into a hug. His silver colored hair appeared dull in the dawn light, his wrinkled face soft and comforting. 


Marta sighed as he held her, fatigue was starting to set in and all of the anxiety of waiting had left her exhausted. He wrapped his arm around her to help support her weight as they made their way into the house.  

After pouring them both cups of tea, they sat at the kitchen table. Marta pushed aside the pile of letters that had been sitting there since the day before.


Marta was absolutely drained. And as she began thinking about the events of the night before, her hands started shaking.

Rodrigo leaned over and grasped her hands in his, smiling reassuringly. {“It’s all right, Marta. Take your time.”}He lifted the mug to his lips and took a sip of the hot tea.

Over the next few minutes, Marta recounted everything that had happened. Rodrigo sat silently, listening intently to her words. When she was done, there was a little sparkle in his eye and he took her hands in hers again in attempts to stop the shaking. {“Oh, my dear Marta. So you’re telling me that you think Selenis has been possessed by a demon?”}


She near mumbled under her breath, {“I just – Rodrigo, how could this happen? Why has La Madre forsaken us? What did I… or Selenis do to deserve this? I don’t know where she is. I don’t know if she is safe. I don’t know what plans the possession has with her. Her headaches and the fainting had been manageable for a while….but it’s getting worse and all of a sudden this happens and I… Rodrigo, I am scared I am about to lose everything dear to me.”}

Rodrigo nodded his head, {“I understand your fears, Marta. I know that it has been hard parenting Selenis alone. Especially with her condition. The headaches and fainting been getting worse?”}

Marta’s sigh, {“Yes, especially within the last two weeks or so. And now somehow she has become possessed. I just don’t know what to do with her anymore Rodrigo, she has already lost faith as it is.”}

Rodrigo looked at her for a moment, thinking, trying to figure out a way to give this poor woman some comfort. He had been dealing with the Chadda’s for years, attempting to figure out what was causing Selenis hardships. It didn’t help that she was non-receptive to whatever he did, often mocking him for believing so blindly in La Madre. 


{“Well Marta. There is a possibility that it is a spirit of ill will. Selenis, as you know, has not at all been faithful to the mother. Daresay I believe she is agnostic, which would make her susceptible to evil possession.”}

{“What am I do to Rodrigo? Everything has gone wrong. I do not understand why La Madre has forsaken us. Does she not care that our land is being taken from us? That my only granddaughter might be whisked away by some demon?? She is the last of our line. I need her here. Why does ill fortune always befall us?”} Marta leaned forward with her forehead in her palms.

Rodrigo thought for a moment, {“I am a servant of La Madre, Marta. There are ways I can help, and there are ways I can not help. …We can perform the exorcism. But you must understand that doing so is dangerous. Exorcisms are hard on the body and if she has already been sick….well. I can not guarantee that she will make it.”}

Marta looks up with tears in her eyes, {“I just want my granddaughter back. That is all that I care about.”}

It took awhile for Selenis to make her way back to the farm. The grotto was a good few miles away from her grandmother’s home, and she was of course still naked as she made her way across the dry lands. Thankfully the parcel she was walking through belonged to her family, so there was no one around to notice her nude trek. The entire walk back, she kept thinking about what she saw in the caverns. Why was she even there for that? She certainly got an eyeful of something that she personally didn’t want to see….but…it seemed important. 

They seemed important. But how did she even she get there? She remembered falling asleep in her comfortable bed only to end up on the rocky grounds of the cavern floor. When she tried to remember, the dull grinding behind her eyes intensified, so after a short attempt she stopped. Whatever was happening to her was something that she couldn’t tell her grandmother, as superstitious as she was. Selenis needed to figure out what was going on and quickly. What she did know however, is that that girl…and the guy she was with had to be the key to finding the temple, and hopefully the key to finding the lost relic.


As Selenis approached her home, she saw a familiar car parked on their pebbled driveway. “Why is he here?” she thought sourly. Marta would occasionally invite over her good friend Rodrigo, the town Shaman. Selenis didn’t particularly like the guy; he was the one who told her that her pain would “eventually” subside. There had been many times he had made “house visits” under the guise of trying to convince her of La Madre. None of that ever worked, if anything it made her less receptive. His promises had never come to fruition even though he claimed to speak on behalf of La Madre.

Now it just seemed like things were getting worse and his prophetic promises had fallen by the wayside. Although she was in fact looking for the Book of Edmundo, and knew of the prophecies, she wasn’t one hundred percent sure she believed in who La Madre was, or what her divine plan for them could be. 

All her life there had been disappointment, and La Madre had never once answered their prayers. Because of this, she was not so inclined to believe the words of some man who claimed that he had divine knowledge. She muttered a curse – she wondered what he was doing there so early in the day. Her plan to enter the house quietly was now entirely impossible, so instead she entered the home loudly. The door slammed behind her, causing Marta and Rodrigo in their seats.

{“S-Selenis! – oh, praise La Madre! You’re back!”} her grandmother sprang up and raced towards her seeming to ignore the fact that she was nude. Marta wrapped her arms around Selenis’ nude body in a big hug.

Immediately Selenis felt uncomfortable. {“I need to get dressed,”} she complained, shrugging her grandmother off and making her way to her bedroom, refusing to acknowledge the silver-haired man’s presence.

{“You are not going to say hello to Rodrigo?”} Marta asked sitting, looking at Selenis with concerned eyes. She looked over at the man – he was dressed in normal everyday clothes. He looked so plain compared to how he did when he was performing his shaman duties.

{“No.”} Her tone dripped with frustration. Rodrigo cleared his throat, his eyes were cast downward, avoiding looking in her direction. {“I would really like to go and put some clothing on. Plus, I’m really not sure why he’s even here. Why is he here?”} she asked a bit frustrated.

Rodrigo stood, his eyes rose quickly, locking with her own in an attempt to ignore her nakedness. {“Selenis. There was an incident last night. Do you not remember?”}

{“No. I don’t. Now if you will excuse me,”} she headed to her bedroom quickly.

Marta called behind her, {“Selenis. Please come out when you are done. We need to talk.”}


She nodded mutely, hoping that Marta had seen her response. Quickly she entered her room and clothed herself. As she made her way out of the room, she caught her reflection in a mirror. “Ay, Dios,” she mumbled, inspecting the large streaks of grey strands that suddenly popped up on her head. She was in her mid twenties, and it was way too early for her to already be greying. “Eh maybe it is stress,” she thought. She had been through a few ordeals recently and that was bound to have taken a toll on her body.

She shook her head to herself, and hesitantly made her way back into the kitchen where Marta and Rodrigo were waiting. They had made her a mug of whatever they were drinking. It sat in front of the empty third chair at the table. Selenis instead stood a few feet away. {“Why are you here?”} she asked, looking pointedly at Rodrigo.

{“I am here to perform an exorcism,”} he said bluntly.

Selenis frowned, {“An exorcism on who? No one here has had any run-ins with any demons, so you ca-”}

{“-Selenis. Do you not remember what happened last night?”} Marta interrupted.

Selenis shook her head {“No, Ma. All I know is I was probably sleepwalking. You know I do this every once in awhile,”} she said nonchalantly, neglecting to mention where she had been or what she had seen.


Rodrigo and Marta looked at each other before looking back at her with concerned faces. The look on Rodrigo’s face was that of exasperation and worry.


Suddenly he seemed threatening and the hair on her arms stood up. She really couldn’t stand him.

She shifted her focus away from him and back to her grandmother. {“What happened last night, Ma?”} Marta began to shake, which raised several alarms in her mind. {“Ma? What is it? What happened?”}

Marta sighed deeply. Rodrigo reached over and grasped her hands in support. {“Y-you were floating, and covered with these strange white tattoos…. and there were gusts of wind. I tried to touch you and…you – or it – blew me away from you. I fell hard, and then you just… disappeared. Selenis, do you remember nothing?”}

Selenis tried to think, but in her mind’s eye all she saw was darkness, {“…I don’t know. But I am fine. And I don’t need an exorcism. So, you can leave, Rodrigo. I need to go out. I will be back later.”}

Rodrigo stood. {“Selenis, you are not going anywhere until we deal with this. Your grandmother needs you…and if you are possessed, then she is not safe with you here.”}

Selenis bristled, and could feel herself growing angry. {“Rodrigo. I appreciate your concern but I am not possessed. Nor will I hurt her. You need to go. Now.”} An unreasonable amount of anger was building in her body and she couldn’t control it. The shaman noticed the change in her disposition and he started mumbling something under his breath.

He walked towards her whispering under his breath, but it was like she could hear his words bouncing around loudly in her brain. {“Ugh. Shut up.”} Selenis groaned, the grinding pain behind her eyes was intensifying again. He looked at her with a flash of confusion which was quickly replaced by determination.

{“Will you stop talking, please?”} Her hands flew to her ears, clamping them closed to try and block out the noise. It only seemed to amplify his words even more. The more he spoke, the louder his voice became, but only in her head, echoing unbearably loud. Rodrigo mumbling the same words over and over, and started to walk towards her very slowly.

Suddenly the noise all became too much and that aching in the back of her skull turned into a blinding pain. Selenis shrieked, collapsing to the floor, losing all consciousness.  


Rodrigo stood over the passed out Selenis looking down at her curiously before checking her pulse. She was still alive. Then before his eyes, white lines started burning across her body, he jumped back startled.

 At first several small lines slowly begun to converge across her arms and chest, and then in rapid speed her whole body began to glow with more white markings. Rodrigo backed up, startled by the sight before him.

{“Selenis!”} Marta cried out, near lunging toward her granddaughter as she lay collapsed on the ground. Rodrigo stuck his hand out and stopped Marta from moving forward. “No. Do not get close to her. We must wait until it has manifested, then we can begin the exorcism.”

Marta watched carefully, as they both watched in wide-eyes fascination as Selenis clothes burned off her her body, leaving no markings on her skin or traces of soft fabric. Then burning white lines covered Selenis body, when the markings finally reached her face, they stood in awe as her jet black hair slowly started turning into a snow white color. 

As she had done the night before, she began making the mark of the arrowhead across her body and began praying to Mother Jungle feverishly. Rodrigo tried to comfort her, but was instead intensely focused on the sight before him. He had never seen a demon manifest itself in this way and he himself was beginning to grow terrified. What kind of spirit had she been possessed with?


A moment later, Selenis slackened body began to levitate slowly into an upright position. Gusts of wind seemed to appear out of nowhere, creating a barrier between them and Selenis’ figure. Rodrigo and Marta shyed back. 

{“You will bring no harm to this family!”} he tried to say with confidence, although he began to tremble with fear. In all his life, he had never experienced such spiritual energy, and immediately felt unqualified to deal with such a presence. As the wind picked up, both he and Marta fell to the ground, crouching to shield themselves from odds and ends which were being thrown around the house.

A moment later, they both heard a voice, wispy as the wind, threatening yet also comforting. {“You will not disturb this vessel,”} the voice stated. It seemed to be coming from everywhere at once, several octaves higher than Selenis’ voice, bouncing off the walls and objects around them; but when Rodrigo looked up, he saw Selenis’ mouth moving slowly. Air still whipped violently around her, her body now levitating a few feet off of the ground. Her eyes were open wide, their golden irises glittered like gold.

For the first time in his life he was terrified. But he had come for a purpose, and that purpose would be met no matter how frightened he felt. He struggled to stand amidst the harsh winds and shouted in his most assertive voice, {“YOU HAVE NO CLAIM OVER THIS BODY.”}

The voice laughed, it sounded like a waterfall rushing quickly towards a bed of sharp rocks. {“My child. I have claimed this body as my own and it will be used for my divine purposes.”}

The face of Selenis, which was once stoic immediately turned soft,  {“You have been a good disciple, Rodrigo.” }The wind died down slightly, and the body of Selenis looked down on the shaman.


He was trembling. This was no demon. “Santa Madre!” he whimpered. Falling to his knees in tears rapidly making the mark of the arrowhead. Marta was crouched next to him, praying feverishly in frantic, hushed tones.

Selenis’ head turned slightly, and her golden eyes looked upon the old woman. {“Marta. My child. I have heard your prayers. Fear not. All will end as it is intended.”}

Marta looked up with tears in her eyes. She kept repeating the name of La Madre over and over. She closed her eyes, trying to make sense of what was happening before her, but when she opened them the wind had stopped-

And Selenis – yet again – disappeared.


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