Episode 9


Episode 9

Both of them were panting heavily, Farhan had rolled to her side trying to catch his breath. Wyn stared up at the ceiling, feeling spent. Her body felt foreign to her, the wetness still between her legs giving a hint as to why she felt so odd. Han turned his head in her direction, “You okay?” he pushed a stray piece of sweaty hair out of her face. “Yeah….I’m okay….” she said softly, “Are you okay?” she asked trying to take the focus off of her. “I’m fuckin’ great,” he breathed sighing loudly, “Bronwyn….I don’t know if you understand how sexy you are….” his eyes caught hers again and she felt that same heart stopping breath catching sensation she felt earlier in the night.

“So that wasn’t just a fluke,” she thought to herself. Wyn blushed and said nothing, her eyes returning to the ceiling. After a few minutes of laying there, she realized she really had to pee. “I should probably go…” she said sitting up and scanning the floor for her clothes. “Ah shit, what time is it?” Farhan asked, looking over at the digital clock on his nightstand. It was nearly 10PM. Bronwyn looked over as well, it was getting late and she needed to shower and get ready for class the next day. “Shit, yeah it’s getting late” Han said starting to get up. “Yeah…” she said almost in a whisper, she there were so many emotions and sensations bombarding her, she had a hard time clearing her head.


     After a few minutes she had dressed and was about to head back to her room. “Have a good night, Ya?” she said turning to her friend. If she could still consider him just a friend anymore. “I already have,” he moved to kiss her on the lips. Her heart fluttered again as he kissed her for the last time that night. “I’ll hit you up tomorrow…”he said smiling as he picked up a stray shirt from the floor. “Bye Hanni…” she, waved as she opened the door,“What the hell did I just do?” she thought as she made her way back to her room.


Standing in her room she looked around, it looked as different as she felt. A soreness was building between her legs so she decided to go shower and relieve herself. Entering the bathroom, she found a shower stall furthest away from the entrance and turned the water on full blast. Wyn shuddered deeply as the hot water hit her body, she was still sensitive from earlier and was surprised her body was still reacting.

Just then she heard her phone buzz from outside the shower, and several times at that. Wyn ignored it and continued to stand in the steaming water, her mind wandering. How did he know to do all of that? How did he know what would send her over the edge? How did he know exactly what to say to make her….? Suddenly she thought of him with other women and to her surprise a burning anger grew in her. Jealousy was overtaking her mind as she started to think about the other women he had slept with. Shaking her head to rid herself of the thoughts in her head, she shut the water off.


Wrapping a towel around herself, she checked her phone. Several missed messages:

[“I’m here, where are you?” – Gustavo]

[“Where are you? I thought you had a date with Gustavo???”- Jasmine]

[“Wyn! He told me you stood him up! Wth! Now I’ll never go out with Eric!” – Jasmine]

Bronwyn rolled her eyes, “that asshole stood ME up…” she kept scrolling through the texts.

[“Are you okay? Usually you text me by now…..”- Jasmine]

Not feeling like chatting or giving explanations to anyone she left the messages on read, instead texting her mom.

[“Hey…are you up?”],

She hoped that Fallon was still checking her phone this late. And sure enough a moment later she got a response back.

[“I am up, you okay sweety?” – Mom] 

[“I’m okay. I was just wondering if you were busy tomorrow, I have some free time between classes…..maybe you wanna get brunch?”]

Wyn set her phone down and looked in the mirror. Studying her own image in the mirror she realized that she looked different, somehow more experienced or matured….or maybe her face was just still flush from thinking about-her cell phone buzzed again interrupting her train of thought.


     Wyn took a moment to respond, giving her a time and a place to meet her. How she was feeling warranted more than a call. She hoped her mother would understand and help her figure out exactly what was happening to her.


     The next day, Wyn rolled out of bed at 9AM, she was more sore now than she was last night. Stretching her body every which way, she tried to coax the soreness out, but it didn’t work. “Maybe I’ll do some yoga or something…” she thought, pulling on some sweatpants and sweatshirt. Checking her phone she noticed that she had gotten a text from Farhan around 2AM.

[“…Hey Wynnie…Just checking to see if you are okay…I hope I didn’t hurt you or anything. We were kinda goin at it….Anyway. Text me when you wake up. Maybe we can grab some lunch or something later” – Han] 

Wyn decided to wait to text him back, she didn’t feel ready to see him just yet, she had to try to figure out her feelings first.


     Making her way to the campus gym, she found a spot outside where there were yoga mats already set up. She tried to remember the different positions and what they did, but couldn’t really remember per say and ended up just stretching. By the end of it she felt better, the soreness had dulled a bit and she felt a bit more energized. Not particularly feeling like changing, she went into the gym bathroom to freshen up before going to her biology class.

After class she checked her phone again noticing another text from Jas,

[“If you don’t text me back I am going to call your mother.”]

“She’s threatening to call Mom now? This chick….” she thought, shooting Jasmine a quick text.

[“I am fine, just busy. He never showed up, so I left. I’m sure you’ll still get a date with Eric, chill.”] 


     Putting the phone back in her pocket she made her way to her car, parked in the lot across from her dorm. Putting the key in the ignition, she started the car but hesitated to put it in drive. Images of the night replayed in her mind and she felt herself shudder again. Shaking her head to rid herself of lingering thoughts, she made her way to her parents house.

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