Episode 8


Episode 8


The only thing separating their bodies was the thin fabric of her dress. Both of Han’s hands found themselves tangled in her hair as he kissed her deeply, his towel had fallen around his ankles. Wyn’s chest felt heavy, her breathing ragged and wanting. It seemed as though as soon as the kiss begun it slowed, and then stopped. Han pulled himself away with great effort, his breathing was labored, “Bronwyn. We need to stop now… Cause if we keep going… I-I don’t know if I will be able to control myself,“ his voice was barely above a whisper. Bronwyn looked at the naked man standing before her, and she realized she never wanted anything or someone, so badly.

So in that moment, she made a life altering decision. She wasn’t sure if it was the right one but it was the one that felt right. With a swift motion she pulled her dress over her head dropping it on the ground, her bra and panties followed creating a small pile on the floor. Han’s eyes followed her dress to the floor and then slowly roamed appreciatively to her face.


     For a moment he stared at her committing her image to his memory. Shivering slightly she had a feeling of wanting to hide herself from his gaze. His eyes traveled slowly from her face, to her breast and lingered below her waist. “Crap,” she thought selfconciously, “Am I supposed to shave for moments like this????” Never having thought about it before and felt embarrassed that she had never considered it. Wyn looked at the ground, starting to close her arms around herself. Han noticed her movements then walked towards her, wrapping an arm around her waist, “Don’t hide yourself from me,” he said softly as he lifted her gently, laying her across his bed. The feeling of his naked body pressed against hers caused her to shudder.

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     As he lay on top of her she felt his member twitch against her thigh as it grew rock hard. The hardness surprised her. She wanted to reach out and take it in her hand, feel its sturdiness for herself but she was far too nervous. There were so many thoughts going through her head, should she do this? Was this really what she wanted? Was what he said true? About things ending badly after hooking up with your best friend? All the thoughts invading her mind were put on pause when his lips touched hers again. The feeling of Han’s body against hers trumped all else, causing Wyn to retreat into bliss. He was hungry for her, showering her lips, jaw and neck with kisses. Obliging him with every move he made, her body responded as if they were coupled in dance that they had rehearsed many times. Everywhere his lips touched felt hot, and the low burning sensation spread across her body. His hands slowly caressed her hips and she shuddered, deep pulsations building slowly within her belly.


     Suddenly, everything felt overwhelming, like she was about to spontaneously combust. So she pushed up against his chest, “Wait,” she breathed heavily. With hazy, yet alarmed eyes watching her, his body lifted, “What’s wrong??…” he asked concerned. “It’s just….” her words trailed off and she started feeling embarrassed again. His blue eyes searched hers for a moment, confused. She pushed herself to keep going, “I’ve never…you know…done. This. Before…” her words felt like rocks in her mouth and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

  “Wait- really?” his face lightened and he leaned back slightly, surprised. “Yeah….” she looked at the ceiling, wishing she hadn’t said anything. “Bronwyn…” he called her name and her eyes found his again, “Are you really sure that you want this?”

Sitting up slightly, she reached for him curling her arms around his neck, “Yes. I do. Just. Go slow. Okay?” He nodded slowly and cupped her cheek in his palm, “Okay. Don’t worry. I got you.”


     As promised he went slow, dragging his fingers across her freckled brown skin. Gently sucking the bottom of her jaw. Softly cupping the small of her back with one hand, as his thumb sought out her bare nipple. Her body trembled with anticipation and excitement.

Jeremy always went to fast, attempting to force her past areas that made her uncomfortable. Farhan on the other hand guided her slowly, giving her a chance to feel settled before he moved on. He kissed her neck again, specifically a small spot right below her jawline and Bronwyn moaned softly, she could feel him shudder.

     “Mmm,” he hummed against her neck. Then with some resistance, his fingers which has been trailing along the underside of her breasts, found themselves between her thighs. A loud gasp came out of her mouth as his fingers grazed over her, the throbbing sensation was intensifying. He laughed softly, and pressed his fingers against her rubbing gently, “God… Your so wet,” he purred in her ear. His voice sounded like silk and she thought she was melting under the heat of his touch. His slickened fingers continued grazing across her most sensitive spot. Her whole body shuddered hard and she opened herself up to him. Han’s eyes locked with hers and he licked his lips as his fingers rocked back and forth. Wyn moaned loudly, looking away embarrassed at her reaction. Han noticed and pulled her chin so she was looking right at him, “Don’t hold it in, I want to hear you,” he commanded and he kissed her again. As his tongue entered her mouth, two fingers pressed forward, digging themselves deep inside of her. Wyn groaned in his mouth as he slid them out halfway only to slowly push them forward again.


     This time a moan gushed loudly out of her body, she could feel everything. How his fingers sunk deeply inside of her, how her throbbing walls wrapped themselves around him, holding on for dear life. “Hmmm, you need to relax baby…” he said coolly, adding a third finger, still pumping them in and out slowly, “Mmm…You hear how wet you are?” he whispered in her ear. Her face flushed, no one had ever talked to her like this, and she found herself being turned on even more.

Suddenly he removed his fingers, causing her to ache for them return. She whined in protest, “You liked that?” he said in a low voice. “Here,” he touched his damp fingers tips against her lips, “you should know how you taste.” 

Bronwyn reluctantly licked her lips and felt wetness, it tasted like nothing. But there was a tinge of lingering sweetness that made her feel flustered, she blushed hard as he watched her reaction. He grinned widely, and licked the rest of her dampness of his fingers. Her eyes widened as she watched, “You taste so fucking good,” he groaned, his fingers pushing into her again, causing her to moan loudly.


      Closing her eyes she reveled in the feeling of him sprinkling kisses down her body, his hands gripping her hips hard so she stayed stone still. When his lips reached her thighs she instinctively clenched them shut. “Wh-what are you doing,” she stammered, shocked at the sight of his mouth so dangerously close to the soaked mound between her legs. He looked up at her with a wide sultry grin, “I have to make sure your ready for me. Don’t worry. I promise you will love it. Trust me. I’ll go slow.”


     “Ha-Han! Fuck!” she exclaimed, her breathing was extremely ragged. Farhan’s tongue had explored every inch of her. Her head spun and her whole body felt like it was on fire as his tongue slid over her. “God… Wyn,” he moaned between her legs, pressing two fingers inside her again and continuing to drag his tongue over her. Bronwyn couldn’t keep heavy breaths from escaping her mouth, he was drawing them out of her and she gave up trying to hold them in. With a steady rhythm his tongue flicked and prodded, with his fingers keeping the tempo. The build up was slow, it began to once it hit its peak, her body shuddered with pleasure, moving when he moved and responding almost violently to his touch.


   Gasping loudly, she attempted to catch her breath before his mouth collided with hers again. This time her wetness was dominating her taste buds, his tongue dancing against hers. He broke the kiss and leaned over her reaching to grab a condom out of his nightstand. It took a moment for him to adjust himself, so she watched curious. Thankful for a chance to catch her breath. Finally he looked back up at her, “Ready?” he asked softly, looking into her eyes. She nodded slowly, feeling him press into her. It hurt slightly, his member slowly stretching her open.  Bronwyn’s breath caught in a gasp as he pushed deeper, she gripped his bicep hard. 

     “You okay?” he asked once he was fully inside her. Nodding with closed eyes she gave a small yes. Han bent down to kiss her neck as he started making slow deliberate movements. At first it was painful, it felt as if she was trying to force something way too big into something way too small. It took a moment, but the pain soon gave way to an intense feeling of pleasure. It was like heaven came down to earth and only enveloped her. Bronwyn’s breath left her body in bursts as he sped up slowly. “Fuck,” he breathed against her ear. She had the exact same thought.

Han was going faster now, his breath heavy against her neck. Another wave of heat rushed through her body, and the hungry aching feeling in her belly was growing. “H-Han,” she breathed. His ears perked up as he heard his name, he said nothing but sped up slightly his breath becoming louder and more ragged. “F-faster,”Wyn breathed again. Her need was growing immensely. Farhan took her hand, entangling his fingers in hers, and picked up speed causing her head to fall back and a long moan to escape from her mouth. When she opened her eyes she could only see a halo of fire surrounding her, moving in sync with her body. Wyn felt full and empty at the same time, the feeling his hips rocking back and forth caused her own to try and match his strokes. Her skin was flushed from the heat of their bodies colliding and a thin layer of sweat had formed between them.


     Han shifted sitting up fully and grabbing the back her thighs, lifting them up, his hands eventually gripping her ankles. Gazing down at her, his eyes took in the sight of her body. He licked his lips and his eyes closed lazily as he plunged into her harder. Wyn found herself wanting more, needing for him to pick up his pace, she needed every bit of him. Han seemed to know what she was feeling and shoved himself forward, his pelvis near slamming into her, “Han-uhg….fuck,“ she breathed as he picked up speed again. As this movement intensified so did the growing burning in her belly. She felt like she was about to spill over again.

What started as a small spark was making way for a roaring flame that was threatening to engulf her. She gripped his forearm hard, nearing climax. Han noticed her tighten and made a low growling noise, “Fuck. You feel so fucking good baby.”

Her moans became louder and closer together, her grip on his arm tighter. Soon the build up became so overwhelming that she was forced to release herself. Waves of ecstasy washed over her again, and all that she could see or feel was him. Her breaths turned from quick panting to one long loud moan as he guided her through her climax. While he himself was struggling to hold it together, failing miserably as she tightened around him.

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