Episode 7:


Episode 7



     It was nearing 7:30PM and Bronwyn had been standing outside of Sully’s for a half and hour. Pissed, she checked her phone once more to see if there was a text from Gustavo. “Nothin,” she mumbled, clicking through her messages to make sure she didn’t miss anything. “If he doesn’t show up in the next 5 minutes I am leaving,”she thought. After being passed by the 5th person to enter the bar, she decided to head back to her room.

She grumbled the entire way back, “I put on makeup for this…he’s prolly still mad about this morning….fuck that guy.” Bronwyn was making her way back to her room when she thought to go see what Farhan was doing. He had been acting weird earlier, and she wanted to see what his issue was. Also, she was bored and could use some company. Billie and Jasmine were working, and she would rather not spend her whole night alone.


     As usual music was playing when she approached his door, only this time it was at a manageable level. Knocking she called out his name, “Farhan? You here?” At first there was no answer, but after a moment the door opened and Farhan was standing there in his towel. “Sup?” he asked raising his eyebrow at the sight of her standing in his doorway. Wyn was taken aback at the site of him half naked. She hadn’t realized how muscular he had gotten, his defined chest leading down to his towel, which was tied haphazardly around his slender hips. “uhm…Hey!…What are you doing?” she asked, trying not to stare.

“I was about to shower…..why are you here I thought you had a date?” he eyed her and then walked back into his room to grab his shower caddie. “The asshole stood me up,” she replied softly. Farhan merely snorted in response. This made Wyn annoyed.

“What is up with you today? Your acting like a jerk,” she blurted, immediately regretting her choice of words. “I’m a jerk cause I want to protect you from that asshole? I’m so very sorry Bronwyn,” he said sarcastically, attempting to push past her, “I gotta go shower,” he said looking annoyed. Wyn placed a hand on his bare chest to keep him from walking past her, “Since when do you call me Bronwyn???? And why are you trying to protect me? I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself.” Farhan’s eyes narrowed as he looked down at her hand pressed firmly against him, “You’re my best friend, I shouldn’t care about you? You don’t know him like I do. Wyn. He’s a sleeze ball, but whatever. Sounds like you got it.”


     He pushed forward, determined to move past her. Bronwyn didn’t give up, she pushed against him with both hands, shoving him back into his room. “Look, I don’t know what your problem is, but you don’t have to protect me. I am not some little delicate flower that might be bruised or whatever,” she retorted standing in front of the door with her arms crossed. “Wyn, I need to go shower. Can you let me out please? I don’t want to move you, I might hurt you.” Bronwyn laughed as if daring him, “You wouldn’t.” Farhan walked forward, stopping inches in front of her. Grabbing both of her wrists with some force, “Last chance,” he warned.


     Wyn stood as still as stone. Farhan sighed and let go of her arms. “What do you want me to say Wyn?” he turned, frustrated and sat on his bed. “Why are you acting like this?” she sat next to him. Han sighed again, rubbing his temples. “Look….Wyn,” he turned and looked at her. Bronwyn’s body turned hot, a heat wave rushing over her. His blue eyes pierced into hers causing her to squirm slightly. Immediately she cast her gaze down to her lap.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her chin, and her face being lifted up, Farhan was staring intently at her and now that he was guiding her gaze she couldn’t look away. “Bronwyn….” he paused, searching her eyes for something… “Yes?” she asked cautiously. Wyn blushed looking down again. “No, no, look at me,” he said taking her hand in his. Wyn reluctantly rose her eyes again to meet his,

     “…I’m sorry I’ve been acting weird…I just…” he started again as if he was trying to find the right words, “I just…I know Gustavo. Your going to go on this trip with him and the next thing you know…he will have you and I just… It’s one thing that your leaving for the semester… but Gustavo? He’s a playboy…I don’t want that for you….especially after the way Jeremy treated you…”

Bronwyn was confused, “What do you mean, have me?? Why bring up Jeremy??? I’m not a piece of property Han,” she said growing angry. “Ugh. No. I didn’t mean…” he sighed again, “Your not a piece of property no. But you are…so special Wyn. He isn’t going to appreciate what makes you….you. He will just use you and move onto the next.” Bronwyn was confused, her irritation at the conversation growing.


     “That still doesn’t expl…” her words were cut off by a pair of lips pressed against hers. They were soft and full, not demanding but pleading. Frozen by the act, Bronwyn did nothing, her mind a whirlwind of emotions. “Is he kissing me? Why is he kissing me?….. He likes you dummy. Take a fuckin hint!” her brain was screaming at her. Before she could react, his hand found his way to the back of her head, cupping it gently and pulling her deeper into the kiss. It was almost like he hypnotized her, she couldn’t move and she didn’t want too. Bronwyn felt like nothing else mattered as he kissed her and all of her senses were honed on him. A rush of sensations coursed through her and she was surprised by her own reaction, and her unwillingness to pull away.


     And with that, just as quickly as it began, it stopped. Farhan pulled away almost reluctantly and stood up quickly. Turning away from her and adjusting the towel still wrapped around his waist. Bronwyn could see the imprint of his growing manhood as he moved around the room. Still in a daze from the kiss she watched him exit the room quietly with his shower caddie. Should she stay until he gets back? Go to her own room? She couldn’t decide, and the urge to move was non existent. Instead, there was a familiar yet unexplored feeling growing between her legs, and her chest was still heaving. Confused, she shifted her weight, laying back on his bed. It didn’t take much after that for her to guess why he was upset. Until now, she had no clue that he could like her as more than just as a friend.

Laying there she thought about her ex-boyfriend Jeremy. Who after dating for over a year, Wyn found out he had been cheating on her with several women. Why? She wanted to wait until the right moment, and the right person, to share herself with. She was waiting for her soul flame. And that definitely was not Jeremy. The only reason she stayed for so long was because other than the cheating he treated her relatively well. Ultimately, his stepping out caused her to lose all respect for him and she broke up with him. Any guy who couldn’t understand her need to wait for the right moment obviously wasn’t interested in honoring her feelings.

Bronwyn had always felt the bodily reaction when they made out, but never this chest pounding, breath catching sensation that she felt with Han kissed her. Her thoughts lingered on how his lips felt against hers and how strong his grip on her was. She closed her eyes and imagined him standing in front of her. She remembered how solid his chest felt when she pressed against it earlier and she wondered what it would feel like if he were overtop of her.


     Bronwyn had lost track of time as she lay on his bed daydreaming. So when Farhan returned to his room, she jumped up returning to the sitting position. “You’re still here….” he mumbled, setting his shower caddie on his dresser. The imprint of him was gone now and she felt herself grow a little disappointed. “Yeah…still here…” she replied softly. “Why didn’t you tell me that you..felt..like that?” her eyes rose to look up at him. The tips of his hair were still very damp, and curling around his shoulders. Stray droplets of water covered random portions of his chest causing it to reflect the soft light of his burning candles, she let her eyes follow the trails of water droplets decorating his chest.

“Didn’t think you were interested…plus everyone knows that hooking up with your best friend always ends badly…” his head hung with embarrassment, “I am sorry, I just…” Bronwyn interrupted him this time, standing she walked over to him, and lifted herself up on her tiptoes and pressing her lips against his before pulling away. His reaction had no hesitation, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing his entire body against hers taking her in a kiss again. Even though her dress was growing damp, she didn’t care, she reveled in the feeling of him. Strong and solid… unwavering. Where their skin touched a low burning sensation was felt, fueling the emotions that were now raging for them both. The kiss grew intense quickly, as if both of them had an insatiable hunger for each other. Bronwyn sighed contently as his hand found the small of her back, pulling her waist towards his.


[Special thanks to @geminispeaketh for inspiration for this chapter.]

next chapter nsfw.

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