Episode 4:


Episode 4:



  Jasmine and Wyn were blown away by Farhan’s set. Neither of them had ever heard his music in this setting, and they could see now why he was so into it. “He’s sooooo good at this!!!!” Jasmine yelled to Wyn as she danced next to her. Wyn nodded, unable to tear her eyes away from her redheaded childhood friend. The multicolored lights flickered around him as his body bobbed to the beat. His brow was furrowed in concentration, yet he seemed like he was in heaven. The overpowering bass seemed to be matching the tempo of her beating heart. Time seemed to move a little slower even though the music caused those around her to gyrate in frenzy. His long red hair took on the tone of a roaring fire under the lights. He looked so different to her somehow, and she couldn’t help but stare.

It was like her heart was trying to tell her something, and her brain kept missing the hint. Suddenly, Farhan looked in her direction, giving her a smile before casting his gaze on his electronics board. Her body felt like it was on fire and she grew warm suddenly.


    Once he was done, he beelined towards them looking for approval. “Sooooo what did you think?!” he asked cautiously. “It was SOOOOOOO amazing Farhan. Like. I didn’t know you had it in you!” Jasmine said excitedly, taking him up in a big hug.

“What did you think Wyn? Fire as promised?” he asked turning to her. As he turned to look at her, goosebumps traveled up her arm, “As promised it was fire,” she smiled at him, giving him a cheesy thumbs up. “Aw, I get a hug from Jas but not from you?” he whined, grinning devilishly.

Wyn rolled her eyes and took him in her arms. At first it felt like it normally did, but one second turned into two and a wave of heat rushed over her.


    The exchange lasted for what felt like forever, however they were jolted out of it when Eric Prado and Gustavo Rivera appeared. Eric and his right hand man, the two suavest most in demand bachelors on campus. A star athlete, attending Newcrest on a full ride soccer scholarship and the top student in the Archeology Major, rock climber extraordinaire.

Both were incredibly good looking, winning over the hearts of the student body, and even some of the administration. As best friends, they were inseparable, it was as if they had grown up together as kids. So when they walked into the room it was as if the party was put on pause. They sauntered over to where Wyn, Farhan and Jasmine were standing.

“Ohhh my god. Omg. Wyn. Omg.” Jasmine started hyperventilating. Wyn elbowed her in the side to get her to calm down, “Chill!” she whispered fiercely. “YOOO Han. My man. My guy. That set was fucking dope as shit broooo,” Eric walked up to Farhan extending his hand and pulling him into a half hug. “Thanks bro. You gave me the chance to shine and I took it,“ Farhan laughed. Eric shook his head, “You did more than take it, you freaking dominated that shit!” 

While he and Farhan talked about the set, Gustavo made his way over to the girls, recognizing Jasmine. “Ladies,” he nodded to each of them, “How are you doing this evening?” 

“Fantastic!” Jasmine answered immediately, lifting her chest and fluttering her eyelashes. “Very nice, very nice. It’s always good to see you Jasmine,” he leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Who is your friend here?” he eyed Wyn with great curiosity. She felt exposed again, warmth still lingering in her body from hugging Han.

“Bronwyn Gunderson,” she extended her hand. He took it in his, made a small bow gesture and kissed the back of her hand, “Nice to meet you Bronwyn.” Jasmine was standing next to her giggling like a maniac, poking her side. Bronwyn blushed for probably the 100th time that night.

“So what brings you to the party?” his eyebrow rose as he questioned them, his storm grey eyes watching Wyn. “We’re friends of Farhan!” Jasmine spoke quickly again. “Ahhh, the beat master,” he turned slightly to peer at Farhan and Eric, who were still chatting.


 Jasmine noticed his eyes start to wander and caught his attention, “So when are you gonna let me meet Eric, huh?” He turned to look at her briefly, then looked right at Wyn. “Bronwyn, correct?” she slowly nodded a yes, curious as to what he would say next. “Will you go to dinner with me tomorrow night?” Jasmine gasped beside her, Wyn merely shook her head, “No, but thank you.” She hated pretty boys. Her father had been adamant she stay away from men like him, so she always tried to heed his advice, no matter how hot the guy was.

He turned to look back at Jasmine, “When you get this one to go to dinner with me. I will introduce you to Eric,”he nodded his head toward Bronwyn. Jasmine turned sharply towards her, her face lighting up and her lips growing into a pout. “Wynnnnnnnnn pleaseeeeeeee. You will be my favorite cousin forever.” Her hands were clasped as if in prayer. Gustavo just stood there smug. “Jas. A minute please??” she grabbed her cousins arm and walked a few feet away from where Gustavo stood, “What are you doing!? I don’t want to go out with him!”                            

“Oh come on. It’s only one date, and God knows you need it. I don’t recall having seen you with anyone since Jeremy.”

“Yeah, cause I’m focusing on school, Jas.” she replied irritated. Why did she need to bring up her ex boyfriend? 

“Well, now is the time to live a little. Who knows. What’s the worst that can happen?” Jasmine retorted.

Taking a moment to think about it, Bronwyn honestly didn’t see anything wrong with it. Their path’s rarely crossed even though they were in the same department. And hopefully, she would be off to Selvadorada for at least a semester. “Fine,” she shrugged, less than enthused. Jasmine smacked her arm, “At least be a little more excited about it!”

Running back over to Gustavo, Jasmine accepted the proposition. Gustavo looked up at her and smiled. He was your stereotypical tall dark and handsome. The only thing that made him stand out where his grey eyes, which seemed to change tone as often as the weather. “Whatever,” she thought, “this is just so Jasmine can shut the hell up.”


Just then a flash of red appeared before her, “Hey Wyn, you wanna grab some food? I’m kinda hungry”, Farhan rubbed his stomach sheepishly. “Yeah, I could eat something,” she replied refocusing her gaze on the man in front of her. Familiar flame red hair, sprawled across his broad shoulders. His blue eyes piercing into her brown ones, like darts racing for a bullseye. He was a spitting image of his father, Elijah Larsen, it was almost uncanny.

Farhan had his own charm as well, and Wyn felt confused with the new feelings she was experiencing toward her longtime friend. “What was that earlier?” she thought. Han was standing close enough to her that she thought she felt the heat radiating off of his body. Stepping back to create some distance, she called over his shoulder.

“Hey Jas, you wanna grab some food?” Her cousin looked over to Wyn and Farhan and nodded, saying one last thing to the boys before walking towards them. “I am soooo hungry! Lets go to Italianos!” she said walking past them. “Aye aye Captain Jasmine,” Farhan said following behind her. Wyn took one last glance behind her, eyeing Gustavo and Eric. Gustavo caught her gaze and gave her a wink, causing her to quickly turn and run after her departing friends.

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