Episode 3:


Episode 3:


“Ughhhhhhh, I feel SO bloated. Are you sure this dress looks okay?” Jasmine was checking herself out in the mirror, or rather scrutinizing herself in the mirror. “Jas. You look great. You don’t look bloated. Wear the dress,”Bronwyn had been sitting on her cousins bed, watching her go through the motions for about 45 minutes.

“But…” Jasmin whined. “No butts! You look great. Can we please go now? I gotta be up early,” Wyn asked pleadingly. Jasmine frowned, “Okay, but if Eric doesn’t notice me tonight, I might die.” Bronwyn grinned, “Of course you will…” Jasmine spun around quickly, “OKayyy I’m being dramatic…”, sitting next to Wyn on the bed, she gave her a once over, “Are you sure your going to wear that??? I wish you would like….dress up every once in awhile.”

Wyn looked down at her dark wash jeans and blouse, “I don’t see anything wrong with what I’m wearing,” she argued. “You don’t wear JEANS and a BLOUSE to a party. Bronwyn. You wear a sexy ass dress, you put some sexy ass makeup and you do something sexy with your hair. Come on. Please? I can’t have you be my wingman looking like a bum,” Jasmine skipped over to her closet, and threw a couple of dresses on the bed, “Here try these on.”

Wyn looked at the dresses on the bed, honestly she thought all of them looked a little too revealing. “I don’t really think any of these will fit over my booty Jas,” she said slightly concerned. “Whatever! We’re like, practically the same size,” Jasmine retorted. “Uhm, I think the fuck not,” Wyn replied only half joking.


After trying on a few of Jasmine’s dresses, she found one that she thought looked okay and wasn’t too revealing. Jasmine whistled behind her, “Yessss girlfriend!” Wyn rolled her eyes, “Okay… don’t call me girlfriend…cuz.” Jasmine laughed, and started messing with Bronwyn’s hair “We gotta fix this,”

Wyn dodged her cousins prodding fingers, “Nothin’ is wrong with my hair!” Jasmine frowned, “I told you. Sexy ass dress, sexy ass makeup and sexy ass hair! My way or the highway tonight. You’re not going with me lookin like you normally do!” Wyn didn’t want to argue with Jas, it never got her anywhere. 

“Okay Jas, Ok. Do what you will.” Jasmine squealed in delight and got to work, first doing her makeup, and then styling her hair. It took another 45 minutes to do, and once she was done Wyn took the opportunity to judge her cousins work in the mirror, “I actually look pretty hot….” Wyn thought to herself as she evaluated her cousins makeover skills. 


“Alright, room key? Check. pre game water bottle? Check. Condoms? Check….” Jas was going over her, ‘Party checklist’ as they finished getting ready. The only thing Wyn could do was shake her head. How had her shy, anxious cousin turned into the bubbly social butterfly she was now? She didn’t know. Well…. she did, it was a combination of being the middle child of a set of triplets, two of whom were boys.

In addition to a very over protective father, and an academically demanding mother (whom happened to be a Kalani.) Jasmine completely transformed after high school. It was as if living at home stifled her true self. Which Bronwyn had always found a little funny. What she knew of her Kalani side was minimal, her father Nigel rarely talked about his family outside of her Aunt Justine and the triplets.

She had always wondered what led her father to take her mother’s last name, why she never had any interaction with her other cousins, and why she had never met her other aunts or her grandparents. But, now that she was orchestrating her own life and had her own worries, the Kalani legacy was not as interesting as it was when she was a kid. Maybe one day she would ask, but honestly she wasn’t too interested in family history.


Finally, after Jas finished her checklist, they made their way to the party, being hosted by Eric Prado, one of THE most popular boys at Newcrest U. He was smart, handsome, and the lust of nearly every girl on campus, including Jasmine. Wyn, however, didn’t see the appeal but entertained her cousin’s obsession.

Jasmine knocked on the side door of the old warehouse, located near the edge of campus. A tall blonde girl opened the door with an attitude, “Can I help you?” she looked down at them, her pointy nose high in the air. “Move Patricia, you know why we’re here,” Jasmine said flatly, pushing past the girl who huffed before moving out of the way. “Who is she?” Patricia asked pointing at Bronwyn. “Uhmmmmm it’s Bronwyn Gunderson? You know her,” Jas said with annoyance in her voice. Suddenly Patricia’s eyes widened,

“Bronwyn…..omggggg you look…..so hot! I didn’t know you had it in you!” Wyn blushed and walked past the ogling girl, she hated the attention. “The party is happening downstairs, obvs, feel free to grab drinks from the kitchen…” she said still staring at Bronwyn, who tried to make her self smaller hoping that it would lessen the attention of others.

They made their way to the basement, pushing past the drunken party goers. As soon as they hit the bottom step the energy in the air changed, it was vibrating and exhilarating. Wyn had never experienced anything quite like it. Not much of a party go-er, Wyn always stayed home on the nights that Han, Jas and Billie went partying.

Sure she attended a few house parties now and again, but parties at the Warehouse? Often these invites were declined. This time, however, things were different as it was (as described by Han) “the biggest night of his career.” Being hired to DJ an Eric Prado party was legendary.


There was some mellow music playing in the background as folks waited for the DJ set to begin. Most were standing around drinking and chatting. Couples here and there were in random poorly lit corners making out, others were smoking or takin’ pills in other corners. 

“Ugh, Jas…,” Wyn complained, grabbing hold of her cousins arm. “It’s fine Wyn. You act like you’ve never been to a party before! Just…don’t drink anything anyone gives you and don’t take anything that looks like candy. It’s not,” her cousin grabbed her hand trying to reassure her. Wyn looked around the room, trying to see other people she may recognize.

Of course it was too dark to really be able to make out faces, but the act of looking made her a little less anxious. Just then Jasmine grabbed her hand and yanked her forward, “There’s Farhan!!! Let’s go say hi!”. 

Farhan was standing in the DJ booth leaning over his electronic boards fiddling with something. He didn’t notice them approach until he heard Jasmine’s voice, “FARHAN!!! Hey! You ready for your set?” she asked excitedly, leaning on the booth cooley. “Hey Jas, yeah almost ready!” he replied turning and looking up at the both of them.


As his icy blue eyes rose to acknowledge them, and he suddenly froze, words fumbled out of his mouth,“Wynnie…I mean. Wyn.….Hey….Wow you look….” “Doesn’t she look freaking HOT!?!?! I have some stellar skills!” Jasmine exclaimed cutting him off. Wyn blushed hard, feeling a little too exposed in the dress that Jas had nearly forced her to wear. 

“Hey Hanni,” she said her eyes darting down to the floor quickly. “Shit. Wyn,” he breathed, “You look fucking great.” Wyn blushed again and she hoped the dull lighting would keep him from seeing her embarrassment, “Thanks….” she mumbled, her words trailing off as she tried to look everywhere but at him directly. He was staring at her, like he usually does when he’s watching her smoke, but this time it was a little more than that…and she couldn’t decide if this new look made her feel uncomfortable or if it was something else.

“Good luck on your set,” she said quickly, trying to change the subject. “Y-yeah!” he stammered, looking back at the booth in front of him. He seemed to have snapped back to reality, “Thanks! I hope ya’ll like it. I’ve been working on it for the past few weeks.”

“I am sure it’ll be sick,” Wyn offered, giving a small smile to one of her best friends. Looking up once more he gave her a wink before putting on his headphones to continue prepping. “Come on Wyn, lets go get drinks!” Jas exclaimed, oblivious to the awkward exchange between her two friends.

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