Episode 2


Deep bass notes could be heard outside of Farhan’s door. It was always like this. Farhan holed up in his room blasting some new mix he made. “This boy is going to lose his hearing,” Wyn mumbled to herself as she knocked loudly on the door. “HANNI, OPEN THE DOOR,” she tried to shout over the almost deafening music. After another loud knock, the music stopped suddenly and she could hear Farhan cursing behind the door. “Who is it?! I’m busy,” he called out. “It’s me you dumbass! Who else calls you Hanni?” Wyn replied irritated, “Just open the door!”.


“Oh shit, sec” he replied loudly, fumbling around in the room before opening the door with a wide grin on his face. “Heyyyyy Wynnieeee,” he sang, wrapping her up in a big hug before letting her in. “Are you high already?”she asked walking into his room. It smelled like a cheap pina colada candle.

“Maybe,” he started, as he shuffled through some items on his nightstand, “Here, smoke this…and listen to this,” he handed her a joint and a pair of headphones. Wyn smiled, sighing softly, “Yeah yeah….” she took the joint and lit it, inhaling deeply and letting the smoke billow out of her mouth slowly.

Farhan was staring again, which annoyed her, “Can you not stare at me when I smoke please?” she asked defensively. Farhan jolted, then rubbed his hands through his long red hair sheepishly, “Sorry, hahaha, that was a good rip, couldn’t help myself. It’s always fascinating seeing goodie Wynnie hitting a J,” he teased sitting in his rolling chair.

“Your not gonna see it again if you keep staring,” she mumbled, taking another hit. Another deep breath. “Alright so what is it I am listening to this time?” she asked placing the headphones on her ears. “YO! Its fire, check it,” he turned to his computer and hit play.


     A slow starting beat turned into deepening bass and quickening tempo. Wynnie had closed her eyes, and was nodding her head to keep rhythm, it was almost transformative. She didn’t understand how Farhan’s music was so good. Some said he had a gift for it, she had always thought it was just pure luck. Pure luck wouldn’t explain why he was one of the top students in his department, despite his constant lateness.

“That is dope,” she said taking the headphones off after a few moments and setting them to her side. “You like it? I am playing it at Eric’s party tonight, it’s gonna be lit! Are you going?” he asked, leaning back in his chair and taking a hit of the J that Wyn had passed back to him.

“Yeah, Jas wants me to go, so I might for a bit. I have a meeting with Prof. Longacre in the morning though so I can’t be out late,” she laid back on Farhan’s bed, listening to the muted sounds of his music coming through the headphones.

“Can you unplug these?” she asked lifting them up in the air. “I don’t want anyone else to hear it till tonight, I’ll put somethin else on tho, I need a break,” he responded, switching the music and moving to lay beside her.


They chatted and smoked the rest of the J while listening to Khalid for a little over an hour. Wyn always loved these chill times with Farhan. Her schedule was so busy with class, lab, and her part time job at the coffee shop. She thought school would get easier once she got into her Junior year, but things seemed to be getting harder and harder.

Although she didn’t particularly like smoking, it chilled her out, and she didn’t wanna be on Xan like everyone else on campus. So she limited herself to smoke sessions with Han every Sunday. To be honest, it was a great way to cap the week. “So…..” Farhan started, “You got a date for the party tonight?”


Wyn looked over at him and shook her head, “Uhn uh, I gotta be a wingman to Jas, plus who am I gonna go with as a date? It’s not like anyone is interested,” she paused, “Why?” Farhan gave her a strange look then answered, “….No reason, I can’t make convo with you? Damn.”

Bronwyn eyed him, “Aren’t you gonna take one of your little groupies who are always hangin’ around???” Farhan blushed deeply, “Nah…nah…I need someone fly on my arm, none of them are fly.”


“Ah huh……Anyway, I better go get ready,” she sat up and started putting on her shoes. Farhan frowned, “Yeah….” his words trailed off as he watched her stand. “What’s wrong with you all the sudden?” she asked perceptive to his mood change.

“Ah nothin, nothin. Hey I gotta finish gettin this track ready…I’ll see you later ya?” standing, he gave her giving her another big hug and then plopped down into his desk chair. “Ya see ya later Hanni, that track better be fire by tonight!” she said ruffling his hair and then making her way to the door.

“Tsk, Whatever, it’s fire already…but for you? I’ll hook it up, bet on that,” he grinned at her widely, giving her a wink. “Yeah yeah, ok homie,” and with that she headed back to her room.


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