Episode 19


episode 19



Gustavo chuckled to himself, “Fuckin pretty boy,” he mumbled under his breath. How comical was it that Fabio thought he could demand anything from him. No matter, he wasn’t worried about the red head, and quickly the encounter left his mind. He checked his phone again noticing the time. 45 minutes till boarding. Looking around the terminal, he eyed Wyn and her horde of friends and family. A pang of irritation hit him as he watched them. “Whatever,” he mumbled. He was fiddling with his phone when a booming voice hit his ears,

“Gustavo Josue Rivera.” the voice called. Looking up he saw his father, Aurelio Rivera walking towards him, he quickly stood to attention. “Hijo, qué es esto Claudia me dice que estás viajando? Por qué estás aquí?” (Son, what’s this Claudia is telling me your going away? Why are you here?) he asked as he approached with a frown on his face. His father looked like he had just left the shop. In fact he was certain that his father had been working on some junker when Claudia told him.

Gustavo groaned internally. “Estoy viajando a Selvadorada.” (I’m going to Selvadorada.) His father’s frown turned more severe, “Con qué dinero? No pienso pagar por esto” (With what money? I am not paying for this.)


“Tengo una beca” (I got a scholarship,) Gustavo replied quickly feeling embarrassed, he didn’t think his father would show up. “Una beca??? Para viajar y desenterrar rocas? Ja. Qué maldito mundo en el que vivimos.” (A scholarship???? To travel and dig up rocks??? Ha. What a fuckin world we live in,) he laughed sourly, the alcohol on his breath wafted toward Gustavo, making his stomach turn slightly,

“No entiendo por qué no has querido unirte al ejército. Por qué ésto? Sabes quién desentierra rocas? Hombres blancos incompetentes quienes no tienen otro propósito en la vida que desenterrar tesoros excavar tesoros de una cultura que ni siquiera les pertenece. A quién le importa si descubres alguna mierda antigua, qué clase de trabajo irás a tener cuando te gradúes? He dejado que te entretengas con esta carrera por bastante tiempo, estoy medio convencido de obligarte a trabajar en el taller. Paolo dice que puede hacerte entrar en el campamento de entrenamiento la próxima semana. Lo que tú necesitas es aprender disciplina, cómo vas a aprender en tu pequeño viaje eh?“

 (I just don’t understand why you didn’t want to join the army. Why this? You know who dig up rocks? Unskilled white men who have no other purpose in life but to dig up the treasure of a culture whose isn’t even theirs. Who cares if you dig up some ancient shit. What kinda job are you going to have when you graduate eh? How are you going to take care of your business with a job like that? Who’s going to respect you with a job like that?? I’ve let you entertain this “career” for this long, I have half a mind to make you work in the shop instead. Paolo said he can get you into bootcamp next week. What you need to learn is discipline, how are you going to learn on your little trip eh?)

Even though Gustavo was used to hearing the harsh opinions about his major, his father’s words still stung.

Aurelio sighed, “Alguien va contigo?”(Anyone going with you?) Aurelio sounded only half interested.


Gustavo nodded his head over towards Bronwyn and her family, “Ves esa chica? Con pecas? Ella va” (You see that girl? Freckles? She’s going) he responded.

Suddenly his father’s face lit up, “Ah, es bonita huy???  Me gustaría un bocado de eso,” (Ah she’s cute huh??? I would like to get a piece of that) he said licking his lips, “seguro tú ya has probado un poco huh hijo?” (I’m sure you’ve already gotten a taste of that huh son?) he nudged chuckling.

Gustavo shook his head, “No, Pero me has enseñado bien pa, solo necesito un poco de tiempo” (Nah. But you taught me well dad, I just need a little time.)

That was a lie. He did have a tiny taste of her, his mind transported for the thousandth time back to that night in his apartment. Here was this girl, a total opposite to him. Has a rich family with a mom AND dad. Grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. Probably attending Newcrest U on a merit scholarship. So, obviously smart. Probably had everything she had ever asked for in life handed to her. All of these attributes were things that annoyed him.


Gustavo had worked so hard to get to where he was, despite his father’s constant snide comments and lack of financial support. His father was not a generous man, and only gave reward when certain conditions were met. Because it was just him and Aurelio all his life, he didn’t get much unless he worked for it. He had to fight for every little thing he wanted.

It just so happens that he became good at fighting his way to the top. Ultimately he got most everything he wanted: academic accolades, women, recognition, he wanted it all and at this point in his life he was more successful than his father had ever been.

However that wasn’t enough. Now with job prospects already lined up and ready to go after graduation, this trip abroad would seal the deal and he would have his choice of awards and recognition for the treasures he would uncover in Selvadorada. His ultimate goal was to work his way up the ladder in his field and become VP of the Archeology Association. That would show the old man.

Now he had to share some of his success with this girl who just swooped in. The so called shining star of the junior year who is getting this opportunity a whole year earlier. His competitive side did not like this one bit.

When he saw her at Eric’s party that night, he thought she was just a another girl who looked hot in a red dress. He never engaged in locker room talk, but he knew the women did, and word of mouth traveled fast. Or so he thought. He wasn’t expecting her to reject him outright. But thanks to his quick thinking he scored a date by bribing Jasmine. Unfortunately, he forgot the time and showed up late, missing Wyn altogether. Being late one trait that he wished he hadn’t gotten from his father, among other things.


His mind drifted even more. She had worn that damn cropped tank top and high waisted jeans that hugged every part of her curves in the best way possible. Even now she was wearing jeans that hugged her figure. She had done her hair up in braids, they laid across her shoulders in waves. The longer hair made her look a bit older, a little more seductive.  Looking at her mother, he could see where she got her attractiveness, even if she was ballooned by the obvious pregnancy.

His eyes travel to the man standing next to both Wyn and her mother. Her dad must be somethin special to get her mother pregnant at such an age. He didn’t look like a particularly large man but, he looked like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. Probably knew karate or some shit, you never knew with Asian dudes. Eric surprised him once with that. After a boxing spar one afternoon, Eric did some Ju Jitsu type move and Gustavo ended up on the floor. Embarrassing.

Gustavo’s eyes moved back to Bronwyn. His eyes raked over her. Fuck, it was like she was teasing him. But two could play that game. Damn that phone call. If they hadn’t been interrupted he would have splayed her out on the couch and indulged. She probably tasted like heaven.

His mind continued to wander remembering his mouth on her small taut nipple, her breathy moans that drove him absolutely insane. Fuck she even loved the biting. Not too many of the women he had been with were into that. He wondered if she would like being choked. His dick stirred in his pants as he imagined her closed eyes in ecstasy, open mouth gasping for air while he railed into her, hand on her throat with her pretty freckled tits bouncing wildly.


Most nights he either thought about her while he got off, or he thought of her when with some other chick. Her soft features, her melodic sounding voice, the jasmine scent that filled his nose when he got close to her. They hadn’t even fucked and she was in his head. “Shit,” he thought, glancing in her direction yet again. Usually he would have moved on by now, but there was something about her that he couldn’t shake.

Needless to say the summer had been hard. With school over he hadn’t seen her at all. Now with her standing not even 100 yards from him, she looked absolutely delicious. He wanted her so badly, and ever since that night he was determined to make that happen one way or another. Farhan’s so called “warning” made him want her more. But, he couldn’t play his typical games with her. Another thing that annoyed him. But he was up for the challenge. Nothing worth fighting for was ever easy.

Watching her with that Fabio lookin pretty boy Farhan irked him. That lucky asshole was probably fucking her on the regular. Funny how Han thought he was even on his level. That guy couldn’t possibly be making her cum, or if he was. It was maybe once. And that was a big maybe. Probably some softcore punk shit.

That pretty boy was all flair, surely wasn’t giving her what she really wanted. Even if she didn’t know it yet. He knew she craved more by the way she leaned into him that night, her palm on the back if his head urging him on.


His father laughed heartily, slapping his son right between the shoulder blades bringing him back to the present, “Ese es mi chico” (That’s my boy.) Gustavo was silent for a moment, trying to control the thoughts he had about ravaging Bronwyn right there in the terminal lobby.

Slowly Gustavo’s attention focused back on the man standing next to him. Aurelio was a hard ass to say the least. He demanded everything, asked for nothing and didn’t care who got in his way. To say he had an anger problem was an understatement. After being dishonorably discharged from the Navy for fighting an Sergeant, he had started drinking on the regular causing him to remain a constant dick. He didn’t have many friends, and the friends he had acted just like him. “Dónde está Claudia?” (Where is Claudia?) Gustavo asked, wondering where his father’s on again off again girlfriend was. “No se,” his father shrugged, obviously he didn’t care. Typical. Aurelio has always been nonchalant about his girlfriends, usually going through one or two every couple of months. It had been this way since Gustavo was a young boy. Claudia was the closest mother figure he had ever had, as she had been with her father the longest. Often she would disappear for a few years before resurfacing to place her claim on Aurelio once more. This time? It had been well over a year that she was gone. Now that her and his father were back together, she would often call him late at night because Aurelio left her at some bar or club. Gustavo felt fond of her so he always picked her up, no matter what time or where.

Checking his watch again Gustavo noticed that they had 20 minutes till boarding, “Pa, tengo que irme” (Pa, I have to go,) he said to his father, who was still eyeing Bronwyn and her family. “Sí, está bien. No apruebo este viaje. Pero parece que vas de todas maneras. Pásatelo bien, pero no me llames pidiendo dinero.” (Si, Alright. I don’t approve of this trip. But looks like your going anyway. Have a good time, but don’t call asking me for money.)

Gustavo nodded, he wouldn’t call his father for anything. He never did. If he felt thankful for anything at all, he was thankful that his best friend Eric who had let him move in with him after sophomore year. Aurelio grunted in response and walked away, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and lighting it as soon a he exited the terminal.

(super big special thanks to @polym78 for translating)

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