Episode 18


ep 18

September 12th, 2PM (Standard Time)

San Myshuno International Airport


“Wyn. I uh…” Farhan looked down at his feet as they stood waiting for her parents, Jasmine and Billie to arrive. The airport was moderately busy, filled with mostly business folk trying to make their connecting flights. “Yes?”she asked looking up at him. His face was downtrodden, like he had just lost his lucky t-shirt. “I know you said that you didn’t want to date anybody, and like…your fucking leaving like…in an hour…but…” Wyn’s eyes searched his, patiently waiting for his next words. Sighing deeply, he forced himself to keep going, “I lo-”suddenly he was cut off by Nigel’s voice, “There they are! Bronwyn!!!” Han cursed himself, of course he would get interrupted.


They turned to find Nigel, a very pregnant Fallon and Amara making their way over to them. When they were finally within arms distance, Amara ran up and gave her sister a hug, Nigel nodded a greeting to Farhan, as did Fallon. “Saying your goodbyes???” Fallon asked them, giving them both a knowing look. Seemed like Nigel hadn’t gotten the memo just yet. “Yeah…” Wyn said moving to stand beside her mother giving her a quick hug. “Can you give us a second?” she asked. Fallon nodded, grabbing Nigel by the arm. Amara rolled her eyes and followed them, “Let’s go see if we can find a neck pillow for Wyn. Amara, did you know that flight is going to be 4 hours???”

“What were you going to say?” Wyn turned back to Farhan, he was watching her parents retreat and looked distracted. “Uhm.” his blue eyes returned to her, he looked slightly distressed, “I’m just going to miss you a lot,” he said softly taking her into a big hug. Wyn inhaled deeply, trying to commit his scent to memory. “I’m going to miss you too,” she said growing a little sad. They embraced for a moment and then he cleared his throat,

“Look Wyn. I-I love you. I always have.”

Han thought he saw a look of annoyance on her face, but it changed quickly, softening into a small pout.

“Han…” she said her face turning downward. His heart was beating out of his chest. Shit. She didn’t say it back, so he switched gears before she could finish her sentence, “-You don’t have to say it back. But know that I love you. And please promise me you’ll stay away from Gustavo. Please Wyn.”


Wyn had heard what Farhan said, but it seemed to have come out of his mouth in slo-mo. The words rang in her ear, almost giving her a headache. She knew he had waited a long time to be with her, but she didn’t want to say something she didn’t mean. Han was her best friend. Of course she had feelings for him, but other goals and life experiences were on her mind. She was enjoying being single after the blowout that was Jeremy. And while the sex was a nice distraction, she was almost solely focused on being successful in her potential career.

Not quite sure what to say, she turned to look and see if her parents were watching, they weren’t, so she kissed him hard hoping that would give him an answer he could be okay with. The look on his face did not make her feel any better. Wyn felt awkward, not really being sure what to say. Thankfully Jasmine and Billie showed not a moment later to give her some reprieve.


    “I still can’t believe your actually doing this,” Jasmine had tears in her eyes as they approached. Wyn turned to pull her cousin into a big hug. “I’m going to miss you cuz.” Wyn tried to console her as best she could, but then again everyone around her although excited were a little weepy. “Yeah but your going to have the time of your life!!!” Jas said laughing and wiping away a tear. “You better go out there and kill it,” Billie said as if commanding her. Wyn nodded at both of her friends, pulling them into a tandem hug.

Han, Billie, Jas and Wyn chatted for a moment, saying goodbyes, trying to tell jokes to try and cheer each other up. “Hey…Where is Rivera?” Billie asked, looking around the terminal. Wyn looked around as well. It was nearing boarding time and he hadn’t shown up yet. “I dunno, I havn’t seen him but I hope he gets here soon, the flight leaves in less than an hour,” she responded.


    Just then she saw him entering through one of the large terminal doors. Alone, with a single backpack, his gaze scanned the room looking for the check in line. He was dressed in a black t-shirt that seemed to accentuate his muscular figure and a pair of grey colored fatigues. Wyn hadn’t seen him since they turned in their project outline.

“Fuck,” she thought staring as he walked by them, his hair was longer than the last time she’d seen him, and he looked a little more tan than usual. Wyn felt her face grow flush. “Damn is that-!?” Billie pointed in his direction, breaking her train of thought. Gustavo turned his head towards them noticing Billie. “Shhhh!” Wyn said fiercely, knocking Billie’s arm out of the air.

“Bronwyn. Girl. Did he look like that the last time you saw him???!!” Billie said under her breath. “No he didn’t…”she answered under her breath.


Not bothering to say anything to them, he turned and stood nearby an empty chair pulling out his cell phone. “I’m going to go say something to him,” Han said suddenly, breaking away from the group and headed towards his grey eyed competition. “Farhan, wait,” Wyn called after him but he ignored her and kept going.

Bronwyn would have followed after him if her parents had not returned with their purchases. “What the hell did you buy?” she asked as Fallon approached with a neck pillow, a bag full of snacks and some other airport trinkets she had found. Distracted by the fact that Farhan and Gustavo were talking, Wyn only half paid attention to her mother’s answer.


“Bronwyn,” she heard her name being called and her concentration snapped back to her family in front of her. “Who is that guy with Farhan?” Amara asked her, leaning close. “It’s nobody Mara. Mind your business,”Wyn replied, she was still staring at Han and Gustavo. “He needs to become my business, he’s sexy,” Amara commented,  making a “rawr” motion in the air. “Mara!” Wyn said harshly, giggling a little, “Hush, he is too old for you.” Amara merely shrugged nonchalantly.

“Is that the other student going with you on this trip? The one talking to Farhan?” Nigel asked half hearing the conversation between the two sisters. “Yeah….Gustavo Rivera, he is a senior,” she said softly. “You didn’t tell me the other student going was a boy. Do you all have a chaperone?” Wyn nodded no, “It’s just us Dad,” she said sheepishly, maybe she should have told him long before now. “I can chaperone!!!” Amara interjected excitedly. Wyn playfully punched her sister in the arm. Nigel’s face scrunched into a frown. Fallon noticed his change in disposition, she turned to her youngest daughter, “Amara. Hush.”


“He’s probably a nice boy hunny,” she rubbed Nigel’s back. “Nice my ass,” he said under his breath.

“I know dad, I know,” Wyn said almost exasperated, “Don’t worry, he’s a jerk, I have no interest,” she half lied. “Well. It doesn’t matter if you have interest or not.” Nigel said in response. “Nigel.” Fallon called her husbands name and gave him a look, “Be nice.”


Farhan felt a low burning anger as he walked up to Gustavo. Jealously was rearing its ugly head and he has no real control over it. He had to let this guy know what was up. “Yo. You stay away from her,” Farhan said aggressively as he approached Gustavo, purposefully keeping his voice low so that no one would overhear.

“Stay away from who???” Gustavo asked sarcastically with an amused look on his face. “You know who I am talking about Tavo. Chill with her,” Farhan was not amused with Gustavo’s response. “Duly noted. Don’t worry sparky.” he grinned wickedly. Farhan wanted to clock the dude in the face, but not here, not in front of Wyn and her parents. “I’m not asking you.” Farhan said with a flash of anger in his voice, “Gus. She’s mine. You stay away from her, or I swear to God…”


“She’s yours? Hahahaha. What are you going to do exactly playboy?” Gustavo challenged, laughing sourly. Han had quite a few ideas of what he would like to do, but he kept his mouth shut. He didn’t need Gustavo running and telling Wyn about any part of this conversation.

Gustavo laughed right in his face, “Relax. Okay chief?” he replied smugly. Fire flared behind Han’s irises, “I just came over to tell you to back off, that’s your only warning,” Han looked Gustavo right in the eyes before returning to the group. “Fuckin prick,” he thought as he walked away, trying to quell his anger before rejoining the group.

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