Episode 17


ep 17

(nsfw under cut)



Their giggling subdued quickly, turning into heavy panting. “I’m going to make sure you remember me,” he whispered in Wyn’s ear. “How?” she asked, her dark eyes taking in his sharp features. Han leaned forward to kiss her. Their tongues moved as if they were one. He loved kissing her, she was always so passionate it made him want to work harder to meet her energy.

Han still couldn’t believe they were sleeping together. Being with her felt like a dream. She felt, tasted and sounded better than any other woman he had ever been with.

He kissed her collarbone, hearing her sigh in contentment. He loved hearing her breathy moans, and felt possessive of them. After all he was the first, and hopefully the last man to ever coax them out of her. Moving to her neck he licked and sucked until he heard her breath lengthen.

His hand trailed down her thighs, feeling their smoothness as he reached for her center. She was always so wet for him, and he reveled in it. Her body jerked harshly when his fingers grazed over her, a moan escaping her lips loudly. “Shhhhh remember?” he said jokingly. Wyn blushed and bit her lip hard. Fuck just looking at her face twisted in pleasure was enough to almost make him blow. He had to hold it together and give her something she wouldn’t forget.

“Han-” she breathed as his fingers worked quickly, she was getting antsy. “Please,” she whimpered having enough of the teasing. “What do you want baby?” he said with a low voice. “Don’t tease me,” she pleaded. She desperately needed him inside of her, but he kept kissing and teasing and teasing and- “But I want to make sure you feel good,” he countered, “I need you to remember this when you get frustrated,” he purred. Wyn shuddered again, her breathing becoming more frantic. He grinned at her, “bend over please,” he said half as question half as a command, she complied. “This is new,” she thought in a haze and she propped herself up on her knee’s.


Han laid kisses down her spine slowly until he reached her lower back. Wyn heard a deep breath and felt his large hands caress her ass. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, reaching between her legs to coat his fingers in her wetness again. Wyn cried out, revealing in the sensation. “Please, Han” she said for what seemed like the 5th time.

He loved hearing her beg, and wanted more. Needing to hear her one last time he started rubbing himself against her slowly. “You want this?” he was so close to plunging into her. “Yes,” she whimpered beneath him.

“Fuck,” he groaned. The sight of her bend over was more than glorious. Her hips tapered out gracefully, the cinch of her waist being accentuated by the position. His hand’s rubbed over her ass again, kneading. He needed to ingrain this sight in his mind forever. It took a moment for him to get himself together. If he had entered her when she requested he would have lost it.


Spreading her open he pressed in slowly, feeling her wetness enveloping him in warmth. She felt so amazing. He could fuck her forever if she would let him. Slowly he moved, giving her time to get used to the new position. After a few moments she was breathing and moaning hard, her face pressed into the mattress. His hips connected with her repeatedly, growing harder and faster with every stroke. Her breathy moans kept him going well past his breaking point. “Shit,” he whispered, looking down at the way her hair bounced around her shoulders.

Her legs started trembling and he knew she was close. He groaned loudly feeling her tighten around him. Not wanting to finish just yet, he stopped and flipped her over on her back.

Wyn was surprised by the sudden change in positions, her mouth opened in protest. Han leaned down and kissed her as he re-entered her. She moaned in his mouth, causing his own to vibrate lightly.

Groaning he sped up, breaking the kiss to sit up fully. He grabbed both of her ankles and rested them on his shoulders. With every forward thrust his hips slammed into hers.


“Wyn,” he called her name for a third time, she beyond was zoned out. Moaning loudly on every exhale. He stopped and her eyes flew open. 

“Shhh, they’re going to hear you, you don’t want that right?” She shook her head no and clamped her hand over her mouth. Han leaned to kiss her forward, his hips rocking back and forth yet again. Hearing her muffled cries sent him over the edge faster than he anticipated. With one final thrust her groaned loudly, finally finding release. Wyn was trembling underneath him.


After awhile, Wyn had fallen soundly asleep, while Han laid wide awake in the small cabin. The dim light of the moon illuminated her freckled skin as it rose slightly with her breathing. Her curly hair covered her face. He peered over at her, noting the drool coming out of her plush lips, “Ha, she must be sleeping good,” he thought smiling to himself.

This had been a long time coming, and he regretted waiting so long. If he had known it would have resulted in this he would have tried a long time ago. But life happens, other women distracted him, her father terrified him and Wyn was just so much herself that he wasn’t sure if he could risk it. Being rejected sucked. Being rejected by your best friend sucked even worse. But now he was content, at least a little. But the more they were together the more he realized he was in love with her and had been for a very long time.


Their bodies fit perfectly together, her personality complimented his….except for the liking nature thing. He would rather be in his room making music, but he’d learned to enjoy the outdoors at least a bit. Because of her. Wyn rolled over, her palm hitting his chest. He loved watching her sleep, there was a beauty there that really shone through when she was resting. Suddenly he felt a pang of sadness, in a few short day’s he wouldn’t get to see this anymore, not for a long time anyway. She’d be thousands of miles away, with Gustavo.

“Ugh,” he snorted, feeling anger rise in his belly. “Of all fuckin people,” he thought growing annoyed. He wished he could convince Wyn to stay, but she was headstrong often played by her own rules. And he loved that about her, but how headstrong could she be with Gustavo around? He had a tendency to getting what he wanted every time. Farhan always had a bit of a harder time going after what he wanted. Evidenced by how long it took him to make a move in the first place.

Sadly there was nothing he could do now, she was leaving, and Gustavo was going. Trying to stop her would result in an outcome that he wasn’t sure would be a positive one. He hoped that the time they spent together would be enough, he hoped he was enough for her. And even though she said she didn’t want to be in a relationship or anything, he hoped that maybe just maybe he could convince her to make some sort of commitment to him before she left. He needed her to know that she belonged to him now. She was always talking about not being a piece of property that was to be owned, but now he really couldn’t see her as anything but his.

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