Episode 16


episode 16

  August 26th,

*loud giggling and laughing*

“…okay okay okay, never have I ever…” Billie paused to think, her chin pointing towards the star filled sky, “never have I ever stolen money from my mom’s purse!” The laughs turned into howling when Billie, Farhan and Jasmine all brought their shot glasses to their lips. The campfire burned brightly, illuminating the small cabins standing behind them. Bronwyn sat there smirking and feeling giddy, “You were all horribleee!!! How could you steal money from your moms!?” she said loudly bumping Jasmine on the shoulder. “Listen, my stepmom was always loaded okay? I was a growing boy I needed snacks,“ Farhan replied. Billie shook her head, “I was 7, I really wanted this Bratz doll and she wouldn’t let me get it! So I took my little happy behind, got the money out her purse and bought it one day while out with my Daddy. Mom found out and made me return it,” giggling ensued. “Damn Billie,” Jasmine snorted loudly, “Wyn, you come to tell me you’ve never stolen money from Aunt Fallon. Stop lyin!!” Wyn looked around at her smiling friends faces, she would miss them so much. This camping trip was Billie’s idea, one last get together before school started back and Wyn went abroad. It was bittersweet, she was excited, yes, But she was leaving behind her best friends, her pregnant mother and so many other things that were important to her. “Nope! I got everything I wanted, I didn’t need too,” she stuck her tongue out at Jasmine.


“Hey! It’s not my fault I have two big head brothers,” she retorted getting angry. “I didn’t say it wa-” Billie interrupted Wyn’s response to her cousin heading off a petty argument. “NEXT question! Now’s time to get a little spicy…..Never have I ever……kissed on the first date.” Everyone took another shot, giggling. Jasmine piped up, “My turn!!!! Hmmmm,” her hand went to her small chin, “Never have I ever….mm had a crush in Eric Prado,” she swooned while everyone else groaned in jest. “Omg Jasmine, he’s hot but cool your jets chica!!! Havn’t ya’ll been on a date already???” Billie wrapped her arm around her friend, drunkenly pointing in her face.


Wyn shook her head glancing at Farhan, he gave her a wink and she blushed slightly. The alcohol making her already rosy cheeks a deeper red. Billie noticed the exchange and walked over to nudge Jasmine, they whispered to each other for a moment Jasmine’s eyebrows raising with deep interest, “I have a good one!!!” she exclaimed, “K…never have I ever…slept with my best friend!” Wyn and Farhan both looked like deer caught in the headlines, Jasmine started giggling uncontrollably while Billie sat there with a knowing smile on her face. “W-what do you mean?” Wyn asked started, giving Farhan a “did you say anything to them?” look. Jasmine saw the look and laughed harder, “WE HEARD YOU LAST NIGHT,” she said loudly, mimicking moaning noises.


Wyn blushed deeply and Farhan just sat there with his head in his palm. “Bow chicka wow wowww,”  Billie sang dancing next to Bronwyn. Not able to contain her giggles, she swatted at her goofy friend, “Shut uppp!!! You didn’t hear anything!” she exclaimed trying to deny the allegations. “I dunno Wyn you were pretty loud….,”Farhan interjected, grinning. Wyn looked at him shocked, “Whatever that’s your fault!” she complained. His hands went in the air in self defense, “Hey, I didn’t say it wasn’t,” he tried to compose his laughter. “So, anyway. Bronwyn. How was our wonderful Han?,” Billie teased. Wyn shook her head, “Nope! I’m not telling! I’m Not!!!”Jasmine and Billie boo’d.


“Aw come on, we have been waiting for this for like….forever,” Jasmine whined. “Wait what do you mean forever,” Wyn asked confused. Her eyes darted over to Farhan who was sitting there silent. “What do you mean forever????” she asked again, Billie cleared her throat, “UHmmmmmmm he’s been in love with you since 10th grade Wyn….” she said as if it was undeniable history. “Wait, is this true Han?” she turned to her now blushing friend. “Yeahhh…” he muttered softly. Wyn sat back in her folding chair. Since 10th grade??? How had she missed it all this time??? “Really? Han why didn’t you say anything before???” she turned to her fire headed friend. “Never mind that, you didn’t notice him following around like a puppy dog all these years???” Billie asked accusingly.

Wyn felt embarrassed and shook her head no. Han spoke up when he noticed her demeanor change, “Its alright though,” he smiled at her putting her at ease. Jasmine and Billie merely looked at each other still snickering, “We aren’t giving you any details!” Han exclaimed, “But now that you know. Wyn is sleeping in my cabin for the remainder of this camping trip,” he said confidently. Billie and Jas gave a couple teasing yelps.


Later that night…

“It doesn’t feel like your leaving on Friday,” Han said gazing at Wyn’s partially illuminate face. “I know, it’s so weird,” she replied, she had been keeping her voice low ever since Jasmine and Billie put her on blast. Han sighed loudly, “You sure you have to go? You can’t stay here? I’m sure there are plenty of rocks around here that you can crack open for treasures.” 

Wyn laughed lightly, “There are lots of rocks around here but its not the same Han. This is legit my dream, when will I ever get another opportunity like this?”

“I don’t know….you go out to a lot of excavation sites once you get into the field right? Go then.” he whined.

“Han.” Wyn said sternly, “This means a lot to me.”

“I know. I know. But. Why does Rivera have to go. He’s going to try to steal you from me you know that right?”he replied looking deeply into her eyes, “I can’t just…let you go with him like this.” He started kissing down her belly.

“I am not going anywhere with him. This is me going for myself. Who knows. We might be so busy that I never see him. And I don’t belong to anyone Han. You know that.” Farhan sighed again looking distressed.

On one hand Wyn was growing annoyed by him, he was being possessive and jealous. It was a trait she didn’t particularly like. But could she blame him? Since 10th grade? With the very alpha Gustavo attempting stealing some of the spotlight? He had a reason to be acting this way, but it still annoyed her. She wasn’t a piece of property to be owned by anyone. Quelling her annoyance she sat in his lap looking down on him.


“So since 10th grade huh?” she asked softly after a stint of silence. “Mmmhmmm,” he replied softly while removing her bra, “since 10th grade.”

“Why’d you wait till now?” she asked innocently, honestly trying to figure out why it had been put off for so long.

“I saw the amount of guy’s you declined. I didn’t want to be part of that list. Plus if I am going to be honest? Like your dad scares the living shit out of me. I know him and Pops were cool back in the day but…Dad says they went through some cause of my Mom and it’s kinda lingered all these years. Wyn couldn’t think of her father as scary. To her he was a big teddy bear. Maybe it was all of his tattoo’s, then again she really hadn’t ever seen Han and her father alone together.

“I see,” she murmured, thinking. “What made you notice me after all these years?” he asked, turning on his side to look at her fully. Wyn’s heart skipped a beat and she thought for a moment.

“I dunno. Probably at Eric’s party. I don’t know why I’ve always skipped out on your sets. I’m sorry,” her eyes closed for a second re imagining that night. The floor shaking beneath her feet from the heavy bass. The lights turning everything variations of red, orange, blue and yellow. Watching Han’s body bounce to the beat. “That was a great night,” he said in remembrance, “but you know what was a better night?”

“What night was that?” she asked gazing up at him.


“When I made you do this,” he looked up and kissed her gently, first her lips and then her neck. A low moan escaped her lips. “Hmm, it didn’t quite sound like that,” he said suckling on that spot just below her jaw.. Wyn moaned louder, the sound turning into a giggle, “Han! Stop it,” she cried playfully, “I don’t want them to hear again that’s so embarrassing,” she pushed against his chest in jest.

    “Oh? I’m sorry. My bad,” he said grinning. Quickly he flipping her over on her back, so he was on top. He then removed her shorts and started kissing around her belly. Wyn sighed enjoying the feeling of his feather like kissing along her hips. “I’m going to miss you,” he said kissing down her thighs, “a lot.” Han left a trail of kisses from her thighs to her hips to her belly, eventually landing on her full lips. “I’m going to miss you too,” she replied in a sigh. It was a honest statement, she would miss him, but the excitement of the trip trumped everything else.

Over the past month or so they had hooked up at least once a week…usually on their normally scheduled Sunday hangouts. Wyn felt a little more in control of herself when they were together, she started understanding what she liked and disliked and felt a little more confident as time went on. Sometimes she would think about Gustavo when they were together. The biting, his dominating nature and the roughness of it all sent her heart racing. Han on the other hand was gentle and accommodating. Sex with him was always more than satisfying, but damnit if the idea of being with Gustavo didn’t linger in the back of her mind.

The biggest problem with sex period, was now that she had gotten a taste, it was like the had an insatiable craving for it. She found herself daydreaming about often. Her thoughts jumbling all her new experiences into a big tangled mess. Sometimes she would picture Han, sometimes she would picture Gustavo. Sometimes both at the same time. How she would survive being celibate for 15 weeks she wasn’t sure. But this time around, with a bit more experience under her belt she wouldn’t let herself give in so easily to Gustavo’s advances, at least she hoped.

Han kissed her neck again and her mind went blank, her anxiety and jumbled thoughts about the upcoming trip drifting away. “How are you going to miss me?” he asked against her ear, he was drawing small circles around her exposed belly button. “What do you mean?” she asked slightly confused. “Well- what are you going to do when you get…excited?” he asked his hand moving to take off her panties. “Hmmmmm, I don’t know..” she said honestly, his fingers continuing to ignite want within her. “I’m not going to be able to come over and fix it again,” he grinned, motioning for her to sit up so he could take off her shirt. “I think I know how to fix it myself now” she teased in response, “but I might need something to remember you by.”


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