Episode 15


     Thursday morning, Wyn and Gustavo found themselves back in Longacre’s office. “What a comprehensive plan you’ve put together,” Longacre mused as he went over their schedule outline. Gustavo grinned widely, “Yeah we put a lot of work in on this, hoped you’d like it.”

Wyn said nothing, instead shooting him a “you lying sack of shit” look.

     “Thanks professor,” she said turning to Longacre.

     “You don’t have to follow this to the T however, allow some time for exploration and unexpected events,” he said looking at them both. Gustavo gave Bronwyn a knowing wink, grinning like he had just won a prize or something.

Wyn had a hard time keeping her thoughts purely on their meeting. Images of that night kept flashing in her mind. How dare he think he can touch her like that. Even now, he was sitting way too close to her, his knee tapping hers occasionally as his leg shook out of habit. Things were getting tingly that didn’t need to be. Frustrating.


     “For sure prof,” she responded, pushing the thoughts aside ignoring the boy beside her. Longacre sat back in his chair,

     “Now that this is done, there are just a few things you need to sign and then we will be able to release your tickets and hostel information. Unfortunately, the original location has fallen through, but I was able to secure a 2 bedroom bungalow not too far from village. That should suffice for the both of you,” he proceeded to rustle papers around, grabbing pens and having them sign on dotted lines.

Worry clouded Wyn’s face, they weren’t going to be in a group hostel? She was going to be all alone with him for 15 weeks? “Fuck,” she thought, hoping that the doors were lockable. Gustavo was so cocky she knew he would try again eventually, and to be honest she wasn’t too sure she would be able to withstand the temptation. So she had to avoid him all together. No contact, no talking and certainly no hanging out alone. Not until they absolutely had to in a few months.

Wyn asked a question to change the subject, “So we are meeting with a….Mathias Tran…who is he exactly?”

Longacre smiled remembering his old friend, “Mathias Tran was an alumni of this program and is currently the onsite coordinator for the Archaeology Association. He moved to Selvadorada over 15 years ago to study the Temple of Belomisa and the surrounding temples- which you will be surveying on your trip. He gave me word that some of the path’s have been cleared as of recent due to the new developments in the area – he actually owned a bookstore in Brindleton Bay with his ex-wife Melissa for a bit before he became an expat. He is a bit eccentric but you’ll  get used to it.”


     Wyn sat back in her chair in wonder, she was close to finally living her dream, traveling to a new country and spending an abundance of time understanding and learning about its deepest secrets. With this opportunity she would actually get to meet someone who was living that out. “Is there anything you can tell us about the Temple of Belomisa?” Wyn asked, “We had a hard time finding any information about it online.”

Furrowing his brow, Longacre sat back in his chair thinking, “You know? I don’t know much off the top of my head, this is still such a new development for everyone in the field. Up until about 5 years ago, the damage from the storm of ‘78 kept us from doing much. Theres limited information, but whatever information there is to be had? I know Mathias has it. You should connect with him within your first 3 days there. The first day or two should be spent acclimating with the area, which you have allocated for as per your schedule. Gustavo, I know you speak spanish fluently-” Gustavo nodded, “Great, then I can count on you to translate if need be. Correct?”Longacre continued. “Of course,” Gustavo answered, relaxing in his seat.

God she was so close to going from being annoyed by, to hating his self-righteous guts. If only she could get her body to agree with her. She glancing at him from the corner of her eye, her gaze lingering on him longer than she intended. She would really have to keep herself in check around him.


     He had the audacity to make her feel that way, that deep lustful that had easily distracted her from how awful he could be. What the hell was he even saying? Suck his cock? A filthy mouth? He acted like he’d never been cussed out by a woman before. Even so just thinking of his voice speaking those words made her blush unintentionally. Gustavo caught her staring and winked.

Quickly she looked away, he had to have lost his ever loving mind. Now she understood what Han meant when he said to stay away from him.

The thought of Farhan caused a pang of anxiety to hit her. He could never find out that even a tiny something happened between her and Gustavo. She couldn’t imagine what his reaction would be, and shuddered at the thought. He would be devastated.

She tried to focusing her attention back on Longacre. He was saying something about how amazing this opportunity would be, and how he was excited to be sending two of his two top students. The meeting ended quickly after that, with a final congrats and a “good luck this summer”.


     Wyn didnt linger, almost bolting out of Longacre’s office after shaking his hand and thanking him for the thousandth time. She had to try to avoid Gustavo if at all possible.

Quickly, she excited the faculty office building, and was walking briskly down the sidewalk back to her dorm when she heard him behind her, “Bronwyn, wait up!” he called. She sped up a bit.

     “Hey!!” he yelled jogging up beside her, “Are you ignoring me?” he asked slowing to match her pace. Wyn looked at him out of the corner of her eye but said nothing. He stepped in front of her, almost making her walk right into him,

     “Why are you ignoring me?” he asked blocking her path. She looked at him with arms crossed and a look of annoyance on her face, fuck he looked good.


     “What the hell do you mean why am I ignoring you? You thought it was okay to just feel up on me?! And take credit for the schedule? You had nothing to do with it other than say, ‘oh lets have some time to party’” her words tumbled toward him.

He leaned forward with a look of amusement on his face, “Alright. I’m sorry about the schedule thing. But, If I remember correctly, you weren’t complaining one bit the other night. So what would have happened if my phone hadn’t rang?” his scent wafting towards her making her feel dizzy. Mocha and allspice. Wyn shook her head to try to clear her mind, “Nothing. Nothing would have happened, cause your an arrogant prick.”


     Gustavo smirked, “Are you sure? Because I am pretty sure you really enjoyed it. Sure sounded like it,” his voice was low again and he took a step closer to her, seductive and wanting.

“Well…..I-I didn’t. Plus didn’t you have some other woman lined up? Your so unbelievable, if you think I am that stupid,” she responded with a tinge of anger and embarrassment.

A flash of confusion swept over his face then recognition, “Another woman lined up? Who Claudia???” he laughed loudly, “Claudia is my dad’s girlfriend. I had no other plans other than being with you. And I think, if we hadn’t been interrupted, you wouldn’t have been anywhere else but with me,” he replied, his grey eyes flashed as if lightning struck behind them.

     “Why is he so fucking full of himself?? I would have had no other plans…pft…” she thought annoyed. But then she really thought about it, would she really have walked away? Sadly she knew what the answer was.


     “Well – I don’t appreciate being fondled like that,” she moved to walk around him. It was a half lie. Compared to Han he was more demanding, he didn’t ask for her to tell him what she wanted. Its like he instinctively knew just what to do, and how to do it. Dangerous territory. “If you will excuse me I have to get to class,” she said attempting to walk past him.

     “Wait,” he said grabbing her arm. She froze. What the fuck did he want now?And why didn’t he feel the need to keep touching her? “You don’t think we need to get to know each other a little better before we go on this trip?” he asked with a hopeful look on his face.

     “I really don’t think so,” she countered trying to stay in control, “I learned everything there is to know about you. You’re an asshole who thinks you can just do whatever you want. Whenever you want.” she was shaking out of anger but mostly out of frustration. “And just so you know. What happened between us? It won’t happen again. See you in a couple months,” she walked around him, leaving him standing in the middle of the sidewalk.


     Running his hand through his short curly hair he watched her shapely form walk further and further away from him. “Mierda” he mumbled. He wanted to run after her again, but what good would that do? He truly did have the intention of getting to know her, but because of their little…..thing, she thought he was up to no good. Appropriate response, he was very much up to no good.

Nonetheless, when she showed up at his apartment he was surprised she even came. The look on her face in the coffee shop left him wondering if she would really show. Just before she arrived he had just gotten home from the gym and needed to change, leaving her in his living room for longer than he intended. Not a huge problem, it opened up the perfect opportunity for him to make his move.

The alcohol question was tried and true. He knew that she came over only to get the schedule ready, but he had to shoot his shot, find out what kinda of chick she was. Most of the girls he brought back chose tequila or rum. 99% of them were down to fuck.

So Wyn self labeling herself as bougie just made him want to knock her down a few pegs. Just to make it worse she pulled out this detailed schedule, explaining the in’s and out’s of their proposed days to him with that enticing voice of hers. He could begin to see why Longacre and the department chose her to go. The schedule itself was impressive with the limited amount of information they had, but he couldn’t let her know that. He had to stay in control no matter the means. So? Shot number 2, no woman could resist being pulled into one of the sexiest dances known to man.


     But then she started arguing with him, calling him a man-child, and an asshole, her freckles growing dark across her face as she grew flustered. She really did have a filthy mouth and he really hadn’t ever had a woman speak to him like that before. So in a flash of anger and arousal he made his final move. Saying and doing whatever he could to get her going.

Once he had her against the wall it was over, he felt how easily she gave in. Like she was craving it. The excitement of it all ended with her nipple in his mouth and her panting heavily. He wished it was more than that. Damn he wished it was more than that.

Even the short time they spent in Longacre’s office together left him wanting to bend her over the large wooden desk, her screams of pleasure muffled by his hand over her mouth. She would look so good in a gag.

That look she threw him as they thanked Longacre for the accolades was terrifying and arousing. It was just like the look she gave him a few moments ago. She was so hot when she was irritated. Sighing he turned in the opposite direction, headed for the gym. He had to get rid of his frustration somehow.

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