Episode 14


Episode 14

A week and a half later….

Gustavo hadn’t texted Bronwyn once about their assignment and it was due to Professor Longacre within the next few days. At first, Wyn didn’t mind, she had no desire to see or hang out with him but as the deadline loomed she grew nervous.

     “So did you ever go on that date with Rivera??” Billie asked, rebraiding the ends of her long twists. They were sitting at the park after class, watching the fireflies appear. “Nah, that asshole stood me up…we had the meeting in the library but that was it. It went fine, but he annoys the hell out of me….arrogant asshole,” Wyn replied, laying back on the picnic table. “But he is so fine Wyn. You lucky bitch,” Billie looked over at her with a wicked smile on her face, “Listen, if you don’t want him I would be more than happy to take a bit of that spicy dark chocolate.” Wyn laughed loudly, “Yea, sure. Have at it. I’m not interested.” Billie sucked her teeth, “Why you lyin like that??? You know you think hes a snack, don’t kid yourself ok?” Grinning Wyn shook her head, “Yeah whatever,” she responded. Not verbally wanting to confirm Billie’s statement.


     Wyn loved hanging out with Billie when she could, unlike Farhan and Jasmine, they knew each other on a different level and she could often tell her things that she couldn’t tell anyone else. “Gustavo Riveraaaa”, Billie said rolling the ‘R’, “girl have you heard him speak spanish? Jesussssss” she waved her hand in the air like a church goer agreeing with the Pastor. Thinking for a moment Wyn realized she hadn’t and was thankful for it, she didn’t need him being annoying or anything else in another language. “I have not. I hope I wont ever,” she said standing as she brushed off her clothes and checked her phone, “I got go to work, you wanna walk me to my car?” she asked her friend. Billie hopped up, “Mind as well, I could use a double espresso myself….” she elbowed Wyn hoping she would get the hint. “Yeah yeah…I’ll get you your coffee you addict,” Wyn teased. Billie smiled widely, “Thanks boo. I got 20 bucks to last me till next week.”


     After completing her full shift Wyn was exhausted. Finals were always hectic, especially at the coffee shop. Hordes of sleep deprived students came to the Bean to feed their caffeine addiction, staying awake for days in order to binge study. Wyn was about to clock out when she saw him saunter in, “Ugh,” she huffed to herself. Gustavo looked around the shop before settling his eyes on her, he walked over to her slowly. Wyn tried to look everywhere but at him, fiddling with the espresso machine instead.


     “Ms. Bronwyn, how are you?” Gustavo’s baritone voice wafted to her, it sounded like rumbling thunder. “Fine…..How can I help you?” she asked almost exasperated. “I’d like a iced mocha, no sugar. And that date.”Rolling her eyes she gave him the total, ignoring his last comment. “So…no date then?” he asked teasingly.

“You stood me up last time, and instead of going on a date we should be finishing that project proposal. It’s due on on Thursday,” she responded flatly. He grinned sheepishly, as if he forgot, “Oh yeah. That. Sure. Let’s do that instead yea?” he winked, watching her make his drink. She finished with quickness, he needed to get out of her face, “Here you go,” she said setting it on the counter in front of him. “Your not going to hand it to me like you did your last customer? How rude. I should let your manager know your customer service skills are lacking.“


     Wyn felt heat rise between her ears, she picked the beverage up and handed it to him, “Here is your drink SIR, have a great day!” she gave a fake smile. Reaching out to grab the cup, he purposefully brushed his fingers against her hand, “Thank you,” he said his grey eyes meeting hers. They were spotted with golden flakes today. “Come over tonight, we will bang it out. The project I mean,” he said before walking away. She felt a chill spread through her body.

There was that throbbing between her legs again. Which seemed to have grown more needy over the past week or so. “Oh come on, he’s so gross,” she thought, cursing herself. Quickly cleaning up so she could clock out, she wanted to get this over with.

Annoyed that he would assume she would just come over, she headed home to change. “Arrogant asshole,”she mumbled as she headed to her car. If this was the only way it was going to get done she thought she would take the risk.

(nsfw under cut)



     A few hours later, Wyn was sitting on Gustavo’s couch. He lived off campus with Eric Prado, which meant Wyn had to go to SanMy, find street parking, pay for street parking and hope her car would be there when she was ready to leave. They lived on the top floor of the apartment building, which she assumed was ridiculously expensive, as it was the only apartment on the floor. It was a total bachelor pad. Wyn wasn’t too impressed. Large dark furniture cluttered the room,but the large windows displayed a beautiful view of the city which drew her attention as she waited.

Upon arrival, Gustavo had welcomed her then immediately retreated to his room for what he claimed, “would only be a minute” however it was close to 15 minutes before he re-emerged. He exited his bedroom having changed out of his outfit from earlier. He was wearing loose grey sweats and a very tight fitting A-shirt. The muscles in his upper body rippled as he walked. “Shit,” she thought to herself. Making note of the way his body moved, deliberately and with a smoothness that made it appear as if he was floating.


     “I’m making a drink, you want one? Will loosen you up, which might do you some good,” he asked walking over to his home bar and pouring a glass full of what looked like scotch. “Not a scotch drinker, thanks though,”she replied turning back to the notebook that was rested beside her. ”Stop staring Wyn,” she thought to herself.

     “Oh. I have gin, tequila, rum, you name it,” he paused glancing in her direction, ”You know. What a person drinks says a lot about them. Scotch? It’s a man’s drink. Bold. Robust. Demanding. Tequila? Tequila drinkers are lowkey always ready to fuck and party, same with Rum. Gin is for bougie bitches,” his eyes caught with hers for a moment, “So which are you Bronwyn Gunderson?”


     Knowing that he was going to make a comment no matter what she drank (or didn’t), she choose gin (her favorite drink was gin and juice, specifically with lime seltzer water). Maybe it would give her the fortitude to get this done and over with.

     “Ah so your a bougie bitch. Fitting,” a flash of annoyance crossed his face as he poured her a short glass of Tanquery. Wyn watched him carefully, making sure that he didn’t slip anything other than ice into the drinks. He sauntered over, placing the glass on the coffee table between them, sipping his own making a loud, “Ahhhhhh”sound, rolling the whiskey around in his mouth. She watched his jaws move in slow circles, his lips shiny, and plump.


     “So. I assume that your little notebook there has a outline for the full 15 weeks?” he asked, leaning back wide legged on the couch across from her.  Wyn nodded, excited to finally get started. “Yeah!” she handed him a copy she had made for him. “This lists out what we should/can do each day down to the hour. I don’t know what Longacre prefers so I have a couple different versions. I think it’s pretty comprehensive and we will get a lot done!” Gustavo looked over her plan, frowning for most of it.

When she was done he stood up to stretch, his A shirt rose a few inches revealing his smooth toned belly and sprinkle of hair traveling down towards his- “Ugh. What do we HAVE to do for the grade?” Wyn looked down at her notebook quickly, 


    “Well, we have to authenticate any items we find on our digs, and help archive the texts in the museum. That will take up most of our time. Other than that we have to-” Gustavo cut her off, “You should put on here a trip nightly to the local cantina. How else are we going to get information from locals? We should also- and write this down. Make lots of time for doing absolutely nothing. This is also my vacation. Where is the joy of only doing work? You should learn to lighten up a bit, have some fun,” he grabbed her hand pulling her up and away from the couches guiding her in a slow tango. He was a very strong lead, moving her body fluidly, his large hand rested low on her waist. That annoying tingling sensation returned, this time lingering around her hips as he gripped them with some force.


“Is this how you assume all women want to be woo’d?” Wyn asked, pulling away and crossing her arms.

“Not all…but some. Though, I admit Bronwyn your a tough nut to crack. But. I have a whole semester to play with you,” he teased a wicked grin playing across his lips. He walked towards her causing her to back into a nearby wall.


     “I don’t like being toyed with by an annoying man-child. I came over to work on this project not be seduced, so honestly? Fuck you.” she said irritated.

     “Pobrecita (Poor baby), I am annoying you?” he whined, grinning and moving closer and pinning her arms to the wall behind her.

     “Yes, your fucking annoying,” Wyn confirmed, attempting to stand her ground, she wasn’t going to let this boy intimidate her.

     “You can have a filthy little mouth can’t you?” he grinned looking her up and down slowly, his eyes lingering on the rising and falling of her chest. He smirked, “If I am so annoying why does your breathing get heavy when I get close to you? Huh mami?” She hadn’t realized that her breathing patterns had changed, but they had and her chest was heaving slightly. A familiar tautness pressed against her bra.

     “Why are you trying to fight it?” He purred in her ear. His breath was warm and he smelled like a mixture of mocha, allspice, scotch and lust. “Fuck he smells good,“ she thought inhaling his scent. It was almost as intoxicating as the gin.


     “Hmm mami? Sabes que me deseas, (You know you want me)” he whispered his lips hovering dangerously close to hers, his thumb caressed her chin, “See, I know about girls like you…You think you have it all figured out, but all you really need is a man to tell you what’s what. Puedo ayudarte con eso… (I can help you with that…),“ he looked her up and down again, his strong hand finding her hip. It felt almost like sandpaper, but smooth in some parts but rough in others. No doubt from the rock climbing.

Wyn couldn’t help but imagine what they would feel like on other parts of her body.

His eyes searched her’s for a moment and she became captivated by his grey eyes. Behind them she could almost see whirlpools, threatening to pull her under. “If your a good girl I’ll let you suck my cock with that dirty mouth of yours,” he breathed against her neck. His forefinger and thumb gripped her hip hard, pulling her lower half towards his. The feeling of his stocky body against hers made her feel faint, like she was being pulled underwater. The pressure across her body sending waves of tingles through her.


     Then she felt his lips on her neck. She froze, solid as ice. Inhaling sharply. A voice in the back of her mind kept asking her what she was doing, but she barely acknowledged it. It was like her body went on autopilot.

His grip became harder on her hip as his tongue dragged along her jaw. A small stray moan escaped her lips. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” she thought frantically. It was like her mind was glitching, her body responding only to the command of his movements. Why did it have to feel so good?

     “Hmm??“ he hummed against her neck, biting her neck randomly as he continued. “You love it. No? Let me give it to you…”

When he found the soft spot just below her ear she moaned loudly. “Damn. You sound so sexy,” he growled in her ear, biting her earlobe. Her knees buckled. He started kissing and nibbling on her neck harder, pressing his hardon against her belly. Another moan slipped out and that familiar pulsing between her leg intensified instantly. She could feel him smile against her neck. “You like being bitten? You dirty girl,” he groaned, “I bet your soaking wet right now.”


     “Fuck. What the hell does he think hes doing?!“ she thought in a haze, moans still spilling out of her body.

     “Sounds like someone needs a proper fuck,” his voice lowered to a growl. “I would love fuck that bougie attitude right out of you. Make you scream my name. Over and over-” he whispered, his lips still attached to her neck. Wyn gasped, his thumb on one hand was slowly pushing its way down her jeans. Rubbing her hip bone in small circles. Fingering the top of her panties.

The other hand had found itself drawing lines around the top of her bra, fondling her roughly. Her nipples strained harder against the fabric desperate to be touched. Suddenly both of his hands moved to slide the straps of her tank top down her shoulders. He pulled her top down and started kissing down her chest. Wyn mutely watched panting heavily. “You have such pretty tits,” he said under his breath as he kneaded them with both hands. Her eyes fell closed and she pushed her chest out to meet his touch.

After a moment he groaned again and he pushed the padded fabric of her bra aside forcefully, taking a nipple it in his mouth. Wyn gasped loudly and her palm which had been flush on the wall behind her found the back of his head urging him to keep going. He complied rolling his tongue around her erect nipple slowly. He was about to bite down when a phone rang loudly.


     They both snapped to attention. Gustavo pulled away frowning, taking his cell out of some hidden pocket in his sweats turning and walking away slowly, “Allo? Claudia? Qué pasa, chica? Qué quieres decir tú… ~sí, sí. Bien. Dónde??? Por qué mierda estás… – no importa. Voy a buscarte. Quédate allí. (Allo? Claudia? What’s up? What do you mean… yes, yes. All right. Where??? Why the fuck are you- it does not matter. I’m going to look for you Stay there.)”

Wyn had no idea what he said, but it involved some woman named Claudia. She was infinitely happy that he was not 2 inches away from her. Sort of. She was in a panic, completely turned on and completely irate. His voice broke her train of thought.


     His cheeks were flush and the look of frustration on his face was severe. “I have something I need to take care of. I’m sure you’ll make the appropriate changes to the schedule,” he closed the distance between them one last time, “Don’t worry, we will play more later,” his hand rose and his thumb gently stroked the bottom of her lip, “If you can be a good girl that is,” he bit his lip seductively then turned for his bedroom,


     “The door will lock behind you,” he said waving her off. Adjusting her shirt quickly, she ran over to the couch to grab her notebook and keys. Wyn quickly exited, her heart pounding. She was pissed, flustered and more important aggravated. Who the hell did he think he was? and “What the fuck was that?”

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