Episode 13


Episode 13

(nsfw. ep under cut)


That night Bronwyn was restless. Her bed felt uncomfortable, the tingling sensation between her legs had lingered since dinner. It persisted, almost mocking her as she tried to keep her mind on things other than what she wanted done to her.

Finally tired of trying to fight the feeling her hand rubbed over the top of her panties. Maybe there was something she could do to fix her frustrations. Closing her eyes she thought of Farhan, and what his fingers did the night before. She tried to mimic those movements, sliding her finger tips in and out slowly, feeling her wetness coat her hand. It felt, good, but not as good. It just  wasn’t the same. So she grew more and more frustrated.


Adjusting her position on the bed she tried something else, a moan escaped her lips when her fingers found her clit. Startled by her own voice, she stopped.

Did she really sound like that??? It was breathy and high pitched, it almost reminded her of birds chirping in the early morning. Her voice floated out of her body, reverberating in the air, its soft soprano pitched notes circling back to her ears.

Slowly she started again, and a pulsing sensation in her gut started growing at an agonizingly slow pace. Her arousal was like a wildfire, slow to start but burning quickly, engulfing her whole body with heat and want. She tried to pick up her speed, moving her fingers in circles, pressing harder. It felt better the faster she went and a moan escaped her lips again, this time she didn’t let the sound make her pause.


It felt so good, even better when she thought of Han’s tongue sliding over her. Her body flinched hard remembering the feeling. Wyn bit her lip hard, groaning through it, her breaths becoming more ragged. Release felt so close, as she tried to keep a steady rhythm. There was a deep aching sensation that needed to be filled. Her body vibrated, demanding for release. So she tried again, three fingers this time, in and out slowly. After a few minutes of positioning and repositioning her hand, she found it. A soft smooth patch of flesh, throbbing intensely, soaked and clenching around her fingers. Groaning she pressed against it again harder her movements turning into a frenzy. Unfortunately, release hid itself from her, promising to come lightyears from now. “Fuck “ she thought, stopping frustrated. Her fingers weren’t large enough, or moving fast enough or hard enough….and now there was another sensation building that couldn’t be satiated with just her fingers.


Removing he hand she moved to lay on her side huffing, more uncomfortable than she had been before. Staring at her window, she shut her eyes tightly, attempting to count sheep…maybe that would force her mind out of the gutter it was in. After about 5 minutes of that she huffed again, laying on her back. “Fuck,” she said out loud this time, reaching over the grab her phone. It took her a moment for her eyes to adjust and for her to send a text,

[“Hanni? You awake???”].

Setting her phone back on her nightstand, she pretended as if she hadn’t sent the text, instead still trying to will her sensitive body to sleep. She was almost successful when she heard her text tone ding. Quickly she picked up her phone and checked the messages, there was one from Han. 

[Yeah, workin on some beats, you good???].

Hesitating before answering she took a deep breath, 

[Can’t sleep….Can you come over?????].

Wyn set the phone on the nightstand again, afraid to read his answer. His response was almost immediate,


Wyn smiled internally, pulling her covers close, her feet brushed against each other as the pulsing sensation in her gut grew. After about 10 minutes (although it felt like an eternity), Han knocked on her door. Throwing her covers to her side, she jumped up racing for the door, slowing down considerably as she unlocked it. She could not let him see her desperation.


Han’s sleepy eyes met hers when she opened the it, his eyes dropped immediately to her chest, taking in her tied t-shirt and noticing that her nipples which grown hard from the cool air in her room. “Can’t sleep still?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. He walked past her, plopping down on the edge of her bed. “Not really,” she responded sitting next to him. “Can you just lay with me?” she asked, too shy still to ask for what she really wanted. Han gave her an odd look, and nodded positioning himself behind her as she laid on her side. He let his arm drape over her waist, his breath hot on the back of her neck.

Wyn pushed herself against him, feeling the solidness if his chest, breathing in the faint smell of his mountain breeze scented deodorant.

They laid there for a moment silent and still. Wyn’s body grew hot, taking on the heat of the man next to her. She sighed softly, wiggling her ass against him, pretending to try and get more comfy. As she pushed back onto him she heard his breath catch, he was rock hard already.


    “Bronwyn,” Han breathed against the back of her neck. “Hmm????” she questioned, pretending that she had not been grinding her ass against him. Chuckling, his hand slid to the front of her tummy, reaching for her panty-line. “You seem restless…you need some help?” he asked. Wyn did not respond, a smile playing on her lips as she laid there. Slowly Farhan adjusted his position so that Bronwyn was flat on her back, and he leaned over her. By now Wyn was on fire, desire coated her skin and her need for release intensified. “Tell me what you want,” he whispered, leaning close to her ear and reaching up grope her breast. He started pinching her erect nipple through her shirt and she groaned. He stopped, “You gotta tell me what you want Wyn,” he said matter-o-factly. With a flush face she tried to will herself to say what they wanted, but it was as if her words were taken from her the only thing she could do was moan in response.

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