Hi Sundai!!! If your still taking requests I would LOVE a YA, Male Sim. Random traits are fine. Human. As far as how he looks, decently tanned, jet black hair (doesnt matter length), maybe a few facial piercings? has heterochromia in one eye. it can be a public upload. His first name is Ray/


Ray Stafford 
YA MALE, Human

His backstory is an uncertain one, he is a soft romantic, who loves going for a jog along the beach, might even catch him out in the ocean if it were possible to do so, he comes from somewhere around Oasis Springs or Brindleton Bay but what we do know is he one hell of a cook!

CC: Skin Overlay, Eye, Heterochromia, Top, Jeans, Plugs, Piercing, Beard, Eyebrows, (Additional facial piercings that I just found) 1/2

Enjoy Him ♥

Download SFS (NO ADLFY) 

<3333333 yay! @sundaisims thank you hes amazing!!!!

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