Episode 10

     An hour and a half later, Wyn and Fallon were sitting at Las Casa’s. The restaurant was almost a staple of her childhood. They came here every week or so to grab dinner when Fallon got tired of cooking. Wyn sat across from her Mom, listening to her talk about Amara in school, her father’s work in Newcrest and about some new plants she was growing in her garden. 


     Wyn was only half listening, pushing around the food on her plate, her mind was elsewhere. “You okay sweetie? You look distressed,” Fallon asked, realizing that her daughter wasn’t paying attention to anything she was saying. “Yeah…Mom, I’m okay,” Bronwyn looked up and smiled at her mother.

“Are you sure? You look like there is something on your mind,” Fallon took a bite of her taco casserole. Bronwyn sighed deeply, putting her fork down, 

“Can I ask you somethin?” Fallon looked up, her eyes softening at the sight of her daughter before her, 

“Shoot hon,” Bronwyn kept her eyes on her plate as she spoke, “How did you….know you were in love with dad?” Surprised by the question, Fallon sat for a moment thinking before she spoke, 

“Do you want the honest answer or the PG-13 answer?” Bronwyn looked up at her mother and giggled slightly, “Come on, I’m an adult now. Honest answer.”


     Fallon blushed hard, and it was the first time she saw her mother seem flustered. Typically she was so composed.

“Honestly? I think I knew, the moment I laid eyes on him. Have I ever told you how we met?” Bronwyn shook her head no. Fallon smirked to herself, “I wanted to jump him on the spot. He has the sexiest bald head back then….” her words trailed off and she giggled. Bronwyn felt flush with embarrassment, “MOM!!!!” she said loudly, lowering her voice when she noticed other people looking in their direction. 

“What!? You wanted to adult answer,” Fallon grinned, “But really, I had just moved to Brindleton Bay and….long story short I got kicked out of the place I was staying. Your father was the architect I met with to build my first house….we spent hours going over the details. It just felt like he really got me…after that we went on a few…dates I guess you could say. I think I really felt it when we were having dinner one night. He took me to this rooftop restaurant in San Myshuno, it was so beautiful. Being able to look out over the cityscape, he kissed me and….the rest is history.” 


     Bronwyn sat back in her seat, hearing her mother talk about her father like this was fascinating. Growing up they were always touching or kissing each other but she never saw her mother flustered before. Bronwyn smiled and laughed, “Sounds like a fairytale.” Fallon looked at her intensely for a moment and then nodded, “It was. You were a result of that,” she smiled and went back to her meal. Bronwyn looked at her for a moment, noticing the curve of her cheeks, her salt and pepper curls falling along her shoulders. In a lot of ways she saw herself in her mother, and she felt proud. 

“So…why the question?” Fallon asked suddenly. Bronwyn blushed hard, her eyes falling to her plate. “Hmmmm? Ahhh…There’s a boy,” Fallon said half to herself half to Wyn.


     “So you want to know if your in love with him or…” Fallon asked, knowing just exactly how to read her daughter. Nodding slowly Bronwyn confirmed her mother’s question with a small “Yea…” 

Sighing Wyn continues, “I am just feeling really confused. Something happened last night and I just….” her words trailed off, she was feeling embarrassed. Fallon’s face softened, “I think I understand. Well. Love looks different for everybody, you have to figure that out for yourself. But with your father? I still get butterflies when I see him. But love is also about work and commitment because you aren’t going to love them every second of everyday…and that’s okay. But knowing and understanding and making a conscious effort to work on loving anyway? That’s real love…But sweety your young. And I know your confused but don’t stress. You’ll figure it all out soon enough.” she paused, 

“So, do I know this boy????” Bronwyn blushed hard, imagining Farhan in her mind. Fallon smiled knowingly, “Oh so I do know him….hmmm was this the first time you were with this person?” Bronwyn nodded and then added mumbled, “and first time period…”


     Fallon’s eyes lit up, “Ah. So you are trying to determine if your in love or if your just horny? Hmm….Well, if you are feeling confused, you should talk to him.” Bronwyn nodded, “Yeah, I just don’t know what to do….I found out that I was granted the study abroad trip yesterday….its for a whole semester…and I am going with a classmate…” her words trailed off again as she rubbed the back of her neck. “Going with a classmate?” Fallon asked, sitting back in her seat. “Yeah…Gustavo Rivera…he’s a senior in my department. Originally it was just supposed to be 1 student but…Prof and the department were impressed with how I have been doing so they found extra money for me to go.”

Fallon smiled, “Ahhh, well firstly congratulations! Your father, Amara and I will miss you but this is such a life changing opportunity for you. Secondly, what do you think about this Gustavo boy?”  

     Bronwyn thought for a moment before responding, “I don’t know…he’s really intelligent, he wouldn’t be the top student in the department if he wasn’t… But he’s so arrogant. Especially concerning women. He is a total like…macho guy, thinks he can say whatever to me and I’ll fall for him. 


      “Do you find him attractive?” Fallon asked bluntly, Bronwyn thought for a moment. Gustavo was stocky, his short curly hair framing his strong features. His grey eyes appeared in her mind, cool and reflective like puddles that formed on the pavement after a rainstorm. When he wasn’t talking, he was cute. As soon as he opened his mouth? That was another story. 

     “Yeah, I guess so but, he’s so freaking annoying. I doubt anything will happen,” she responded. Fallon merely gave her a look, 

“Don’t be so quick to say you won’t, things have a way of happening in ways that you don’t ever expect them too.” Thinking about her mother’s advice, Bronwyn said nothing instead thinking to herself, “There is no way I would ever sleep with that guy. He might be pretty to look at but….goddamn the other day was any indication of how hard he will be to work with? Ugh…” 

Fallon looked at her daughter and could see her mind working, “Well you should talk to Fa…I mean the boy from last night. As for Gustavo, you never know sweety. You’ve only really dated Jeremy that I am aware yes?” Bronwyn nodded again, “Keep your options open, but also keep safe. I hope you used a condom,” Fallon said with her mothering voice.


      Bronwyn smiled softly, and murmured, “Yeah, we did Mom. Don’t worry….Can you…not tell dad we talked about this?” she asked hopefully. 

“Don’t worry hun, I won’t say anything….but if he asks I am not going to lie to him either,” her mother replied courteously.

 They were silent for a few minutes until Fallon spoke up. “Hey, Sweety. I actually have something to tell you!” she smoothed her napkin on her plate and rubbed her tummy. Bronwyn noticed the gesture and her interest piqued, 


“Did something happen??” she asked leaning forward in anticipation. “Well….I’m pregnant!!!” Fallon said excitedly, her face glowing. “Omg. Mom, No. Your kidding?” Bronwyn was shocked, her mom was nearing her mid 40’s, “If it safe for you to have a kid this late????” she asked concerned. 

Nodding, Fallon responded, “Well…there may be some complications but…your father and I talked, I am going to retire early and just take it easy. Amara is old enough to help out when I need it. I am not worried.” Bronwyn stood up and moved over to where her mother was sitting giving her a big hug, “Omg mom, gross. But I am so happy for you! How long are you along!?” she started peppering her mother with questions. 

Explaining everything, Fallon gushed about the pregnancy. Even though Wyn was slightly, weirded out by it all she was happy for her mother.


Eventually they finished their meal, and headed out of the restaurant, Wyn had to get back to campus for class that afternoon.

As they were leaving the restaurant, Bronwyn decided to check her phone. There were several missed messages and a voicemail.


[“I’ll be at the library at 6PM. We need to go over this schedule. Be there.” – Gustavo]

[“Hey. Wanna grab dinner later??” – Han]

[“Bitch! TEXT ME BACK” – Jas <3]

Wyn responded to the messages quickly:

[To Gustavo: “A little demanding aren’t we? Sure. Be there at 6. Show up on time this go around ok?”]

[To Hanni: “Yeah…..sure! Is 8PM okay?”]

[To Jas <3: “Don’t call me bitch…bitch!!! Here you go, a text back :p”]


Fallon looked over at her daughter texting and laughed, “Someone is popular huh? Tell ‘Han I said hi btw,” Bronwyn blushed and put her phone away. 

“I will,” she said sheepishly. “So what are you going to do? Are you going to talk to…your friend from last night? And Gustavo?” Fallon asked as they walked to their cars. “Yeah….I have to…I’ll figure out something…” Bronwyn said softly. 

“Well, make sure you decide who and what you want before making a decision. Juggling lovers can be taxing….and damaging to all parties,” Wyn could hear the warning in her mother’s words, coupled with the words of Han the night before…(“… Gustavo? You don’t know him like I do. He’s a playboy…I don’t want that for you….).


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