My Funny Valentine: Trumpet & Singing Poses

I LOVE Chet Baker as much as Ellie & Johnny do, so making these poses for their wedding was great fun!


  • 6 single poses (dancing, playing the trumpet, singing, being cool & awesome)
  • Acc Trumpet [x]
    (Choose “trumpet jazz”)
    -Hats category, remove the gender tag and you’ll see it!
  • Microphone [x]
  • For more screenshots [x]
  • And the song [x]

You Need:

How to Use:

Place the teleporter and the microphone in the same spot, click on your sim, select “Pose by Pack”, select “ {simmerberlin} My Funny Valentine ”


  • Do not reupload
  • Do not claim as your own


Download: [SimFileShare] (No Ads!)

You definitely don’t have to, but I’d be very happy if you tag me!



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