Hi everyone! I just recently noticed I hit over 500 followers collectively over my s2 and s4 blogs ayyyyy. So, to commemorate, and to thank you guys for sticking around (seriously why), here’s my first Sims 4 CC upload ever. 

Body hair overlays as ankle tattoos, so they can be layered with actual chest tattoos, scars and other CC without compromising hairy-chested sim goodness. Part 1 of this project: All of @luumia body hair overlays + @xldsims recolors! They’re found in the leg tattoo category (right ankle) and all come with custom catalog thumbnails.

DOWNLOAD THEM HERE! (SFS). (Archives were zipped on a Mac, so just delete the _MACOSX file and place them in your Mods folder).

And here’s the best part! They’re 100% compatible with some of your favorite chest tattoo CC, such as:

**Didn’t realize I used 2 unavailable pieces of cc for the previews, btw. Sorry about that. But there’s so much awesome cc out there! So go on, venture deep into Lana’s CC Finds and have fun giving your now 20% manlier™ sims all the chest tattoos, scars, etc! They’re enabled for male teen-elder, but I added a custom catalog thumbnail to the female ones as well in case anyone enables their CC for all genders 🙂 I hope you guys will enjoy my little thank you gift! Oh, and if you download and use my cc please tag me if you’d like 🙂 

Part 2 (WMS colors) COMING SOON! 

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