Post CnD Patch Recovery (Sims 4/MCCC)



The most common problem we have seen recently on Deaderpool’s Support Discord for MC Command Center has been version mismatches between Sims 4 and the mod.  MCCC 3.9.0 was for game version 1.35 (pre Cats and Dogs patch).  

If your game is patched to 1.36.104 you need MCCC 3.9.6 from here:

Hotfixes and Public Releases of MCCC are always available as Free posts on Patreon.  You don’t need to Subscribe for those.  

If you Follow the page, you will receive an Email whenever an update is posted.  (I think that’s a neat feature.)  4.0.0 will be out for all soon.  If you choose not to subscribe/follow, check back in a few days.  

If MCCC 3.9.6 is giving you a mc_cmd_center log error, redownload and reinstall.  There was a bug in the early release, fixed later the same evening.

If you can’t get MCCC to work, my best tip is to try it with ONLY MCCC and Resource.cfg in your /Mods folder.  Drop everything else into a temporary folder on your Desktop, delete the localthumbcache.package from Sims 4, and try it that way.  

We have Installation and Troubleshooting pages, here:  (includes video link)

We’ve seen a lot of “broken cc” errors.  Download Sims4Studio’s latest version (Windows or Mac), and run ALL the Object batch fixes.  Also, check out the CAS batch fixes, there are several there to choose between.

Any Script mod from before the first November patch is NOT likely to still work.  Please remove all of those, and check for updates.  

Earlier Package mods are “use at your own risk” now, but some are still working.  Check for updates, check their comments, test, and save often.  

It may also be worth your time to browse through MCCC’s Documentation and see if it already covers mods you’ve been using.  Start here:

Ongoing post-patch maintenance and upkeep is the price we all have to pay, for choosing to use mods and custom content in our games.  

Discord:  General Chat:

The version thing mentioned here has been happening A LOT.  So please, anyone with the mod “not showing-up in their game even though it was installed correctly”, start there!  Thanks!  😉

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