The flight to Sulani was long as fuck. A whole 8 hours that I couldn’t have prepared better for if I’d tried. I swear I spent hours online looking for flight tips to tame anxiety and make the most of a terrifying ass first flight. 

I did manage to buy a first class seats. The first and most definitely not last of my elaborate purchases. 

10 million was burning a hole in my pocket, so I said fuck it. First class. A one way ticket to Mua Pe’lam, a tiny island within a larger cluster of a small island country named Sulani. It was hard to get there, but finding a one way first class flight was easy when you have money. And I mean. Lots of it. Plus that chick Maxine, from the travel agency? Yea, really gave me the hook up. Everything was discreet. We didn’t really go into why I was leavin’ but she was real friendly an’ I felt like she understood even without really knowin’ the situation. Never tried to talk me out of it. Just. I felt like she got me.

The plane was small. But only slightly smaller than those normal jet’s the general public fly on. We had to go out onto the tarmac to get to it. And when we climbed the stairs into the cabin we were all given a basket with a blanket, earphones and a neck pillow. I’d never seen nothin’ more fancy in my life. Vi told me I it would take some time to get used to this. Heh, I laugh cause I didn’t think somethin’ as simple as that would have me standin’ there lookin’ like it was really my first time in a situation like this. 

The flight attendants were aight I guess. Nice enough. Checking on me way too often as I am pretty sure they saw all the blood drain from my face when I realized we would be flying over deep blue for at least 5 of those 8 hours. It fuckin terrified me. I ain’t one to be scared of the water but. …..fuck. I’d never seen the ocean like that before. 

By the time we were two hours in, we were already right in the thick of it. You damn right I paid extra attention when the attendants showed us how to deploy our life vests and brace for impact….. In the unlikely event the plane would go down. Before we took off the pilot assured the cabin that never in his 15 years of flyin’ had he needed to do a water landing. Then they brought out champagne and shit. Wild.

I looked around the cabin to distract myself and saw the other sims sitting near me. Across the isle was some snobby looking rich pig whose glasses sat on the very edge of his hairy nose as he read the DelSol Sun. Behind him was a woman with heavy black shades drinking her third champagne, balancing a copy of Squire magazine between her long fingers sighing every couple of minutes. The other sims around me seemed to be business related, on phones or laptops, talking about stocks and shit. Somethin’ like that. It was all very dull, so I popped in my headphones and listened to this podcast for millennial about investing. Can’t hurt to know what to do with all this dough right?


I guess I fell asleep cause’ next thing I knew the stewardess was waking me up to put my seat back up. Groggily I looked around, the pig was still snoring, and the other sims were stirring, yawning, rubbing their eyes as the captain of the plane said we were preparing for the descent. I swore I felt butterflies in my chest or somethin cause suddenly we were here, and I had to figure out what the fuck I was going to do with my life. 

But the moment stepped off that plane in Sulani I fell in love. Like I was vibrating with this energy I hadn’t had in a long time. The air was different, the vibe was too, open and carefree as hell. You ever go somewhere and just immediately feel at peace? Yeah. It was like that. It made me feel at home almost immediately. Like my soul belonged here. 

Foxgrove and everything I left behind was the furthest shit from my mind. 

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