Fallon heads to Brindleton Bay in search of a new start.


After a series of extremely (un)lucky events Lucky and Heather find themselves whisked off to Del Sol Valley. Now living in a new city, they must navigate their new lives and identities, while attempting to distance themselves from their past.

Violet Miles (wanted for money laundering, smuggling and extortion) is on the run. Ruthless, money hungry and always one step ahead, she hopes to remain an enigma and live in the lap of luxury. Not caring who or what get’s in her way, Violet aims for nothing less than getting everything she wants.

Ace Boone is close. So very close to to finally closing the case of his career. After working undercover for the last three years, will he finally have what he needs to bring in his target?

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the history of lucky (complete)

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A young man suffers memory loss due to a terrible car accident. The history of lucky explores his past, present and  future as he navigates who he was and who he wants to become.

Genre: Mystery. Action. NC-17

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the venturer (on hiatus)

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After being selected to participate in a prestigious study abroad program to Selvadorada, Wyn finds herself in a love triangle with her childhood best friend Farhan Larsen, and a passionate arrogant peer Gustavo Rivera.

To make matters worse, Mathias Tran our antagonist from Generation 1 (The Come Up) hopes to find the Book of Edmundo an Ancient Omniscan relic which is famed to have an incantation that can grant its readers greatest wish. 

Mathias’ sights are set on Bronwyn’s mother, Fallon (Gen 1 Heir). 

With the help of the mysterious Selenis Chadda, Mathias ropes Wyn and Gustavo into an adventure of a life time. This story is full based mostly off of gameplay and is novel style. 

Genre: Romance, Action, Supernatural Suspense. NC- 17

Note: This story is in its beta phase. My intention is to finish it to its completion before going back for its 1st round of editing across the finished product. Hopefully this will one day be a full length novel (or two!) Here’s to hoping.